Katie Couric Puts a New Face on Daytime this September

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July 26th, 2012

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Award-Winning Journalist, Author and Television Personality Headlines “Katie,

New Nationally-Syndicated Talker, Beginning September 10th


Sheryl Crow Composes and Sings Series Theme Song Entitled “This Day”


Los Angeles, July 26, 2012 – This fall, award-winning journalist, best-selling author and television personality Katie Couric will bring her distinctive voice and authentic interview style to daytime with the September 10th premiere of the hour-long, nationally-syndicated series, “Katie” (check local listings, www.katiecouric.com). Distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television to 95% of the country, “Katie” will be broadcast live from New York City in front of a studio audience and will be executive-produced by Couric and longtime colleague Jeff Zucker, reuniting one of television’s most successful partnerships.


Blending information, stories of the day and entertainment in a format that is engaging, compelling and interesting, “Katie” will get to the heart of what matters most to viewers. Timely and topical, the show will include powerful segments and thoughtful interviews with newsmakers, celebrities and everyday people who have extraordinary stories to tell.


Couric announced at a gathering of television critics today in Los Angeles that the show, which will feature a mix of in-studio segments and field pieces, will be introduced each day by a memorable theme song entitled “This Day,” performed especially for the show by Grammy-winning artist Sheryl Crow and composed by both Crow and her long time collaborator Jeff Trott.


Crow said: “Katie is somebody I can talk to about the things so many of us juggle: our children, careers, health, and balancing our personal and professional lives. Plus she is really fun! I think her show will reflect the same kind of heart and energy I try to give my music, so ‘This Day’ was a fun project to work on together, as friends.”


Couric talked about several recurring franchises including:


“Women Who Should Be Famous” which will feature headline-makers as well as everyday people who make a difference in how we live our lives. Viewers will be introduced to women whose leadership, commitment to excellence and passion for life are awe-inspiring.


“In this franchise we will be able to spotlight women doing remarkable things,” Couric commented.


“You Only Live Once” (YOLO) is all about tackling one’s life-affirming bucket list. Whether Couric is providing a “dream come true” moment for one of her viewers or experiencing something that checks off one of her personal boxes, television audiences will be able to witness the excitement that comes with doing something on your wish list for the very first time.


“YOLO, which stands for ‘You Only Live Once,’ was coined by Drake and is sort of a modern twist on the notion of a bucket list,” Couric commented. “It will be fun to try some of these things myself, but I’m more excited to use the access we have to give other people opportunities to check off their lists,” she added.”


“Katie” will focus on topics including parenting to pop culture, aging to activism, sex to celebrity, and the series will dedicate segments to the worlds of family, fashion, entertainment and technology and explore how they impact our day-to-day lives.


A home to smart conversation and impactful storytelling, “Katie” will have a significant digital component that allows viewers to engage before, during, and after each episode. The website will combine user-generated content and exclusive content from the show with social media streams through Skype, Facebook and Twitter, to foster a community that allows for sharing, connecting, and engagement.


Cleared in 95% of the US, “Katie” is executive-produced by Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Co-executive producers are Kathy Samuels and Michael Bass and “Katie” is directed by Joe Terry.


About Katie Couric

Katie Couric is an award-winning journalist and TV personality, well-known cancer advocate, and New York Times best-selling author of The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives.


Couric joined the Disney/ABC Television Group in Summer 2011 and serves as special correspondent for ABC News, contributing to ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, Good Morning America, This Week and primetime news specials. Beginning in September 2012, she will host a new syndicated daytime talk show, Katie.


In September 2006, Couric became the first female solo anchor of an evening news broadcast. Couric served as anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric until May 2011. She also was a contributor to 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning and CBS News primetime specials. On May 31, 2006, Couric completed a 15-year run as co-anchor of NBC News’ TODAY show. In October 2011, the Wall Street Journal called Couric of the “most successful anchors ever” at the TODAY show.


Couric is a tireless cancer advocate. She is co-founder of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), co-founder of the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA) with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and Lilly Tartikoff, and founder of the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health.


Born in Arlington, Virginia, Couric graduated with honors from the University of Virginia in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a focus on American studies. She lives in New York with her two daughters.

  • boris

    New face? Another plastic surgery on her face?

