Discovery Channel's 'Curiosity' Series Returns in October

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August 2nd, 2012


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(Los Angeles, Ca.) - Last fall, the Discovery Channel introduced viewers to an unprecedented new series that brought the 'I wonder?' moment to television with a unique array of provocative subjects. We explored Atlantis, the sinking of the Titanic, and fourteen other puzzling mysteries. And this October, the series looks to uncover or answer some of the most iconic and enduring mysteries of science. What actually happens to a plane when it crashes? How is a mummy made? Why do people seemingly vanish into thin air in the Bermuda Triangle? What does Yellowstone look like from under the surface? And how was Stonehenge actually built? All of these questions and more will be explored in the new season of CURIOSITY, beginning in October.

Featured topics in the upcoming season of CURIOSITY:

· Plane Crash: In this groundbreaking experiment, scientists recreate a serious (but survivable) passenger jet crash landing in order to allow experts to study the crashworthiness or the aircraft as well of the impact of crashes on the human body.

· Mummy: In this radical experiment, a dying man gifts his body to scientists attempting to uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt's best embalmers.

· Bermuda Triangle: Scientists dive into the fabled triangle, analyzing its wrecks and testing different theories on real boats and planes in order to reveal the truth behind the legend.

· Yellowstone: Scientists use the latest imaging technology to pierce the surface of our most iconic national park and see its habitat and ecosystem from the inside out.

· Stonehenge: How did the inhabitants move ninety multi-ton stones two hundred miles across land and sea to the ancient stone circle that has stood for over 4500 years?

  • Anthony Garcia

    What happened to Barter kings? Instead your channel plays American Guns all night getting every bit of commercial money in the name of all the people who died in Aurora, Winconsin, Columbine!!! Seriously, your channel has missed the mark repeatively serving only nut cases who shot people for sport. I am appalled at your channel who recently hired a new team whose mission was making money instead of substance! I am sending this letter as well to my home paper The Ventura County Star in the comments section.
    My old students agree that the channel is not as informative as it used to be as far as being an educational giant. Mr. Garcia

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