Norah O'Donnell Named Co-Host of 'CBS: This Morning'

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July 26th, 2012

via press release:


CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell has been named co-host of CBS THIS MORNING, it was announced by CBS News Chairman and 60 MINUTES Executive Producer Jeff Fager and CBS News President David Rhodes. O’Donnell will join co-hosts Charlie Rose and Gayle King beginning this fall.

“This is a very exciting development for our morning program and for all of CBS News,” Fager said. “Norah is an accomplished reporter with all the skills for the job. She’s a hard worker who knows her story and, as she has shown time after time at the White House, she can think on her feet on live television.”

“Norah thrives on the kind of original reporting and newsmaker interviews that are the hallmark of CBS News and CBS THIS MORNING,” said Rhodes. “She is the perfect addition to the best morning news program on television.”

“Norah has earned the respect of global newsmakers as a tough but fair reporter,” said Chris Licht, Vice President, Programming, CBS News and Executive Producer of CBS THIS MORNING.  “Adding her to the team is part of our ongoing process of improving and building on the solid foundation that already exists at CBS THIS MORNING.”

Erica Hill, who served as a co-host of CBS THIS MORNING and helped with its successful launch, is in discussions regarding a new role.


Norah O’Donnell has been CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent since June 2011. She will leave the White House to assume her new role. O’Donnell will continue as the principal substitute anchor for FACE THE NATION and will continue to report for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms.

Before joining CBS News, O’Donnell was the Chief Washington Correspondent for MSNBC and a contributing correspondent for NBC’s “Today.” She joined NBC News in 1999. Earlier in her career, O’Donnell was a staff reporter for the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call.

CBS THIS MORNING is produced daily from a state-of-the-art studio at the historic CBS Broadcast Center in New York City, which has been the headquarters for CBS News for nearly half a century.

  • ohiogirl

    Norah O’Donnell will be terrific on CBS this Morning. I enjoyed her filling in last week. Seeing as I am a new watcher, I thought she was one of the regulars on the show. Erica Hill does a good job as well, however, seeing as the show is only a few months old and CBS is making changes in many areas, I think the transition is a good one. Why NBC never offered such a role to O’Donnell on TODAY is puzzling. She certainly has an IQ that’s off the charts, and can improvise at the drop of a hat with witty comebacks and sharp insights. I hope Erica Hill stays in the forefront on their network. She also is intelligent and sharp. They need to find just the right place for her, or another network will snatch her up…perhaps TODAY may be looking for someone soon?

  • mary t

    I love this new morning show and please keep Erica Hill. Do not follow NBC with the Ann Curry incident. Learn from their (NBC) mistakes. Erica Hill is a good news reporter please find a place for her or you will lose more viewers.

  • george l davis

    Keep Erica. Very smart and talented!!

  • brian s

    CBS finally smartened up and replaced the over rated Erica Hill.Her cackling laugh was so annoying. She has a few things to learn before she can be a hard hitting journalist that she thinks she is

  • FD Boyd

    Just another extreme liberal reporter who will continue to bash the conservative americans. She needs to walk in our shoes for a while!

  • Susan

    I hate to see an intelligent woman like Erica Hill “turned out”. She was a great asset to the Morning show. Although Norah O’Donnell is obviously well-educated in the political world, I think Erica should have remained in the day to day operations of the show.

  • Dave Swank

    OMG. Erica Hill is the only reason I watched. Bringing in left wing O’Donnell, next you’ll bring in Dan Rather. I switched back to the to Fox News. To Bad. I thought CBS was serious about news.

  • Bgmiraclecpa

    CBS This Morning: Charlie and Gayle, already the most boring morning news on the air. Bumping Erica is stupid.

  • betty cook

    when i have watched norah o’donnell she came across so bias and extremely liberal i had no interest in watching her. leave erica hill she is more intelligent.

  • D.A . Forbes

    I’m so sorry to see Erica Hill not an integral part of CBS. I agree Norah is very intelligent and also very liberal. Norah can’t help it, but her interviews are not well balanced. I will no longer be watching CBS. Erica was fresh, smart and very relatable. When are you guys going to get it right.

  • Carla T

    I also am also sorry to see Erica Hill leave. She was great and the combination of the original 3 was dynamic. Nora O’Donnell is brash and ineffective, she is not strong at interviews because she doesn’t listen and interupts too much. Poor replacement for Erica. I left GMA to see your dynamic trio but not sure what I will do now. Miss Erica and won’t watch Norah.


