CNN Chief Jim Walton Quits

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July 27th, 2012

Troubled cable news network CNN is in need of new management, and no one knows it better than chief Jim Walton, who announced his resignation Friday, according to the Associated Press (via USA Today). Walton served as CNN chief for ten years, but in the wake of CNN's sharp ratings declines, he acknowledged in his resignation email that "I think this company needs some new thinking". Walton plans to work through the end of the year, until his replacement is found.


  • James

    Maybe now they will cover Libertarian Gary Johnson and end their bias…or not.

  • Nick Czar

    Ithought the captain always went down with the ship.
    This “shipload” of lefty losers should launch the lifeboats now.

    NEWSWEEK has joined the long list of far left wing radical propaganda
    media outlets to fold . In their defense it’s not their fault since they didn’t build
    that business…”Someone else did” !

    THE NEW YORK TIMES posted a second quarter loss of $88.1 million, or 60 cents a share
    In the meantime the defecatorial “what’s left of the left” media limps on….

    Looks like a harbinger of “AIR AMERICA” !

    ABC’S BRIAN ROSS led the left wing media dis-information dictum with his
    false reporting that the Colorado movie theater shooter was a member of
    the “TEA PARTY” !

    This is just another example of the main stream media’s radical left persuasion.

    The electorate and television viewers are more and more aware of this as
    reflected by the ratings, political polling and soon in the November elections.

    The signs are everywhere…the ratings the polls and most notable with the
    revelation that the Obama re-election gang is running a deficit in funds.

    He apparently runs his campaign just like the country (borrowed money &
    “I owe you’s”) .

    In sum;

    The Marxist manifesto is once again headed for the trash pile of history.

  • Jenzen Auldwauld

    @Nick Czar –
    Right on! The uber-leftist media has pulled out all stops in order to get the Anointed One re-elected. Geez, will I miss his “bouncing” up the steps, his “rock-star” actions and, of course, his Socialist view of Amerika as he would have it. Dear God: Could you please send Ronald Reagan back to us?

  • 728huey

    If Ronald Reagan were to somehow suddenly come back to life and lead the USA again, you Tea Party extremist would think he was the next coming of Vladimir Lenin and the new Bolshevik revolution. That’s how far you people have fallen out of reality.

    And as far as CNN is concerned, it started going downhill back in the late 1990s but really turned into a steaming pile of fecal matter during the last five years trying to be a pale imitation of Fox News. Maybe someone will come in and take over the network and reframe it in Ted Turner’s original vision, which was to be a 24 hour source of real news and insight and not just a bunch of empty-headed bloviators.

  • cimmer

    @728huey, yes, CNN used to be a pretty good news station that actually realized there was a whole world out there where things were happening even if it didn’t involve the US and they reported it; but alas, it, like many news networks, became more and more like Max Headroom’s version of the news. Actually it’s pretty scary how like Max Headroom’s vision of the future, TV has become, ;).

  • twins fan

    @728huey hahahahaha you woujd know aboutempty-headed.

  • KG

    All cable news is a joke. Any news that has advertisers or sponsors is garbage.

  • a p garcia

    I nominate Michelle Malkin or S.E.Cupp to take his place.

  • Shawn

    Way to build America’s #3 cable news channel in only 10 years… by starting with the #1 channel.

  • Mark

    I notice that these kind of discussions about party affiliation and political ideologies is a common theme on articles about TV news networks.

    Question: What’s up with the constant mention of left, right, right of center, liberal, etc you guys always seem to mention and how are they related to news about whatever trouble is happening over at CNN right now?

    Can we just say things like “CNN is performing badly because they’re boring”, “BBC is too upscale and the ratings shows that” or “Fox News is more lively with their approach but always go for tabloid-style shock value with their commentaries” without the barrage of those politics stuff?

  • Retired Navy

    CNN has always been a left leaning “News” organization: Ted Turner is about as far left as it gets. CNN lead because they were the ONLY alternative to NBC, ABC, and CBS and did report “news” however slanted it may have been (remember how it was call the “Clinton News Network). Then, thankfully, other cable/satellite “news” channels appear (however slanted they many have been and are). Now they all seem to have tilted way to the extreme one way or the other and have so polarized this country that it is not recognizable from what it used to be when Huntley/Brinkley was the lead news casters of the world. Oh to have an unbiased reporting of “NEWS” again but alas, that is not going to happen. I think the most unbiased show on TV is Bill O’Reilly and he tries to be as balanced as possible (sometimes it is damned near impossible), inviting both left, right and center views to the show. I agree with him in some instances and disagree in other. To be above board I am a traditionalist when it comes to the definition of marriage, I believe being gay is against God’s law, I believe that we have a “Right” to bear arms of whatever caliber and clips we so desire, and I believe in freedom to disagree with anyone that disagrees with me but that does not make them bad people – we just disagree. This country has lost it’s ability to disagree and to make compromise with the best interest of the country at heart. Today, compromise for democrats/republicans is my way or no way.

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