Tuesday Cable Ratings: 'Teen Mom' Wins Night + 'Tosh.0', 'Hardcore Pawn', 'Pretty Little Liars', 'White Collar', 'Workaholics' & More

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August 1st, 2012



 Teen Mom was the top cable original last night, earning a 1.2 rating, up from last week's 1.0 rating. Tosh.0 came in second place, earning a 1.0 18-49 rating.

We only receive the top 100 cable shows for adults 25-54 for the whole day from our primary source, if you don't see your show it was not in that top 100 list. 

The list below is long but you can use your browsers "find on page" feature (usually CTRL+F or CMD+F) to search - that's probably the easiest way to find Tuesday night's episode of Franklin & Bash

Selected Tuesday cable ratings: (all Live+Same Day ratings):

Show Net Time Viewership (million, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
FAMILY GUY ADSM 11:30 PM 3.124 1.2
FAMILY GUY ADSM 11:00 PM 3.01 1.2
TEEN MOM SSN 4 MTV 10:00 PM 1.957 1.2
TOSH.O CMDY 10:00 PM 1.786 1.0
BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 2.325 0.9
AMERICAN DAD ADSM 10:30 PM 2.333 0.9
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 9:00 PM 2.668 0.9
BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 2.341 0.9
ROBOT CHICKEN ADSM 12:00 AM 2.098 0.9
WHITE COLLAR USA 9:00 PM 2.817 0.9
WORKAHOLICS CMDY 10:30 PM 1.344 0.9
ROBOT CHICKEN ADSM 12:15 AM 1.953 0.8
RIZZOLI & ISLES TNT 9:00 PM 4.438 0.8
COVERT AFFAIRS USA 10:01 PM 2.577 0.7
AMERICAN DAD ADSM 10:00 PM 1.895 0.7
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 9:30 PM 2.002 0.7
SQUIDBILLIES ADSM 12:30 AM 1.487 0.7
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 8:00 PM 2.006 0.6
FRANKLIN & BASH TNT 10:00 PM 2.164 0.6
STORAGE WARS AEN 10:30 PM 1.639 0.6
STORAGE WARS AEN 10:00 PM 1.728 0.6
SPONGEBOB NICK 5:00 PM 2.991 0.6
STORAGE WARS AEN 11:01 PM 1.422 0.6
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 7:00 PM 1.64 0.5
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 10:00 PM 1.62 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 9:30 PM 1.589 0.5
TEEN MOM SSN 4 MTV 11:00 PM 1.128 0.5
FRIENDS NAN 12:01 AM 1.328 0.5
S OLY PM NBCSN 12:00 PM 1.376 0.5
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 10:30 PM 1.515 0.5
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 8:30 PM 1.465 0.5
PAWN STARS HIST 8:30 PM 1.623 0.5
FX MOVIE PRIME FX 8:00 PM 1.056 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 1:31 AM 1.034 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 11:31 PM 1.272 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 1:01 AM 1.049 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 12:01 AM 1.105 0.5
AMERICAN DAD ADSM 2:00 AM 1.317 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 12:31 AM 1.071 0.5
FRED: THE SHOW NICK 6:00 PM 2.857 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 2:01 AM 0.985 0.5
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 6:00 PM 1.331 0.5
CHOPPED FOOD 11:00 PM 1.148 0.5
PAWN STARS HIST 8:00 PM 1.456 0.5
FRIENDS NAN 12:35 AM 1.114 0.5
DAILY SHOW CMDY 11:00 PM 1.079 0.5
SPONGEBOB NICK 4:30 PM 2.434 0.4
A.N.T.  FARM DSNY 9:30 PM 2.763 0.4
STORAGE WARS AEN 8:30 PM 1.388 0.4
CHOPPED FOOD 10:00 PM 1.254 0.4
FRIENDS NAN 11:31 PM 1.183 0.4
JANE BY DESIGN FAM 9:00 PM 1.184 0.4
PAWN STARS HIST 7:30 PM 1.189 0.4
RIZZOLI & ISLES TNT 11:00 PM 1.482 0.4
SPONGEBOB NICK 10:00 AM 2.646 0.4
FRANKLIN & BASH TNT 12:00 AM 0.992 0.4
STORAGE WARS AEN 8:00 PM 1.404 0.4
WORLDS DUMBEST TRU 7:00 PM 0.824 0.4
SPONGEBOB NICK 10:30 AM 2.683 0.4
STORAGE WARS AEN 9:00 PM 1.399 0.4
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 3:00 PM 1.165 0.4
SEINFELD TBSC 7:30 PM 0.954 0.4
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 5:00 PM 1.179 0.4
SEINFELD TBSC 7:00 PM 0.898 0.4
WORLDS DUMBEST TRU 11:00 PM 0.924 0.4
MOB WEEK AMC 8:00 PM 1.072 0.4
FRIENDS TBSC 5:30 PM 0.945 0.4
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 8:00 PM 1.145 0.4
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 4:00 PM 1.177 0.4
KING OF QUEENS TBSC 6:30 PM 0.826 0.3
STORAGE WARS AEN 7:30 PM 1.166 0.3
KING OF QUEENS TBSC 6:00 PM 0.808 0.3
CONAN TBSC 11:00 PM 0.865 0.3
CSI: NY TNT 1:00 AM 0.848 0.3
SPONGEBOB NICK 4:00 PM 1.946 0.3
STORAGE WARS AEN 7:00 PM 1.017 0.3
COLBERT REPORT CMDY 11:31 PM 0.767 0.3
RIZZOLI & ISLES TNT 8:00 PM 1.499 0.3
WHITE COLLAR USA 12:03 AM 0.938 0.3
BONES TNT 6:00 PM 1.113 0.3
MOB WEEK AMC 6:00 PM 0.891 0.3
ANCIENT ALIENS HIST 10:00 PM 0.908 0.3
RIZZOLI & ISLES TNT 7:00 PM 1.393 0.2

