FOX News Channel's 'The Five' Has Its Highest Rated Month Since Launch

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July 31st, 2012

  • After one full year of being on the air, The Five posted double digit increases over its debut month and had had its highest-rated month since its launch in both total viewers and in 25-54. Compared to July 2011, when the show launched, The Five is up 34% in P2+ and up 33% in 25-54. By comparison, MSNBC’s  The Cycle is down 39% in demo over last year.
 Other FNC Highlights:
  • FNC’s daytime news programs have posted  year-year increases with Megyn Kelly posting the biggest demo increase (+28%) out of any cable news program during the daytime hours through 5pm. Both CNN and MSNBC posted losses during those daytime hours in 25-54.
  • · America’s Newsroom (9-11am): up 22% in P2+, up 15% in 25-54
  • · Happening Now (11am-1pm): up 15% in P2+, up 13% in 25-54
  • · America Live with Megyn Kelly (2-3pm): up 19% in P2+, up 28% in 25-54
  • · Studio B with Shepard Smith (3-4pm): up 5% in P2+, up 10% in 25-54
  • · Special Report with Bret Baier (6-7pm): up 10% in 25-54
  • · Additionally, both Happening Now and America Live had their highest-rated month in total viewers since March 2011. Also, America’s Newsroom had its highest-rated month in both total viewers and 25-54 since March 2011.


  • Ralph Hahn

    It’s a great informative and entertainment show. It’s live and spontaneous.
    Just watching Bob Beckel and Greg Gutfeld “argue” is worth the price of admission. :)

  • club

    You own a Company, and after its launch, it’s popularity decreases 39% in one fr ikin year,,,, (as MessNBCs The Cycle did),,, would you change anything??? Of course, you or any sane person, with one ounce of Common Sense would,,,,, Will MessNBC change anything, on any of their failing programs???? OF COURSE NOT…..

  • Bobby Socks

    A high FIVE is in order

    Get it?


  • Hillbilly

    The Five rules! More shows need a “Leg Chair.” ;)

  • Ralph Hahn

    When will this story be moved to the Cable News column?

    @Hillbilly: I know what you mean.

  • Karla

    I began watching due to Red Eye’ GG being on the show and I have found myself enjoying it far more than I thought. I find it to have enough info and viewpoint without overload and yet it is also entertaining. Beckel gives as good as he gets and he does get from time to time I must say. I do not think even the network realized that this would be a keeper for them until it ran a bit.

  • Karla

    I wish they had an edit button/@Hillbilly well then you must be a Red Eye viewer as well as they are the home of the original “Leg Chair”.

    Even though a female all the guys I know who watch RE were intrigued when I told them that “The Five” had the ole “leg chair” and began tuning in……

  • Debsafan

    I watch Fox nearly from daylight to daylight, 24 hours a day. I wake up to Fox and go to sleep with them. It’s not hard to see, why that CNN and MSNBC are failing. They are bias and couldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it. So it serves them right. It’s Karma…

  • Ralph Hahn

    Good for you, Debsafan. I used to have the radio on as background in my home. Instead, I have Fox News on.

  • Joey

    The Five is an awesome show plain and simple. The hosts have great chemistry and their candor with one another is refreshing. I also love how Greg Gutfeld makes politics simple and easy to understand… especially for younger people just learning about the subject!

  • Ken

    We know mostly Conservatives watch FOX. I am perplexed as to why the FOX polls show obama leading in most categories. I never get these polling questions. Are they over sampling libs like beckel? It IS FUN watching him spew the obama talking points and get shot down by DP, KG, EB, AT& GG! Great Job!!!

  • cary bogue

    Greg Gutfeld’s humor and Bob Beckel’s tirades and slips into Archie Bunker style bigotry make this the Most entertaining show on Fox. I refuse to miss a show!

  • cary bogue

    The women are easy on the eye as well:)

  • city kitty

    Beckel is an embarrassment. He is gross.

    The show is much better when Juan Williams sits in that chair.

  • Matt

    @city kitty

    Couldn’t disagree more about Beckel. I hate when Juan fills in. I like him on O’Reilly and Special Report but he doesn’t have the same chemistry with the other hosts that Bob does. I don’t agree with much of anything Beckel says but find him to be extraordinarily entertaining and funny. The Five is the best show on cable news.

  • Donna Baldwin

    Where is the outrage when Spike Lee tweeted Zimmerman’s address and it was wrong? No one closed his twitter account

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    I enjoy the show but a more apt name for it would be “The Four Against One”.

  • Davey Boy

    The best show on t.v. period! Kimberly Guilfoyle brings real energy to the show.

  • Janet

    I love The Five too. Greg Gutfeld is hilarious. I watch him on Red Eye too. I agree with Debsafan. I find myself listening to them in the background all day long. If you’ve watched other news networks , you’ll realize that Fox truly is fair and balanced – always presenting both sides. I appreciate their approach of ” We report. You decide . ” No wonder they’re killing in the ratings !

  • Larry Brewer

    I am a longtime Greg Gutfield fan. He is easily the quickest study and sharpest wit among any host in the business. I think he would even do well in a radio talk format if he tried. Some of his Greg-A-logs are classic and deserve to be preserved for future generations. His banter with TV’s Andy Leavy sometimes goes on and on and nobody gets it, but other than that.. he’s the real deal. All that’s missing on the Five is Patty Ann Brown.

    What I would like to see someday.. O’rielly gets booked on Letterman and Greg Gutfield shows up instead. It would be reminiscent of Pee Wee Herman’s early Letterman visits. Gutfield would run circles around Letterman and he would never get it.

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