'Louie' Renewed by FX for a Fourth Season; Martin Sheen Joins Charlie on 'Anger Management'

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July 28th, 2012

At Saturday morning's FX TCA session it was announced the Louie would be renewed for a fourth season and that Russell Brand's late night show 'Brand X' would get an additional 7 episodes that will run this fall.

It was also announced that Martin Sheen has closed a deal to play Charlie Sheen's father not only in real life, but also on Anger Management.

  • Mark


  • sam

    Awesome news. Any numbers for Brand X?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Sam, the premiere did a 0.5 A18-49 rtg and just over a million viewers. Because it’s outside of primetime we haven’t seen much in the way of daily ratings, but a week ago Thursday (7/19) it was down to 606,000 viewers.

  • Chris

    Reports are that Wilfred’s deal is being worked on through a slight snag.

  • sam

    Thanks rob, much appreciated.

  • CCV

    Glad to hear that about Wilfred, a much stronger second season. Not surprised about Louie at all. Brilliant show, check. Critically lauded, check. Miniscule budget, check. Great news all around!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Sam: per commenter Nick, here are the Brand X #s for 7/26:

    Brand X with Russell Brand (FX)
    -11 PM: 0.426 million viewers, 0.22 A18-49

  • Dan

    I hope Wilfred gets renewed for next summer and obviously Anger Management will get the additional 90 episodes for syndication.

  • Nick

    Thu’s ratings:

    Wilfred: 0.7
    Louie: 0.4
    I think Wilfred will be renewed.

  • MJL

    Shocked at Brand X’s extension. Those numbers are horrid – I think America has spoken.

  • Dan

    FX is doing great in the comedy department as Louie, Wilfred, Archer, The League, Anger Management and Sunny are set to have long series runs. They need to focus on drama since they only have Justified, Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story. I’m surprised they didn’t pick up Powers.

  • Columbo

    Have to agree with MJL.

  • The End

    Martin Sheen joining Anger Management suggests they’re either planning ahead for the next season, or have been renewed and haven’t made it public yet for whatever reason.

  • The End

    Episode 9 of Anger Management is called ‘Charlie’s dad Visits’. They can’t still be filming this show still, surely?

  • Eddie Brock

    Louie and Wilfred are TV perfected, Anger Management started a bit slow but I’ve liked the last couple of episodes, so this story and the accompanying posts are good news.

  • Oliver

    Anger Management’s contracts will have the 90-episode order triggered by average ratings after so many episodes.

    FX can’t formally announce renewal until then, but it sounds like FX are certain it will hit the trigger.

  • Oliver

    Oh, and equally importantly, it sounds like Charlie Sheen is certain it will hit the trigger otherwise he wouldn’t have roped his Dad in or done the TCA press event.

  • Chikamatsu’s 10 Puppets

    @ Dan:
    It’s not that FX hasn’t picked up Powers, but rather that it’s currently in development hell.
    First FX decided to recast a couple roles and reshoot some of the show. Then, after that was done, they saw the latest cut of the pilot and loved it. More scripts were ordered and prepared. Then, FX wanted to recast and reshoot again, and that leads us to right now. As of last month, Powers was confirmed to be very much alive and still in development.

  • Jon

    I imagine Powers if FX give its a series order won’t air until Summer 2013 at the earliest. Drama wise, FX only has Justified, Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story so I imagine they’re looking for another drama or two, they’ve one slot available each on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Spring and Summer which could filled by Powers, The Americans and the recently ordered to pilot The Bridge.

  • MJDB

    Yeah, according to deadline and ew, Anger Management and Wilfred are supposedly in the finalizing deal stages. Also they said that all episodes of Anger Management surpassed the mysteriously unannounced threshold for renewal.

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