For the First Time in 17 Years, 'Good Morning America' is #1 in Both Total Viewers and Key Adults 25-54 Demo

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July 26th, 2012

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For the First Time in 17 Years, “Good Morning America” is #1 in Both Total Viewers and Key Adults 25-54 Demo


“GMA” is #1 for 4th Consecutive Week and Posts Largest Total Viewer Margin (353,000) Over “Today” in 17 Years


GMA is #1 in the C3 Ratings in Both Total Viewers and A25-54 for Week of July 2nd


“GMA” Wins All 5 Head-to-Head Telecasts in Total Viewers Versus “Today” for 2nd Straight Week – First Time in 17 Years to Own Week’s Top 5 Most-Watched Telecasts



ABC News’ “Good Morning America” ranked No. 1 in both Total Viewers (4.598 million) and Adults 25-54 (1.737 million) for week of July 16, 2012, according to Nielsen Media Research, representing the first time in nearly 17 years that “GMA” took the top spot in both measures – since w/o 9/11/95.  “GMA” tied NBC’s “Today” (1.737 million) for the week in Adults 25-54.


“Good Morning America” won the week in Total Viewers (4.598 million), ranking No. 1 for the 4th consecutive week and for the 8th time in the last 15.  With a 4-week run at No. 1, “GMA” has delivered its longest Total Viewer streak at No. 1 in more than 17 years – matching another 4-week streak from w/o 4/24 through w/o 5/15/95.  “GMA” outdelivered NBC’s “Today” (4.245 million) by a wider margin than the previous week (+353,000 vs. +342,000 on w/o 7/9/12) to post its largest margin of victory in more than 17 years since w/o 5/15/95.


For the 2nd week in a row, “GMA” outdrew “Today” in Total Viewers in all 5 head-to-head telecasts (Mon: +586,000, Tues: +432,000, Wed: +297,000, Thurs: +455,000 and Fri: +5,000).  In fact, “GMA” has  outdelivered “Today” for 11 consecutive days (7/6 – 7/20/12), posting “GMA’s” longest stretch of consecutive single-day Total Viewer wins in more than 17 years – since a 19-day run from 4/26 – 5/22/95.  Further, in sweeping “Today,” “GMA” owned the top 5 most-watched telecast of the week for the first time in more than 17 years – since w/o 5/1/95.   


In addition, “GMA” ranked No. 1 in Adults 25-54 in 3 of 5 days during the week (Mon: +89,000, Tues: +60,000 and Wed: +1,000), marking the first time in nearly 17 years that “GMA” beat “Today” in 3 head-to-head telecast during the week in the key adult news demo – since w/o 11/27/95.  For the 2nd straight week, “GMA” held the week’s top telecast in Adults 25-54 (1.867 million on Tuesday, 7/17/12).  This represents the first time in more than 7 years that “GMA” staked claimed to the week’s No. 1 telecast in both Total Viewers and Adults 25-54 – since w/o 5/16/05.


Additionally, based on the most recent numbers of Nielsen’s C3 Ratings data (Commercial Ratings + 3 Day Playback) for the week of July 2, 2012, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” ranked No. 1 in both Total Viewers (4.356 million) and Adults 25-54 (1.576 million), beating “Today” (4.019 million and 1.523 million) by +337,000 Total Viewers and +53,000 Adults 25-54.  In fact, “GMA” has ranked No. 1 in Total Viewers for the 2nd week in a row and for the 9th time the last 13 weeks.  Commercial Ratings + 3 Days of Playback are the television industry’s currency used to broker sales to advertisers.


Season to date, “GMA” has cut its gaps with “Today” by more than half in both Total Viewers (-58%) and Adults 25-54 (-51%) versus its year-ago season gaps.  In fact, “GMA” is posting its smallest margins with “Today” in 17 years in Total Viewers (322,000) and in 16 years in Adult 25-54 (353,000) – since the 1994-95 and 1995-96 seasons, respectively.


Season to date “GMA” is the only morning program to grow in Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+6%) versus its year-ago averages (NBC’s “Today:” -5%/-10%, respectively; CBS’ “This Morning:” -6%/-8%, respectively).  “GMA” is seeing its largest overall season audience in 6 years, since 2005-06.


“GMA” nearly doubled the performance of “CBS This Morning” in Total Viewers (+96% - 4.598 million vs. 2.341 million) and Adults 25-54 (+98% - 1.737 million vs. 877,000).