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  • Dan

    Comparing ratings JBD x TLG
    Season 1A:
    JBD – 1.262
    TLG – 1.279

    Season 1B:
    JBD – 1.281
    TLG – 1.472

    Average of season 1
    JBD – 1.271 (lower rating: 0.96 Ep.09 – highest rating: 1.61 Series Premiere)
    TLG – 1.375 (lower rating: 1.06 Ep.07 – highest rating: 1.68 Ep.15)

  • Jeremy


  • RHONJd

    Go Scooby-Doo! So happy it’s beating Level Up & Total Drama! Hopefully, the series will get renewed! I LOVE Scooby Doo!

  • Eac

    @ Yunni, Agree but I do not think TNT will pay attention or are worried with the numbers during a record setting Olympics but I don’t think a demo of .8 is actually bad since other TNT shows do that on a normal non Olympics day. I see it bouncing right back to normal for the summer finale in two weeks.

  • GB

    Dear @ Silvit,


    Wow.  For a guy who claims to hate spin, you certainly are an expert at it!  For some reason, your spin is directed primarily at TNT – which makes me ask, again: did they fire you?  Not hire you?  Or do you just work for a competitive network?   You come on here every day, and troll TNT ratings.  Why?  This is a great forum to discuss ratings.  But if you’re going to come on here and trash a network, have your facts correct, or someone is going to call you out for having an agenda.  Let’s do a little exercise I like to call “Silvit’s spin vs. fact”, shall we?  These are all real quotes of yours from recent posts:

    Silvit spin:  “All TNT shows performed better last vs this year”

    Fact:  ALL cable originals are down this year, Silvit – ALL of them.  Not all of TNT’s shows, ALL cable originals.  With (maybe?) the exception of “Game of Thrones,” all the returning summer cable series are down from last year.   The fact is TNT’s shows are holding up as well, or better, than their competitors.  Go ahead and challenge me, because I have the facts, not your spin.  The reality is there is more original programming on cable than ever before, and a finite amount of viewers, so of course individual show ratings are down – more shows divinding a fixed number of viewers – and TNT is managing that environment as well as any other cable network.   

    Silvit spin: “Both shows (“Rizzoli” and “Franklin & Bash”) did bad last Tuesday”

    Fact:  If you mean this Tuesday, yes, Rizzoli and Franklin were both down – as was every show on USA this week (the network most similar to TNT), and virtually every original show on A&E, History, etc.  The fact (as opposed to your spin) is ALL of cable is getting its ass handed to it by the Olympics, not just TNT.  If instead you meant the week before, “Rizzoli” was the highest rated scripted show for the week in TNT’s target 25-54, and #2 in total viewers (unless their press release is not accurate?).   So I guess by bad you actually meant, “it won, big”.  Franklin is down, and definitely struggling.  But it’s the exception to TNT’s rule, and “Rizzoli” is dominant among scripted series this year.  

    Silvit Spin: “It seems cable shows are less affected by the Olympics than network shows. True Blood, Breaking Bad and The Closer all held up nicely. Perception did as bad as the previous weeks.”

