truTV’s 'Hardcore Pawn' Scores 2.7 Million Viewers

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August 1st, 2012

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truTV’s Hardcore Pawn Scores 2.7 Million Viewers

Breakout Hit Ranks as Ad-Supported Cable's #1 Program in Timeslot with Key Demos

Despite heavy primetime competition, truTV continues to strike gold this week. Last night, the breakout hit Hardcore Pawn brought in 2.7 million viewers in Live + Same Day, which is +5% ahead of the show's July 10 season premiere. Hardcore Pawn was especially strong among truTV's targeted adult and male demos, ranking as ad-supported cable's #1 program in the 9 p.m. timeslot with adults 18-49 (1.2 million), as well as with men 18-49 (678,000).

Hardcore Pawn also delivered exceptional time-period growth. Compared to the same date/time last year, the show's deliveries were up by +43% among total viewers, +19% among adults 18-49 and +7% among men 18-49.

Produced by Zodiak USA, Hardcore Pawn takes viewers behind the scenes of the immense American Jewelry & Loan, a family business owned by third-generation pawnbroker Les Gold. Working with Les are his son, Seth, who is being groomed to eventually take over the store, and daughter, Ashley, who thinks Seth isn’t ready for the top job. Hardcore Pawn is executive-produced by Natalka Znak, Mike Gamson, Claire O’Donohoe and Richard Dominick.


  • Jonathan R Austin

    Owners son had a part in men in black. Loved IT! Think about it…that was him .. he sold alien weapons and had his head blown off and it grew back …twice ..what a goof ball. Go Ashley! Hard core pawn is number three if not lower because Pawn stars and Cajun pawn is more matter of fact and less confrontational…you are soon to be canceled ..after the contract expires …too much DRAMA!Just my opinion..Keep fighting Ashley…Best Wishes to you all. Yours is my least liked Pawn Show…just a heads up. The producers need to rethink the theme..or what they want to project…too much BAD confrontation…all seems NEGATIVE. Ashley is HOT and more caring with her customers and knowledegibile .
    about product.

  • Mslady

    i can’t believe that they really talk to people like they do. there is no way I would go into a business and be disrespected like that. what happening to the customer is always right. and they always showing the blacks making an azz out themselves. I hate this show and especially Ashley.

  • Bobby Socks

    You people are out of your mind.
    The Golds respect all of their customers until the chuckleheads demand that they give them money for their items. When the customers get out of line by cursing or threatening the employees, that’s when the fireworks begin. I love seeing these lowlifes getting their just desserts. Hardcore Pawn is Tru-tv’s highest rated program and it isn’t going anywhere.

  • HCP fan

    Bobby Socks:

    Well said. Everyone starts with a clean slate. Those who act in a civilised manner are treated the same.
    Those who “act a fool” get what fools deserve: no respect and a swift shove out the door.

    “it isn’t going anywhere”… from your lips to God’s ears!

  • tomsman

    Mslady: Its a pawn shop, not The Gap. The customers cannot possibly always be right. You don’t walk into a pawn shop and demand $200 for something clearly worth $50 and expect the $200 – then flip out (knowing the cameras are rolling) and expect the owner to take it. Its a business and bs won’t be tolerated. For instance, the white couple with the “barely used” sex swing. That was just plain wrong – no possibility of the customer being “right” in that case. Its a family owned business and they can do what they want with/to customers – within moral/legal/ethical limits, of course (and the customers keep coming back for more). Its very well known that this shop is on tv and people go in and will do things they would otherwise never do just to get their faces on tv. Its reality and everything gets blown out of proportion. I can tell you as a former manager at The Gap here around Detroit, that I’ve personally dealt with customers’ behavior in line with some of what you see on the show. I’m talking white/black/asian/middle-eastern/etc., the idiocy and sense of entitlement here (City and ‘burbs) cuts across racial lines. The truth is, we are stubborn, self-absorbed know-it-alls. Its partly why Florida residents (and those of other retirement states) can’t stand us (having lived in FL for 7 years, I know what I’m talking about). I would have LOVED to have been able to put my foot down and tell them to go to h*ll like they can – but instead, we would have to smile and take the abuse or lose our jobs. This show is a current/former retail employee’s dream come true. Geographically, it just so happens that the location of the store is in an area that is home to a lot of African-American families, so it makes sense that the customer base will reflect that. It’s part of Detroit culture at this point and isn’t going anywhere – so change the channel.

  • Chris

    I love Hardcore Pawn!I need the scheduel? When are they on? I also need to know when the reruns are shown.

  • tom

    can we see more of the show and a hell of a lot less of the brother and sister bitchfest!!!!

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