'Finding Bigfoot' Gets Even Bigger! Animal Planet Takes Search for Squatch Worldwide

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August 2nd, 2012

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-- New Aftershow Specials Take Viewers Deeper into Investigations than Ever Before –


(Beverly Hills, Calif., August 2, 2012) – This November, FINDING BIGFOOT, one of Animal Planet’s top-performing series ever, delivering more than 1.3M P2+ viewers in its second season, returns with 11 all-new episodes and two specials that take the team of investigators farther across the globe and further into sasquatch history than they’ve ever travelled.  For the first time, the intrepid cast of investigators -- Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman, and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland – will expand their search in North America and beyond to investigate the sasquatch phenomenon known as “yowies” in Australia and the “orang-pendek” of Indonesia.  Also for the first time, Animal Planet will produce two “aftershow” specials, where the cast will answer burning questions from fans, dive deeper into the evidence and theories, and give behind-the-scene stories and insight.


Legends of bigfoot-type primates persist in cultures all over the globe.  So the bigfoot team will attempt to capture proof of these elusive Australian and Indonesian creatures by immersing itself in local yowie and orang-pendek culture and lore and using that information in the investigations. With the knowledge of the locals and its own experiences researching sasquatches, the team is hot on the trail to locate these distant cousins of the North American bigfoot in the remote terrain and jungles of these far-off lands.


Sasquatch sightings have been reported in every state of the union except Hawaii.  So this season, the team continues to leave no stone unturned and no piece of credible evidence unexplored as it travels to new locations to investigate compelling new finds in multiple states:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington.


In addition to their global jaunts, the team members participate in two all-new aftershow specialsModerated by Animal Planet executive producer Keith Hoffman, the specials bring the team together in an informal setting to discuss the investigations in greater detail and provide insights and tips not shared in the show.  Who doesn’t want to know how the team films at night without scaring away potential bigfoots or what the cast thinks will happen when bigfoot is found?


With no filters and unparalleled access to the cast, fans of the show and bigfoot enthusiasts everywhere will have unprecedented insight into their investigations that have become a part of the pop cultural zeitgeist.


FINDING BIGFOOT is produced for Animal Planet by Ping Pong Productions. Keith Hoffman is the executive producer for Animal Planet. Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels are the executive producers and Chad Hammel is the co-executive producer for Ping Pong Productions.


Animal Planet Media (APM), a multi-media business unit of Discovery Communications, is the world's only entertainment brand that immerses viewers in the full range of life in the animal kingdom with rich, deep content via multiple platforms and offers animal lovers and pet owners access to a centralized online, television and mobile community for immersive, engaging, high-quality entertainment, information and enrichment.  APM consists of the Animal Planet television network, available in more than 96 million homes in the US; online assets www.animalplanet.com, the ultimate online destination for all things animal; the 24/7 broadband channel, Animal Planet Beyond; Petfinder.com, the #1 pet-related Web property globally that facilitates pet adoption; and other media platforms including a robust Video-on-Demand (VOD) service; mobile content; and merchandising extensions.


  • AppleStinx

    On Animal Planet, this must be serious. Were it to be on History Channel, it would usher a bigfoot movie on the big screen, in the vein of “search for gigantus” on tv before ‘King Kong’ in theatres.

  • merraanga

    stupid is as stupid does.

  • Ben

    This should really be on the Syfy channel where they must have made at least one bigfoot/yeti/snowman movie; featuring a cheap has been celebrity, low budget special effects, laughable violence, and partial nudity.

    This garbage belongs in the same catagory as the Animal Planet’s “mermaid” special. I suspect they will follow it up with a search for unicorns and dragons (not the one from Kimodo).

  • J.G. Nursall

    “Did you hear that?” I wait for the phrase every show. It’s just like the haunting shows — Wait! Did you hear that?

    Moneymaker, how perfect. Bobo, even better. Con-artists and clowns. Get real.

    Oh, I will watch it, but just to hear them say, “Did you hear that?”


  • cra

    If this was on SyFy I’d say great but Animal Planet use to be a channel I loved. Now it has Bigfoots and Mermaid – I guess there just aren’t enough real animals to talk about, just as History has run out of history, and The Learning Channel has run out of anything remotely interesting to talk about.

  • BoBo Fay

    I think I squached my pants… Matt, pass over a new roll. Ranae, throw these out, thanks. Cliff, do what you do…

  • Ranae Holland


    I am not that kind of scientist or girl. Every since that tent incident with the bug spray when you were shirtless, you have the wrong idea… Maybe one day when your not shirtless and are still wearing un-squached pants, but until then I am still a skeptic. Hopefully, I will change for you one day, my gigantic friend.


  • Cliff

    What do I do? Certainly never kissed a girl, like Ranae anyway.

    Matt – are you still fat?

  • Mr Moneymaker


    I might have some pudge but my howl is certainly superior to yours. You couln’t even find what you need to take a leak in the West Virginia countryside. If this hairy bastard exists, rest assured that I will be the one that finds him – not you, you twerp! I am negotiating you out of season 4’s contract. I hope you understand that. Bend over and kiss your hairy backside goodbye! Moneyman out…

  • Bigfoot

    Dear BFRO,

    You bastards couldn’t find me if I took a crap inside your tents! Stay home and leave the wilderness to me you bunch of pansies. Mine is way bigger that all of yours’ combined. Smell that foul stench why don’t you…


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