'Louie' Renewed by FX for a Fourth Season; Martin Sheen Joins Charlie on 'Anger Management'

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July 28th, 2012

At Saturday morning's FX TCA session it was announced the Louie would be renewed for a fourth season and that Russell Brand's late night show 'Brand X' would get an additional 7 episodes that will run this fall.

It was also announced that Martin Sheen has closed a deal to play Charlie Sheen's father not only in real life, but also on Anger Management.

  • Jon

    Given that Louie was renewed, I think Wilfred is a done deal, most of the FX comedies are fairly cheap to make so they can renew shows with less than 1m in the hope they grow their audience, FX Productions produces all the comedies so they have an incentive to renew in the hope of syndication like what happened with It’s Always Sunny.

  • pete5125

    while I agree Wilfred will be back, they are in 2 different categories, Louie is the cheapest show on FX (well besides Brand X), and is critically acclaimed…so either Louie(the actor will have to do something unforgivable or stop production) you basically got FX’s version of Curb your enthusiasm, it will keep going till the creator says hes done.

    Wilfred is most likely FX’s most expensive comedy, but it is an odd show that stands out so maybe they get another year with those #’s, Fox moving on with Anger Management suggest that they may want another show like “The League” to team up with it…say what you want it is doing better than any other comedy FX has tried in a few years

  • Ellen in NYC

    Yay for Martin Sheen! He’s one of my favorites. But I don’t read anything into it other than they like to work with their family members.

  • Ram510

    Grea that Louie is renewed. But FX need to put an end to Brand X like yesterday. Louie in it first 2 seasons was getting better number than that at 11 and even 1130. People just don’t like the show and don’t really like him either.
    PS MTV stop letting Russell host your award shows, he always ruins it

  • Walternate


    What makes WIlfred so expensive to produce? I would think that it has very cheap production costs and is no way the most expensive FX comedy. Danny Devito and Charlie Sheens’ salaries alone probably makes Sunny and Anger Mgmt more expensive to produce

  • Freddy Arrow

    I tried to get into Anger Management, but I finally had to take it off my Season Pass list, which is rare for me with sitcoms. I guess the people that enjoy it now have many episodes to look forward to.

  • Joe

    Don’t know anything about Louie, so can’t comment about it’s renewal. As for Martin Sheen joining Anger Management…all I can say it’s probably the only reason to watch that show now. I tried watching the first episode and was bored to death. I don’t know how the show is doing in the ratings, but I think the move to bring in Martin Sheen is done more to save the show than anything else. Martin Sheen is famous, well liked and respected. Charlie Sheen is infamous, primarily hated and pathetic. I have only watched a few episodes of 2.5 Men with Charlie and found him annoying. With him gone, I watched every episode last season and couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not saying Charlie has always been annoying. Early in his career, he was a very good actor…then the drugs and alcohol took over. Then, the estranged relationship with his dad and he was someone no one wanted to work with. Anger Management was a horrible movie and I can’t see where they come up with any premise of a TV show based on that movie. If they really want to improve the ratings…have Jack Nicholson join the cast as one of Charlie’s patients!!

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