'The Big C' Renewed by Showtime for Fourth and Final Season; Four Hour-Long Episodes Ordered

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July 30th, 2012

Showtime has renewed The Big C  for a final season consisting of four hour-long episodes. The news was announced at the network's TCA panel. More details will be added as they become available.


  • TimsDale4ever

    This show is really good, and Miss Linney is excellent in the role. I’m sorry the show is ending this early. Cable series never seem to have very many seasons. SIX FEET UNDER was mind blowing good and it was gone WAY TOO SOON!

  • Greg

    I bet The Borgias will be renewed for a final 6-episode season.

  • Ron

    Season 3 was just dreadful (except for the Susan Sarandon arc), but I’m happy it will have a chance to redeem itself with a shortened final season.

  • Tommy

    Despite the really funky episode order I’m over the moon!

    I really didn’t think it would be coming back after it’s not-so-great ratings, the season 3 finale and the lack of word for over a month! So Thanks Showtime for properly wrapping up one of my favorite shows :D

  • Steven Leitner

    I think it’s fitting since a show about a woman with cancer can’t go on for eight seasons or more.

  • velouria00

    The third season sucked, but I hope they can tie up the series nicely, since I enjoyed the first two season.

    @Greg: The Borgias was already renewed for season three ages ago.

  • DeeAgeaux

    The Big C was meant to run for four seasons.

    The news is instead of 10 half hour episodes it is 4 hour long epidsodes.

    Six Feet Under ended at the right moment and the Finale was Fantastic.

  • silvit

    Six Feet Under will remain the best series to ever be made.

  • Tommy


    Agreed 100%

  • Lucas

    What’s “4 hour-long episodes” mean?
    I’m so confused, someone?

  • Hattie Cristoe

    Hmm an interesting episode order…

    “The Big C” definitely wasn’t at the top of its game throughout season 3 but the show remains very good and Laura Linney is excellent in this role. Hopefully season 4 will tie it all up nicely.

  • dave

    Great show I’m glad its coming back hope the final season is better then season 4 and that it ties everything rogether…..

  • John A

    yes so happy they get a final season.

  • Johnny G

    “Six Feet Under ended at the right moment and the Finale was Fantastic.”
    “Six Feet Under will remain the best series to ever be made.”

    These statements are 100% accurate.

  • Johnny G

    Also, YEAH for The Big C.

  • Tommy


    It means that instead of being half-an-hour (30min) episodes as the series currently is, they will be hour-long (60min), so basically think of it as an eight episode order, but each week will air two episodes together.

  • Rodrigo Gutierrez

    Yay!!!!!! :)

  • Jon

    Glad it’s been renewed but bit unsure where it will air iin 2013 as Showtime has two new shows Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex which will likely air in Spring and Summer.

    This also means Nurse Jackie won’t have a companion show unless Showtime is planning to air it afer the Big C final episodes and pair it with either Masters of Sex or Ray Donovan.

  • jeremy

    Well I guess we know how it ends. You can only get so many seasons out of a show based on a woman who is supposed to be dying of cancer.

  • Stephen judson

    Showtime has really been cleaning house with their shows lately.

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