    Fact:  Cable shows are just as affected by the Olympics as network shows – you named the handful of exceptions (you could include the Kardashians in there as well).  The majority of cable series are being negatively impacted by the Olympics.  You spin the facts to make it look as if somehow “Perception” being down was the exception (and thus damning the show), and not the rule.  “Perception” actually went up in its second week, before dipping in week three.  TNT did it no favors scheduling it against the Olympics this early in its run.  But even still, while not a home run for TNT, even at its lower edge, it is a top ten scripted cable series, and I would bet they are very pleased with it and see it as a solid success.  

    I could go on.  And when you come back here and distort their ratings again, I will.  Just one example, I couldn’t find the quote, but I know you’ve claimed (spun) here that TNT’s original series should do better than others because the network is stronger… Huh?  Isn’t that a little like saying the Yankees should win more games because…they’re the Yankees and they win more games?  The fact is, TNT’s syndicated programming is weaker than USAs, and on par with other cable nets.  Their originals do not have a bigger lead in than other networks.  The FACT is If you look at information that is out there and available, those facts unwind your spin.  TNT is having a very good summer.  They’ve made some dumb moves (Falling Skies against True Blood?  Great Escape, huh?), but they’ve done a lot more right than wrong, especially the way they’ve re-deployed their shows to strengthen nights.  The real story is that TNT, USA, FX, History, A&E, are all doing good things for TV.  I’ve worked for most of them, and really like what they’re all doing.  They all have their wins and losses, but for the most part, they’re all doing good work.  And more to the point, they deserve better than to have someone come on here and distort their results.  

  • Seller

    White Collar is rockin it in S4, unusual for a USA show to have strong episodes beyond S3. Bomer and DeKay are the best team on any network!

  • Jill

    Kendra on Top FINALE ratings on WE? Not even a blip on the ratings chart. Rename: Kendra On the Bottom

  • Ann

    For R&I I agree with the people saying for Tuesday night with the Olympics getting a 12.2 demo I do not think a .8 was bad. Ithinkl it was decent. R&I, White Collar to just name a few beat out some network shows with those demo’s I saw one network show that was not a repeat at a a .6 and another at a .2. I think R&I did just fine considering the crazy highly rated Olympics and I know viewers totals don’t count but it still got over 4 million viewers. I would have guess much less.

  • Steve

    @R Hope… Have to disagree. While at first I hated the Sara character she grew on me. I adore her now. When they write her well into the story line that is and not just Neal’s love interest. I like when Sterling Baush is involved somehow. I love Alex too though and i cannot wait for her to be back in an episode. She always brings fun and trouble. Could care less for Maya… The whole first to episodes sucked so i say good riddance. I wouldn’t mind a reappearance of Sophie though. Any Girl that can do Neal’s hat trick is a keeper in my book.

    @Nikki – Thank god i thought i was the only one that hated Kate well besides Mozzie. I could just never get behind her or that story line. Maybe its because im still not sure she was ever sincere where Neal was involved.

  • silvit


    It’s not true. The Closer, Dallas (TNT), White Collar, Burn Notice, Suits (USA), True Blood (HBO), Breaking Bad (AMC),Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) none of these shows was affected by the Olympics.

    On the other hand, other shows on the very same network were (R&I, F&B, Covert Affair, Royal Pains, all Thursday FX line-up).

    I don’t have an agenda, I just comment on ratings.

    TNT shows have an advantage over shows on other channels because the channel is more watched than others. The same thing can be said for NBC shows vs CBS shows. That’s why decent performing shows on CBS gets canceled while shows with the same results on NBC keep getting renewed (Community, 30 Rock etc.etc.) That’s a fact.

    For the same reason USA shows have an advantage over TNT shows.

    “ALL cable originals are down this year, Silvit – ALL of them. Not all of TNT’s shows, ALL cable originals.”

    That’s not true. Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Justified (stable), True Blood (stable), Suits, they are all UP vs last year.

    It’s obvious that aging shows like Burn Notice or The Closer are down given that they are are old shows.

    Both USA and TNT are struggling with originals this year. Their new shows all underperformed. Their older shows are going down.

  • silvit

    TNT shouldn’t have scheduled the 2 to the LAST episode of The Closer against the Olympics, nor airing the summer finale of R&I, F&B and Dallas against it. That’s not exactly a smart move, especially for struggling or new shows.

  • GB

    Dear Spin-meister,

    Nice try – but again, you’re spinning. you either don’t understand the facts, or you’re willfully distorting them. in either case, you’re not objectively analyzing the facts. you’re manipulating the numbers to support an argument, and as a result, your argument doesn’t hold up.

