'Modern Family' Cast Inks New Deal, Drops Lawsuit

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July 27th, 2012

Who didn't see this coming?

It wasn't exactly long or a national nightmare, but the short-lived entertainment website traffic gains are over. The Modern Family adult cast has resolved the contract dispute and inked new deals. The principal adult actors  have dropped the lawsuit seeking to get out of their contracts.

Filming for the coming season begins on Monday.


  • Mike

    The kids deserve raises as well, if the adults are getting their demands, I say the kids should get a raise as well. Though personally this show is becoming the most overrated show on TV. I will watch a little of season 4, but I thought they jumped the shark last season.

  • Justin121

    Ed O’Neil should take a pay cut so the 6 of them could be the new Friends!!

  • Matt Anderson

    I feel sorry for the USA Network

  • Germia

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