CBS Series News : Kristoffer Polaha Joins 'Made In Jersey', Sarah Jones Joins 'Vegas' & More

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July 29th, 2012

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  • “CSI: NY” – Fridays, 9:00 PM


Music from GRAMMY Award winner Green Day will be featured in the fourth episode of the season in which Lindsay (Anna Belknap) is injured when a political candidate is shot. Action sequences will be narrated by songs from Green Day's forthcoming albums ¡UNO!, ¡DOS! and ¡TRE! @GreenDay


Natalie Martinez will recur as an NYPD detective who works closely with Flack (Eddie Cahill), but it will become clear that there is considerably more to her than meets the eye, both personally and professionally.


  • “NCIS: LOS ANGELES” - Tuesdays, 9:00 PM


The real-life mothers of NCIS: LOS ANGELES stars Chris O’Donnell, LL COOL J, Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen will appear in a fall episode alongside their children. The mothers are flying in from all over the country and world, (Daniela Ruah’s mother lives in Portugal), to appear in a scene that was hand-picked by Executive Producer Shane Brennan.


  • “VEGAS” – Tuesdays, 10:00 PM


Sarah Jones (“Alcatraz”) joins as a series regular in the second episode of the freshman series. Jones will play Mia Rizzo, the smart daughter of one of Chicago’s most powerful men, who works in a casino’s “count room,” running a scam designed to funnel cash back to Chicago.



  • “PERSON OF INTEREST” – Thursdays, 9:00 PM


Ken Leung (“Lost”) will guest star as the POI in the second season premiere on Thursday, Sept. 27.


Emmy Award winner Margo Martindale (“Justified”) will guest star in the second episode of season two (Thursday, Oct. 4) as a woman with ties to Finch’s hacker nemesis/kidnapper, Root (Amy Acker).


  • “MADE IN JERSEY” – Fridays, 9:00 PM

Kristoffer Polaha (“Ringer”) and Megalyn Echikunwoke (“90210”) have joined the cast as series regulars. Both will appear for the first time in the episode airing Friday, Oct. 5.

Polaha plays Nolan Adams, a third year attorney at Stark & Rowan who was raised in private schools and the unsupervised Hampton “getaways” and is part of Manhattan’s royal literati. @KrisPolaha.


Megalyn Echikunwoke plays Riley Prescott, a second year lawyer at Stark & Rowan and the daughter of the former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. Professionally, Riley’s worldly upbringing gives her an automatic buy-in to any case with international clients. @moreMEGALYN


  • “BLUE BLOODS” – Fridays, 10:00 PM


Sebastian Sozzi (“My Generation”) will recur as Vinny Cruz, Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) new partner, a fast-talking, charismatic cop from one of the toughest precincts in the city. His first episode will air Friday, Oct. 5.


Michael Madsen (“Resevoir Dogs”) will guest star as John, a professional criminal just released from prison and determined to get his revenge on Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) who arrested him and ruined his life. His episode will air Friday, Oct. 5. @MadsenThePoet


  • “THE MENTALIST” – Sundays, 10:00 PM


Ivan Sergei (“Charmed”) will recur as Gabe Mancini, a tough, handsome FBI Agent. He will first appear in the season premiere on Sunday, Sept. 30.


Polly Walker (“Rome”) will recur as Senior FBI Agent Alexa Schultz, a beautiful alpha female with a quick-witted personality.


Also, Jim O'Heir (“Parks and Recreation”) will guest star in the season premiere on Sept. 30 as a hotel manager with information about a murder.@JimOHeir


  • joss

    another crap i wont watch cbs suck so much i hate their stupid cap shows and lame comedys GO ABC!

  • Ravenrei

    Thanks for that empty comment, joss. Here’s one that’s actually something constructive about the article.

    The timing of that episode with actors’ moms seems oddly timed. Sounds like something they should do for May sweeps (ya know, for Mother’s Day), but hopefully fans of the series will enjoy it.

    I’m glad PoI sounds like it’ll be keeping with the Root story for more than two seconds going into the new season. I’m all for new stories, new numbers, but this really will need a decent resolution before they move on.

  • Lukas

    Comedys of ABC are terrible.
    The best comedys has FOX.

  • Kissan


    Yur half wrong half right. I think all of the FOX comedies are funnier than the ABC comedies, but none of the FOX comedies, not even New Girl or Simpsons or Family Guy(which I think is the funniest one on FOX) is not funnier than Apt. 23 or Modern Family.

  • tv_viewer


    If CBS is so “lame”, why did ABC air Expedition Impossible even though The Amazing Race ran for 20 seasons (and counting) on CBS? Why did ABC air The Glass House even though Big Brother is in its 14th season on CBS? Is ABC trying to be as “lame” as CBS? Does Joss even know that Rookie Blue is a cop show?

  • Lukas

    Modern Family is the best with ABC but all other is terrible.
    FOX has three good comedies: New Girl, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

  • Michael

    Kristoffer Polaha has yet to star in a HIT series. Poor guy, all the shows he stars in immediately gets canned. Unfortunately, I don’t see “Made In Jersey” being a hit!

  • rob60990

    Because CBS never ripped off ABC…

  • JoJo

    CSI: NY will on at 8pm/7c this fall, not 9pm.

  • The End

    As much as I like The Simpsons, I think the show has been on too long, and just doesn’t feel like the same show anymore.

    The ratings have also been declining quite a bit compared to older seasons, one final season to end it, that feels like a final season would be a great send off, followed by a 2nd movie.

  • ChrisA

    “Made In Jersey” looks like a decent show but I don’t know if it’s going to last more than one season. Specially airing on Fridays. Hopefully to see it cause Fridays at 9pm I’m going to be watching the addictive show, “Nikita” on The CW while “Grimm” gets DVR. Maybe see “Made In Jersey” on Hulu if they have it.

  • joss

    If CBS is so “lame”, why did ABC air Expedition Impossible even though The Amazing Race ran for 20 seasons (and counting) on CBS? Why did ABC air The Glass House even though Big Brother is in its 14th season on CBS? Is ABC trying to be as “lame” as CBS? Does Joss even know that Rookie Blue is a cop show?

    Yes abs does have crime shows but they actualy try to do something else CBS are number one in viwers only becuz they didnt even try to change their program scheme 2 shows like BB and AR doesnt make the difference

  • Networkman

    I really like that Ken Leung will be guest starring on Person of Interest. I consider anyone who was a part of Lost such strong actors. Now, I’m really excited to see the season premiere. It should be huge.

  • Psac

    Glad that Sarah Jones moved on to another show, I liked her in Alcatraz (apparently I was the only one.)

  • carla

    The guest stars announced for POI are excellent. Looking forward to the start of the show so much.

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