'The Big C' Renewed by Showtime for Fourth and Final Season; Four Hour-Long Episodes Ordered

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July 30th, 2012

Showtime has renewed The Big C  for a final season consisting of four hour-long episodes. The news was announced at the network's TCA panel. More details will be added as they become available.


  • Chris

    How many years do you want to spend watching somebody die of cancer?

    It was a weak gimmicky mess of a show, from start to finish. Linney was wasted on it. That they’ve not only canceled it this soon, but have given it such a short final season, means that even Showtime is admitting it was a failure.

  • groove365

    I didn’t really like the show but I’m really glad for the viewers that Showtime gave the creators a chance to wrap the show up the way they want to.
    Much respect Showtime.

  • Valerie

    “Six Feet Under ended at the right moment and the Finale was Fantastic.”
    “Six Feet Under will remain the best series to ever be made.”

    It was the best series finale i ever saw! Nothing ever outperfored it, and probably never will.

  • Chris

    SFU certainly ranks among the greatest. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was better than The Twilight Zone, The Rockford Files, Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, or The Wire. We’ve seen less than half of Game of Thrones, so too early to talk about that.

    Nothing on Showtime belongs on that list. They have made one or two decent shows, but no great ones.

  • CCV


    Six Feet Under was gone TOO SOON? It had five full seasons, told all the story it had to tell, and had one of the greatest endings of all time. How could you possibly want them to have ruined all that by dragging it on and on? It’s pointless to leave shows running just for the sake of keeping them on the air. Let a show tell it’s story, no matter if it’s one season or three or eight, and let it end.

  • CCV


    Mostly agree about Showtime. Dexter, taking it’s first, second, and fourth seasons, can be considered a very good show (though it’s most recent seasons really hold it down), and I really like The Borgias, but I would also rate it very good at the absolute best. However, Homeland had a fantastic first season and it could very well end up on a list with the great ones when all is said and done.

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