    Mistake again….should have left Erica on. Gone to Good Morning America.

  • Tom Cochrane

    I gave Norah O’Donnell a chance because I wanted to stay with Charlie Rose. During the RNC Norah had a normal, journalistic, professional demeanor. After the first night of the DNC she was on this morning acting like a giddy schoolgirl, smiling, laughing, and all excited. I’m not saying that all news reports need to be solemn affairs, but I gave her a chance to put her bias aside and be an actual journalist. She failed. Sorry, Charlie, I need to go elsewhere.

  • Lynn

    I like Nora and being a republican have not found her bias…so far. I think it was a good change. But, I have always wondered, when did Gail King become a news journalist?

  • Jim Bates

    September 17, 2012…
    The three host of CBS This Morning Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell state the Romney Campaign has developed a new string of attacks on President Obama.

    Ney I say, it has been the other way around since the beginning of 2012. Notwithstanding endless evidence, comments and supporting video, CBS has done nothing less than hide and gloss over President Obama’s direct actions, actacks and supporting evidence that Democrats are at the root of poor political posturing.

    In fact, look at how the media has followed the position of the White House with respects to recent attacks in the Middle East. Does CBS really believe a video seen only by a few thousand viewers resulted in a coordinated attacks on U.S soil (i.e.: Embassy’s) on the anniversary of September 11, 2001?

    In yet another example… during an interview with Paul Ryan, Norah O’Donnell attacks Ryan accusing him of “sequestration” related to defense budgets. Despite his explanation and clarification regarding this “CBS positional accusations”, O’Donnell continues to badger the Candidate rejecting his comments and insisting she is right in CBS’ interpretation of what and how Ryan has voted.

    Look at how her eye’s endlessly blink in the wake of Ryan’s comments. Notice how she refuses to allow Ryan to complete a sentence in anticipation of what he’s about to say while rejecting what he is saying.

    Just one day, in just a moment of comments and political positioning CBS Program Directors and the Executive Management team appears to have hired (or coveted) members of the Journo-List Group in a continued media movement to collude and collaborate of efforts to elect and now keep president Obama in the White House.

    How naive does CBA managers think American viewers are? Do they understand this is the age of intelligence and people who can think for themselves. Including rejecting the garbage main stream media is serving. Has management actually looked at their ratings and how that compares to other news forums? With more than twenty million skilled Citizens out of work, another (x) million stay at home folks, working afternoons and evening hours on top of the accessibility of free television content, don’t you think those ratings should be well over the five million viewers who watch the most popular cable (paid for) news shows?

    Has management considered how the recent historical and more current Congressional direction could result in a State Owned Media. After all, the federal government already issues your FCC license. How far off would it be before an Obama vision of America would attempt to control your content? Silly me, Obama is already writing your content. Just look at how the Iraq war – for all practical purposes, the Iraq war meraculously ended in the media just months before Obama took office.

    Prior to which time, CBS joined the ranks of other Media Outlets to blame Bush with endlessly repeated comments that Bush lied. See the attached time line of events – assembled directly from media content. Can you honestly tell me (and other viewers), that there was no history and/or evidence that supported President Bush’s (and Congress) position on entering Iraq?

    And, in all those subsequent years while your Personalities were telling America and the World about the so called lies regarding such evidence, please explain how CBS could ignore the direct attack on U.S. soil (New York, September 11, 2001). I personally view the the content as pathetic. As pathetic as the ratings of news shows that fail to deliver educational and fact based informative content. FYI: News is not entertainment and Opinion often results in offensive content!

    Stuck on a legacy approach of both content and the value thereof, media adamantly blames the Internet for diminishing ratings. With such wool pulled over the eyes of management, media never considered that viewers simply found an instrument by which they could control what kind of content they were being fed. The Internet provides us with a mechanism by which viewers control what kind of garbage they absorb.

    Plain as daylight, viewers have been rejecting media content. And, broadcast outlets have done nothing more than to dig in and collude to discredit the credible while boosting the rankings of a socialistic candidate. Ignoring (or accepting) and covering up the spotted past of a Presidential Candidate (Obama). While driving all the attention and slanted details towards anyone who call themselves Republican.

    Does management, writers and personalities whom deliver the news really think this is not an attempt to manipulate American opinion and ultimately the American Vote? Absent any and all evidence to the contrary supported by falling or static ratings.

    A Citizen for Political and Politic Free News Content.
    Report it – don’t spin it!

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