    Silvit Spin: “The Closer, Dallas (TNT), White Collar, Burn Notice, Suits (USA), True Blood (HBO), Breaking Bad (AMC),Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) none of these shows was affected by the Olympics…. On the other hand, other shows on the very same network were (R&I, F&B, Covert Affair, Royal Pains, all Thursday FX line-up).”

    Fact: You chose a handful of show that weren’t affected, and purposely listed a smaller sample of shows that were affected, to make it appear as if a greater number of shows are holding up than are not. A factual analysis shows that the majority – meaning more than 50% – of original cable series this summer are being impacted by the Olympics. Here, I’ll add some shows to the list I already offered, and my list longer than yours – Breaking Bad (it was down .1), Newsroom, Warehouse 13, Alphas, Secret LIfe, Bunheads, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs and on and on and on …. all down. We can play this game as much as you want. The fact (not spin) is that most objective observers would say the Olympics are having a significant impact on the majority of programming, across multiple nets, cable and broadcast. It seems (but it’s too early to factually state) that it’s affecting the slightly older, more traditional broadcast audience more (not surprising) but later analysis will be more specific. for you to spin it otherwise in order to argue that networks you don’t like are somehow faring more poorly than others undermines your argument.

    Silvit spin: “TNT shows have an advantage over shows on other channels because the channel is more watched than others”

    Fact: Again, that likes saying USC football has an advantage over other teams because they score more points. Huh? If you break out TNT’s original programming from its syndicated programming, its originals outperform its syndicated shows by as high or higher a margin than many or most of its competitors. They have no base advantage over most of their competitors. Their lead-ins are not better. The fact is, on most nights they’re running originals out of syndicated shows that are even or behind many of their top competitors, and at 9p their originals self start and still occupy the upper end, even the top, of the charts in their target demos. They do not have an advantage. Their originals are, in fact, their advantage.

    Silvit spin: “Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Justified (stable), True Blood (stable), Suits, they are all UP vs last year”

    Fact: with the exception of True Blood and Suits, all of those shows ran earlier this year, and I don’t have that data, so you may be right. But we’re talking about this summer – the period when the shows whose ratings you’re misrepresenting are actually running – and the fact is every returning cable original except True Blood, and Game of Thrones, is down – including Suits (which is down close to double digits) – so as far as that show goes (and btw it’s a terrific show and it’s doing just fine imho) you either don’t have the data, or you’re just making things up to suit your argument.

    Silvit spin: “Both USA and TNT are struggling with originals this year. Their new shows all underperformed. Their older shows are going down.”

    Fact: By your logic, then, and based on the facts presented above, every single cable network with returning originals is struggling this year, not just USA and TNT. And that argument is still hollow, because they’re competing against each other for viewers (and ad dollars), not against their performance last year. The fact is, if you look at the most recent press release (which I assume is fact checked), their two new shows are the two best performing new originals this summer in their demo, and TNT has 5 of the top ten scripted dramas this summer (Rizzoli, Falling Skies, Closer, Perception and Dallas) in their target 25-54, and four of the top ten total viewers. You seem to be basing your judgment on year over year declines which – let me say it again – are not relevant to your argument because – again – for the summer – when the shows you’re criticizing are actually running – ALL shows are down from last year. So by your logic, every network is failing/underperforming. That’s now how the game works. CBS’ ratings are down by a huge margin from where they were ten years ago – are they failing? no – because they’re leading their competitors. If the team that wins the Super Bowl scores fewer points than it did the year before, but gets to and wins the Super Bowl anyway – they’re still league champions. The FACT Silvit is that there is exponentially more competition this year, everyone’s originals are down this summer over last, and in that landscape, TNT and USA are still leading. It’s factually incorrect to argue that their originals are more down than other nets year over year, so again, your argument doesn’t hold up.

    I don’t know you, so you’re right, I can’t claim you have an agenda. What I can say is you’re definitely distorting the numbers to make an argument (for whatever reason) that is not supportable – the facts don’t support your argument. I’m not going to keep this up – comment section arguments become tedious to other readers. And I have no illusion that I can make you see this objectively, and I have other things to do. But my hope is that some on this board will know that your comments, presented as fact, are not at all factual.

    I’m out…unless like Al Pacino in Godfather 3 “You pull me back in”.

  • I luv nickelodeon

    Thank you @Nick.! U r amazing.!!(:

    ikr i love scooby doo. I hope it gets renewed for a 3rd season and get moved back to primetime.(: do u not like Total Drama.?

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