Adventurer Les Stroud Returns to Discovery for All-New Episodes of 'Survivorman' on Sunday, August 19

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July 31st, 2012

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– Stroud Ups the Ante, Setting out for 10 Days of Lone Survival and Endures his

Toughest Survival Experience Yet –

After almost four years, SURVIVORMAN returns to Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 19th at 8PM E/P for gripping all-new episodes. Filmmaker and outdoor adventurer Les Stroud once again ventures into the wild with no food, no water and no crew. He must rely on his years of training, raw instincts and sheer will to survive. And if that weren’t enough, he refuses to bring along a film crew, preferring instead to keep it an authentic survival situation and film the journey himself, dragging 65 pounds of camera gear every inch of the way. And this time, Stroud is upping the ante and spending 10 days surviving alone in some of the world’s harshest environments. Each location plays out in two one-hour episodes.


Part 1 Premieres Sunday, August 19th at 8PM E/P

Part 2 Premieres Sunday, August 26th at 8PM E/P

Les Stroud is shipwrecked on the uninhabited desert island of Tiburon in Mexico. Part of the Sonoran desert, Tiburon is searing hot in the day and freezing cold at night. The barren stretch of coastline has water as far as the eye can see, though in a cruel twist, no source of fresh, drinkable water. Knowing survival is literally impossible without it, Stroud must create fresh water from seawater using a distiller cobbled together from a rusty bucket, a water bottle and a pipe. And while food is plentiful in the estuary, catching it is another story. Stroud must avoid potentially lethal stingrays in the shallow waters and coyotes hunting the shoreline – all while carrying his camera gear and filming every aspect of the adventure. He battles hunger, fatigue and loneliness in this 10-day survival ordeal.


Part 1 Premieres Sunday, September 2nd at 8PM E/P

Part 2 Premieres Sunday, September 9th at 8PM E/P

Stroud tackles the scenario of a road trip gone awry in the Norwegian mountains – known for both extreme temperature and topography. With limited food and water and no safety or camera crew, Les hauls 65 pounds of camera equipment down the slick, wet mountainside in hopes of finding shelter. Even with the proper gear, survival in the Norwegian mountains is nearly impossible – and Stroud’s supplies are far from ideal. Scavenging what he can from the barren landscape, exhausted and trying to ration what little food he has, he draws on his years of experience and will to survive to endure the full 10 days. Drenched, completely lost and stuck above sheer cliffs as nightfall was fast approaching – and with no working safety radio – this adventure is going from bad to worse. Stroud calls this the most difficult expedition of his 20-year survival career.

Over the course of his SURVIVORMAN career, Les Stroud has visited 23 locations where he spent more then 170 days alone and starving while foraging for food, building makeshift shelters and filming his survival odysseys. Throughout, Stroud put himself in precarious situations while relying on his years of training, raw instincts and sheer will to survive with little more than a multi-tool. He's been chased by jaguar in an Amazonian jungle, come dangerously close to heat stroke in the Kalahari Desert and feasted on a rotten turtle in the Georgian swamps that left him battling a parasite for the next year.

SURVIVORMAN is produced for Discovery Channel by Survivorman Productions, Inc, where Les Stroud is the executive producer. For Discovery Channel, Joshua C. Berkley is the executive producer.  

  • Carl

    They must have offered him a bunch of money since he said he’d never do Survivorman again. Too bad Bear Grylls gets all the media attention when this guy is the real deal.

  • Johnny Shoe

    Great show & glad to see Les Stroud back.
    I guess the Bear Grylls issues with Discovery prompted them to get Survivorman back.

  • Joe

    Wonder how he feels knowing that he’s getting Bear Grylls sloppy seconds?
    The problem with Les Stroud is that by the end of the episode hes almost dead. Thats the reason he didn’t want to do it anymore. It was taking to much of a toll on his health to put himself in that position repeatedly. He generally doesn’t eat anything. Sure he sets up traps, but never catches anything. Shows like Man vs. Wild, Dual Survival, and Man,Woman Wild are built around the concept of surviving while also making your way out yourself. Les Stroud camps in the woods for a couple of days until help (his film crew) comes to get him. If no one showed up he be dead.

  • Oaktree

    Delighted to hear Les is back. I love the places he goes, and would love to be there myself. I’d be sensible and take some food and water, but I’d still have a great time in the place’s he gets to go. I watch all the previous episodes to death and you can learn something from him, that’s for sure.

  • Don

    I love this guy if he didn’t have a show and went straight to dvd and i had to pay to watch him i would.

  • doc

    Well Joe, the one thing you should realize is that Les actually survives on his own. Those other shows are produced and are completely fake. The disclaimer on those show say “situations are presented.”

    That means the producer says,

    “Ok trap build scene take three… action.”

    Then, “cut.. alright production, hurry up and finish the build, handler bring in the animal and get ready for the kill scene..alright remember we don’t want to have to kill 2 animals today so get it right the first time.. action.”

    Then they film the “presenters” killing the animal that they miraculously catch every episode.

    Finally, its

    “ok good work today that’s a wrap lets pack it up and head back to the hotel, we’re moving to location 2 tomorrow… Oh and be sure to double check that the trainer is set up for the dangerous-animal-encounter scene, by 10:00am. It might rain tomorrow afternoon. Makeup and wardrobe are going to be running late and you know how Bear hates it when his hair isn’t styled.”

  • Tencentpistol

    Doc, you nailed it. Joe, I’d put my money on Les above any of those other hacks you mention just on principle… Les is the real deal, nobody has done it like him.

  • Capn Dunsel

    Joe, the idea is that he “survives.” Which is all you or I would hope to do for 7 or 10 days until rescue. “Almost dead” is significantly better than “actually dead.” I like Man v. Wild and Man & Woman, but the players there often look better after their adventures than they did when they started. Its like “Blue Lagoon” without the stunt breasts.
    Les is more like most of us would be if were were stranded. We’d eke out an existence until help arrived, fail at most of our survival endeavors, maybe succeeed at just enough of them, and we’d look like hell when it was over.

  • robert fuller

    Survivorman, is the only show of its type that I will spare my time to watch. Sloppy seconds, I think not ! However, for all the average Joes out there, you can watch the pretend type, highly scripted type show if that is what you like. Peace, RF

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