'The Chew' Takes a Bite Out of ABC's New Fall Season With One-Hour Primetime Preview Special

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August 2nd, 2012

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Vanessa Williams, Terry O’Quinn, Reba, Hayden Panettiere, Jami Gertz

and Andre Braugher Among the Stars Featured



Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz travel coast to coast -- from California and New York to Hawaii and Nashville -- to bring viewers a sneak peek at the ABC Fall Primetime lineup. Interviewing some of the network’s hottest new stars, the special has something for everyone. From diva-filled musical drama and deep and dark desires to quirky and “out of this world” comedies and thrillers, “The Chew Presents ABC’s Primetime Fall Preview Special” airs Sunday, September 2 (7:00-8:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.


Highlights of the special include:


”666 Park Avenue” stars Vanessa Williams (“Desperate Housewives”) and Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) enjoy cocktails and canapés with Clinton Kelly from a chic Manhattan hotel room to talk about their sexy, seductive new primetime address. “666 Park Avenue” premieres Sunday, September 30 at 10:00 p.m., ET.


Carla Hall travels home as she visits “Nashville” star Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”) on the legendary stage of The Grand Ole Opry and visits with her co-stars, Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio, at the iconic Bluebird Cafe. The series premieres Wednesday, October 10 at 10:00 p.m., ET.


Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii, the breathtaking location for ABC’s new action adventure series, “Last Resort,” premiering Thursday, September 27 at 8:00 p.m., ET. Series star Andre Braugher (“Men of a Certain Age”; “Homicide: Life on the Street”) sits oceanside with Daphne Oz for comfort food, conversation and a hometown surprise, all amidst the palm trees and island breeze.


Carla Hall catches up with the stars of the new family comedy series “The Neighbors” at Johnnie’s Coffee Shop in Los Angeles, where Jami Gertz (“Entourage “and 80s classics “Square Pegs” and “Sixteen Candles”) and other stars share a preview of their quirky new sitcom that’s sure to bring the family together for a night of laughs. “The Neighbors” premieres Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30 p.m., ET, and moves to its regular time slot of 8:30 p.m., beginning Wednesday, October 3.


It’s a food truck fiesta as Daphne Oz meets country music superstar Reba (“Reba”) to talk about her new sitcom, “Malibu Country,” which premieres Friday, November 2 at 8:30 p.m., ET.


Gordon Elliott is the executive producer of “The Chew Presents ABC’s Primetime Fall Primetime Special.”

  • Sean


  • Sean


  • David Johnson

    Good grief Sean. Get a life! (…and please try doing it without SHOUTING.)

  • Sean

    YOU get the life…and i will support GH till the end!

  • Holly

    Wt…..? Wonder what the reasoning is behind this?

  • Debbie

    I can’t stand to watch The Chew during the afternoon, so I will certainlu pass at this attempt to expose viewers to their drivel.

  • joel

    The Chew isn’t any good, but the saving grace of this might be if it’s more of an ABC new series fall preview.

  • Christina

    YOU SUCK, CHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TimsDale4ever

    Oh God — now it’s invading primetime. Will the madness not end?????

  • carol

    Guess this show needs more help in the ratings than ABC is willing to admit. Sounds like they’re going to be spending lots of money to promote a losing proposition. It couldn’t replace All My Children with the daytime viewers and it’s certainly not worth Primetime status.

  • Nick

    I’ll watch this beacuse the show itself isn’t that bad and I’m looking forward to Malibu Country and Last Resort. This could also help GH cause its lead-in would be better.

  • MBmomof3

    I won’t watch, but admit it is a good idea. The cross-promo with the new fall schedule, the guest stars. I love to cook and would watch this if I wasn’t boycotting ABC. Too bad, I really want to watch that 666 Park Ave. & Nashville. Darn you, ABC! It is very rare that I am tempted to watch any network programming unless it is NFL football or soaps. Actually, all those shows sounds pretty good on paper. Still boycotting.

  • SpinsVixenella

    The Chew is down nearly a third (32%) versus All My Children in 18-49 same time last year. Even if it costs 30-40% less to produce when you lose a third of your key demographic & cripple your entire line-up, the ROI can’t be all that great for ABC and its affiliates. I predict pimping Chew in primetime & using it to “introduce” its Fall line-up is going to back-fire badly for ABC. Many soap fans, including myself, already boycott ABC Primetime, but I suspect even those who don’t currently boycott ABC Primetime will make certain they boycott this Chew in Primetime debacle. ABC just continues to compound their stupidity.

  • Maurice

    This is a Labor Day Sunday in a really bad timeslot, expect a fail unless people are really interested in the ABC fall pilots.

    ABC should’ve just kept All My Children and moved production to Canada.

  • shardengib

    Will not watch at all just GH

  • takeitish

    Of course you had to put on on at night because NO ONE is watching it during the day! The only thing I watch on ABC/Disney is GH! You want your viewers back then put OLT and AMC back on the air where they belong!

  • Brandi

    HAVE and WILL NEVER watch this show!
    Bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!

  • Jon

    All you GH people crack me up. Get over it!! Yes, The Chew might not be that good, but either was GH. And before you all get all riled up about that statement, your ratings for GH showed that not many were watching. You may have loved the stories and the acting, but enough of you didn’t. It cost too much for the ratings you were getting. I think it’s about time you all move on and find something else to watch. I suggest you rent a movie from 1998 titled, Sour Grapes.

  • sally

    i dont watch now and i wont watch at a different time. katie(boring) couric will be on at 9am in st louis on cbs.i wont her either

  • Genevieve

    Hahah. I’ll watch it for you guys :)
    AMC was ok for a while, then it went down hill.

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