WEEK OF 7/16/12      TOTAL VIEWERS    ADULTS 25-54        HOUSEHOLDS

ABC                    4,598,000      1.4/12; 1,737,000     3.5/14

NBC                    4,245,000      1.4/12; 1,737,000     3.3/13

CBS                    2,341,000      0.7/ 6;   877,000     1.8/ 7


WEEK OF 7/2/12      TOTAL VIEWERS       ADULTS 25-54     

C3 Ratings

ABC                   4,356,000         1,576,000     

NBC                   4,019,000         1,523,000

CBS                   2,325,000           918,000


Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers and Adults 25-54 Live + SD weeks of 7/16/12, 7/9/12 & 7/18/11.  Most Current:  2011-2012 Season (9/19/11 – 7/22/12) and 2010-2011 Season (9/20/10 – 7/24/11).  National Commercial Ratings + 3 Day Playback

  • BillyViele

    Ive watched the today show for my entire life ,and my mom and dad their lives but when i say how they treated Ann Curry after all of her years of service i will watch anything but the today show….My message to the today show is this ..always remember its about people not ratings

  • Robert Petito

    I watched the Today show primarily for Ann Curry. She is a first rate journalist who brought warmth and class to the show. NBC prefers a staff who can make jokes about their drinking and enjoys a little smutty joke now an then. That was never something Ms. Curry could stoop to. If NBCs treatment wasn’t bad enough, her first assignment was to go to Aurora with her replacement. Did they think Ann Curry needed help? It came across as a deliberate insult and extremely cruel. Since when did they start sending the weekday hosts on weekend assignments. They have given Ms. Curry a fancy title but have slapped her in the face one more time. I have quit the Today Show, not seeing Ann Curry there is a depressing sight. The Today Show should not be considered a news show, it strives strictly for entertainment. If Good Morning America is not to your liking, try CBS, Charlie Rose is first rate. It is strictly a news show and shows a great deal of intelligence. Also there is a lot of good work on cable. Ann Curry is supposed to be at the Olympics, but she has not been mentioned lately on the promos. will this be one more kick in the face for Ann Curry?

  • Pherrel

    Hope NBC gets the messages:
    1. You can’t treat people like c**p and expect people to support them.
    2. Featuring old, tired, boring men (Matt and Al) with young attractive women is creepy!!
    Ha NBC, you get what you deserve!! Glad the viewers have voted and you have lost!!

  • KeenObserver

    Comments by Katie Couric confirm that Matt Lauer was behind the ouster of Ann Curry. Matt Lauer must go.

    Comments of defiance from the tag team of Capus & Bell with their wretched scapegoating of Ann Curry have damaged the Today Show. The Today Show will be like the Tonight Show, never to recover top ratings.

    I would love to see Ann Curry leave NBC. The tag team of Capus & Bell has marginalized her. America needs the journalism and diversity that Ann Curry embodies, and this should not be denied viewers because of two bombastic, pompous cretins. CNN is a good cause to turn around for Ann Curry.

  • Carlos

    Ann Curry was always a bit stiff and awkward in the co-host position. To be perfectly honest, Savannah Guthrie is much better. However, NBC treated Ann so horribly, including a mere five minutes to say goodbye on her last day, that I think a lot of viewers were disgusted by NBC’s actions. So a lot of viewers have switched to GMA. It’s not so much that they miss Ann Curry … they simply don’t like to see somebody treated so badly. NBC really screwed up.

  • Josie Linsao

    I am glad that viewers like me are not patronizing the Today show anymore. I was a faithful viewer of Today for 20 years and since Ann Curry left, I never watched it again. I even put the authographed photo of Matt Lauer in the garbage where it belongs. The big execs of Today really screwed up.

  • Moma Judi

    I have watched NBC ever since I can remember. Not sure what’s going on with the exictuves but someone is making a lot of bad decisions, starting with Ann Curry. I’m so glad the public is making a stand. Let’s continue to show them we count. Good job ABC, loveing GMA.

  • chris

    Ha that kinda stuff happens. I mean Matt was the lead anchor and didn’t want Ann Curry working alongside him. Its like a superstar on a basketball team wanting input on what players get signed or what trades are made.

    The thing that got me was NBC even put Ann Curry to work alongside Matt Lauer in the first place? It was in his contract to begin with.

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