'3' Canceled by CBS After Only Two Episodes

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July 31st, 2012

That didn't take long. In the end dating show 3 didn't even last as long as its name. After only two low-rated episodes, CBS has pulled the plug and pulled 3 from the schedule. Sure, the second episode went up against NBC's Olympics coverage, but so did 3's lead-in Big Brother and it still managed to do nearly four times as well  with adults 18-49.  Instead, CBS will air repeats of its drama series at 9pm for the remainder of the summer season.

  • Noname_Rex

    Hmmm oh yes! This is funny indeed.

    But I wonder if anyone will get on CBS for canceling THIS show after 2 episodes like some people got on NBC for canceling The Playboy Club after 6…hmmm hmmm indeed yes.

  • Oliver

    No-brainer given its horrible ratings. Even so, very rare for CBS to pull a show.

    I think we may have hit reality show saturation point.

  • Oliver

    >But I wonder if anyone will get on CBS for canceling THIS show after 2 episodes like some people got on NBC for canceling The Playboy Club after 6…hmmm hmmm indeed yes.

    No, because few people care that much about reality shows.

    That said, I do think NBC has gained a reputation for quickly axing series given their multitude of flops which makes people more wary to watch. CBS very rarely pulls a show.

    I’d also like to add that this is yet another CBS reality failure. When was the last time CBS launched a successful new reality show?

  • Oliver

    And, no, Dogs in the City doesn’t count.

  • Oliver

    (In case anyone is interested, the answer seems to be Undercover Boss which was launched after the Super Bowl in 2010, so later than I had thought)

  • César

    This was a TV Series or a Reallity Show? I can’t find anything in google

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Cesar: unscripted dating show. Here’s the official show page (assuming CBS didn’t pull it down):


  • Mike W

    No one wants to see three girls working together.

  • Travis

    I’m guessing this bombed worse than How to Be A Gentleman.

  • HeBeGB

    This is another occurrence of CBS failing to consider the consequences of their actions and making decisions flying by the collective seats of their pants. Considering that “3” was measured fairly based on a single episode (the second episode was up against NBC Universal’s massive Olympic Games coverage), a question rises to the surface: Which was the biggest blunder? Deciding to air the show knowing full well that the second and third episodes would be crushed, or suddenly waking up, discovering their own pitiful lack of foresight, and crushing the dreams of people who put tremendous faith and hope in their work. This follows the CBS decision to cancel the well-rated CSI Miami series so they could create a Friday night ” New York City block”. If any of the CSI Franchise shows should have been cancelled it would be the Las Vegas one which has lost all of it’s star power and appeal replacing Laurence Fishburne with Ted Danson? Perhaps this was influenced by William Peterson’s financial interest in the franchise, but the fish continues to rot from the head down at CBS.

  • silvit

    :D That’s all I have to say.

  • USAmerica1st

    Slipped by me, unseen. Not enough to go to DVD.

  • NEK38583

    Sometimes it takes 3, but in tv biz it takes more than 3 viewers to keep a show alive :):)

  • TVGuy

    “Three” canceled after two episodes. That’s classic.

  • Austin

    The real question is, why would the arguably smartest network CBS pick up the dumbest pitched show to primetime this 2011-12 TV season. Honorable mentions to the dumbest shows include H8R, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, The Playboy Club, Work It, and Remodeled.

  • panda22

    3 axed after 2….lol

  • Networkman

    Smart Move

  • Opie

    I think viewers have reached the point where they are tired of being laughed at. Look at the list of losers that are “famous” because of these shows. Porno’s and other bad behavior are just the start. Does anyone honestly think that disgusting gash named Snookie should be seen in public, let alone praised as some sort of “talent”? Basically it’s Hookers on Parade, and hopefully it will stop.

  • Kat

    My dish hopper recorded this show
    I actually liked it !
    Dissapointed who the gals end up with won’t be seen
    Gees CBS were they all shot ?

  • CarShark

    To me, 3 was a dead concept. Call me jaded, but a dating reality show rooted in camaraderie and personal growth, rather than catfights and near-nudity is not what people are looking for in the summer, or any time, really.

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