FOX News Channel's 'The Five' Has Its Highest Rated Month Since Launch

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July 31st, 2012

  • After one full year of being on the air, The Five posted double digit increases over its debut month and had had its highest-rated month since its launch in both total viewers and in 25-54. Compared to July 2011, when the show launched, The Five is up 34% in P2+ and up 33% in 25-54. By comparison, MSNBC’s  The Cycle is down 39% in demo over last year.
 Other FNC Highlights:
  • FNC’s daytime news programs have posted  year-year increases with Megyn Kelly posting the biggest demo increase (+28%) out of any cable news program during the daytime hours through 5pm. Both CNN and MSNBC posted losses during those daytime hours in 25-54.
  • · America’s Newsroom (9-11am): up 22% in P2+, up 15% in 25-54
  • · Happening Now (11am-1pm): up 15% in P2+, up 13% in 25-54
  • · America Live with Megyn Kelly (2-3pm): up 19% in P2+, up 28% in 25-54
  • · Studio B with Shepard Smith (3-4pm): up 5% in P2+, up 10% in 25-54
  • · Special Report with Bret Baier (6-7pm): up 10% in 25-54
  • · Additionally, both Happening Now and America Live had their highest-rated month in total viewers since March 2011. Also, America’s Newsroom had its highest-rated month in both total viewers and 25-54 since March 2011.


  • Larry Brewer

    My wife and I never agree on politics or modern culture or music or much of anything for that matter. One night with the TV on Foxnews, she went into her rant about why we can’t watch anything else, to that I said, we can watch anything you want to, but if we are watching cable news we might as well watch Foxnews. She couldn’t understand why CNN wouldn’t be just as informative or entertaining. So I made a deal.. We will switch the channel to CNN.. but.. she has to watch 1 hour no matter what pops up. That night she was introduced to Anderson Cooper. Part 3 of a 5 part series on “Depression”. This lasted about 5 minutes and she hasn’t mentioned CNN since.

  • Rocco Russo

    Beckle-What else can you say about The Five. Great show!

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    Love Beckel The Hutt doing his best Jabba The Hutt impersonation. He is a straight version of Barney Fwank. Hilarious.

  • sally

    i watch the five i disagree with Beckle but i like the people on the show.i dont like the view with all the cackling hens

  • Hillbilly

    Karla – @Hillbilly well then you must be a Red Eye viewer as well as they are the home of the original “Leg Chair”.


    Guilty as charged. I like it when Dana Perino is a quest. ;)

    P.S. I saw Juan is a grandpa. (Twin girls) Congrats to him & his family. I hope he don’t yell when he talks to them. :???:

  • Tom Tagatz

    Beckel and his foul mouth have to go. Juan Williams would be a poor substitute

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