Nickelodeon Orders Nick at Nite Comedy Starring Tia Mowry & Two Children's Series

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July 30th, 2012

Nickelodeon has ordered three new shows. Instant Mom will star Tia Mowry as a party girl who marries an older man who has children. It will air on Nick at Nite.  The children's series The Thundermans is about a family of superheroes while The Haunted Hathaways is about a family who discovers that a family of ghosts lives in their house. More details are available on Deadline.

  • disney rocks

    They had already ordered 2 sitcoms for Nick at Nite, so now they have a total of 5 new shows! That’s a ton! I wonder if they’ll keep Hollywood Heights?

  • Steven Leitner

    A family of superheroes is also a family with superpowers, and I already watched THAT show. It was called No Ordinary Family.

  • merraanga

    in the 90’s i used to watch old i love lucy and the alfred hitchcock hour on nick at night. now they’ve got friends and everybody hates chris. when did nick at night become a second rate tbs?

  • Nathan (NR2012)


  • Disney Fan

    Sounds super cool.(:

  • Jon23812

    I hope Nickelodeon doesn’t spend their money carelessly, like they did with Hollywood Heights, and make 80 episodes. They should make between 20 – 25 episodes, and see if the ratings make the show proditable before ordering more episodes.

  • Disney Fan

    But Hollywood heights is a really good show and I think it should get renewed, but I wish more people would watch it :(

  • James

    @Jon23812. Hollywood Heights is a telenova. They come with a minimum number of episodes. Basically it’s a daytime soap at night in a mini series format. And the ratings are improving. Last week numbers were up, hitting high of 933K on Thursday.

  • Dillan

    With Hollywood Heights ratings improving to nearly a million (thats good for Nick at Nite, right?), I think it should get renewed.

    Tia Mowry is the only reason why I want to watch “Instant Mom”, any idea when it will premiere?

  • Kaylie

    YAY Tia Mowry. Despite Hollywood Heights ratings, it does really well on itunes.

  • Jon23812

    I never said it was a bad show, it just has low ratings and they hardly show reruns. They should show rebroadcasts during the midnight run and a couple of reruns on TeenNick each day.

  • iCarly

    Yes more Nick!

  • Ryan

    @Jon23812. That’s one of the problems with Nick that probably led to its downfall in ratings: they don’t rerun things properly. Nick seems to show favoritism; only rerunning shows that have been high in ratings like Spongebob, iCarly, and Victorious while nearly not bothering to do so with others like How to Rock and Supah Ninjas. If shows like those would air more often on Nick, they would’ve have the potential to be big hits and generate more ratings and revenue.

    And I know that they do rerun those shows on NickToons and TeeNick, but does anyone who just watches the main Nickelodeon network know that? No, because they don’t tell the viewer that those shows are being reran there except on the networks that are hosting those reruns.

  • Luke

    The Thundermans actually has a more interesting premise than just “a family of superheroes”. It “centers on a superhero family with a daughter, Phoebe Thunderman, that just wants to be normal but instead of having one super power, she’s got 12.”

  • lilkunta

    wow Tia is WORKING! I was worried after she left “The Game” but Im glad she has another job. I hope this show works.

    Tamera step up your game. I know you are pregnant but even before thatyou didnt work. How much are those “Sister Sister” residuals?

  • Darian

    @lilkunta Tia was the one that was preagnet…. But Tamara is working on a pilot for the new Martin lawrence show so they both working

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