  • AppleStinx

    The oldest new face in business. Perkiness is the new new.

  • MBmomof3

    Well, unfortunately, this sounds pretty good to this 18-49 year old female. And I liked Katie on Today and that awesome Sara Palin interview she did. But, this lifelong soap fan will NEVER watch this show no matter how great it is or spectacular and impressive her guest list. Wishing it tanks massively, publicly, on the grand scale of “New Coke” failures list. Sorry to be such a bitter, b!+@#y soap fan, but I am what I am.

    Katie, go back to Today and I promise to watch you for a half-hour M-F a.m.

  • cc

    New face? As long as it isn’t hers, and it involves a new soap, I’m good with it.

  • TimsDale4ever

    A better statement would be “how many more posts is this site going to put up concering this show?”

  • Jeff

    I seriously have yet to see one post anywhere of someone that actually is excited to watch this show or even semi-looking forward to it. I hope it’s a massive stinkbomb.

  • Dontryl Alexander

    I’m NOT watching that dumb talk show, except Maury Povich.

  • CraveRecords

    My local ABC affiliate will have The View, Ricki Lake and Katie in the fall. With the election, The View will dominate and the other two will do very well. I don’t find any of the three particularly interesting, but I’m not home to watch them. I’m a 31 y/o male who got over soaps going away with Another World. I miss One Life to Live, but it was always hard to find time to watch five episodes a week. I wish the best to the show so that original programming keeps happening. The alternative is reruns of Yes, Dear…

  • Ryan

    I love Katie. I think she’s real and down to earth. I wish her nothing but success in this new venture.

  • Jason

    I got a good feeling that her show is going to flop. There are way too many talk shows out there, and there has to be a cut down on them now. Just glad that my local ABC affiliate is not airing it.

  • Yvette

    Another talk show how boring. Abc sucks the only thing I watch on abc is GH nothing else is worth my time

  • Samantha Parker

    Well by the description of the show, it is STILL NOT NEW!! I am so sick of hearing “oh this is a new fresh talk show” The topics are the SAME!! You can see the same topics being discussed on any given day of the week on the morning talk shows! Just because Katie is delivering, doesn’t make it new. Judging by the comments, no one is interested. I will not be watching, as I am fed up with the parade of talk in afternoon television. The only thing that I watch on ABC is General Hospital. ABC has basically took my loyalty over the years and slapped me in the face and I am disgusted. So no ABC, I will not be watching this *yawn* talk show either. Here’s a thought, if you are indeed done with the soap opera genre, release the rights. It makes NO sense whatsoever that you keep them, if you are not going to produce them. Or, you could listen to your MOST loyal viewers of daytime and bring our beloved shows back.


    I am not interested in watching Katie Courics’ show at all.There is
    enough talk shows on already and I know what I want to watch.
    You should have left the 3 soaps on the network!!!

    All My Children
    One Life to Live
    General Hospital

  • susan montez

    Just what daytime needs–another talk show.

    I only watch GH on ABC, but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t watch Katie or any other talk show chatter. Fresh and new–sure–the same old rehashed drivel as usual.

    Most viewers are sick to death of talk shows. Is it that hard for the networks (esoecially ABC) to grasp?

  • sue shirley

    I know i will Not be watching – the only thing on ABC i watch is General Hospital, Still missing One life to live & All my Children. when will ABC wake up and return our stories ( maybe combine OLTL & AMC as one? I would watch and Daytime fan’s would return and really jump up your ratings)

  • Thomas Nyberg

    It’ll fail! Jeff Zucker is there!

  • Ramona

    Yawn!!!! Another talk show……nothing to get excited about.

  • Connie Calhoun

    the show hasn’t even begun and it’s already flopped thanks to ABC canceling our soaps!! sick and tired of all their stupid talk and food shows! i definitely won’t be watching:) and i look forward to another one of their shows lasting only 1 season:)if you can’t tell by the chew and the revolution, our soap fans have power:)

  • Sara Marcipan

    Well, this soap fan will surely not tune in. I was a completely loyal ABC nut for over 40 years until they cancelled AMC and OLTL. My stomach turns every time I see a commercial for the Chew (Gag!) and even though I feel bad for Katie I won’t be one bit disappointed to see yet another crappy idea from ABC/Disney tank.

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