Phillip Phillips' New Video 'Home' To World Broadcast Premiere During 'So You Think You Can Dance' on FOX

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August 6th, 2012

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World Broadcast Premiere Sponsored by Ford

FOX, in partnership with Ford, will world broadcast premiere the video for AMERICAN IDOL winner Phillip Phillips’ coronation single, “Home,” during SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on Wednesday, Aug. 8(8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).


Immediately after Phillips claimed his victory on AMERICAN IDOL’s Season 11 finale, the 21-year old Leesburg, GA, native’s debut single, “Home,” was released, showcasing his rich, raspy vocals and masterful guitar skills. The single marked the biggest digital sales week for an AMERICAN IDOL winner’s coronation song, with 278,000 downloads sold, and has been certified gold. Recently, “Home” climbed from No. 98 to No. 1 on the iTunes singles chart after it was featured as the soundtrack for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics team in London.


The video for “Home” was directed by U.K.-born Joseph Toman and was filmed on the road during this summer’s American Idol Live! Tour.


The 12th season of AMERICAN IDOL kicks off in January 2013.


AMERICAN IDOL has been the No. 1 entertainment program among Total Viewers for the past nine consecutive seasons. To date, IDOL alums have produced 349 No. 1 Billboard hits and garnered nearly 250 million iTunes downloads.


AMERICAN IDOL is produced by 19 Entertainment, a division of Core Media Group, and FremantleMedia North America, Inc. “Like” AMERICAN IDOL on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @AmericanIdol and join the discussion at #idol.

  • rick

    who is this giuy, and what is he famous for????

  • John

    The post clearly states he won Idol.

  • Jared

    nobody will even remember who this kid is in six months.


    He’s the guy whose song is at #2 on iTunes.


    @Jared. We shall see, his album comes out on Black Friday, and as of now, he had a hit on his hands.

  • glover

    His winner song is surprisingly a hit, considering the ratings drop last season. It’s curious how the winners of the two seasons with JLo and Steven Tyler as judges were well-received by the audience. I’m worried about the show with this change in the panel.

  • Jason


    Not to worry. If they get Nick Jonas to officially step in and be a judge, this will skew way younger than it has been all season. That’s what they need right now: some new blood and Nick just might do it if he officially steps in. I’m not sure about whether or not Randy is staying.

  • hmmmm

    Rick, he is just a nobody who SOLD worth of millions of US dollars already in his AI albums AND songs.

    His song “Home” just got a gold record and continue to sell.

    He is just the person who sung the “Volcano” song that nobody knew until he sung it.

    He is also just the one who sung the “Thriller” wherein he made it an indie rock style.

    He is really a nobody for selling worth of US million dollars already.

  • IKnow

    The people who don’t remember this guy are obviously the ones who come to this site and forget what they read soon after. I wonder how well they did in school if what they say is true.I would like to add that this is the guy that so many commentators thought couldn’t sing, had poor vocal range, was voted in because of crazed teenage girls.

    Actually, I didn’t think much of any of the contestants early in the season but when he sang Volcano, I took notice. I am happy that he introduced into the mainstream a genre of songs that people like me who only knew about the top 10 never knew about. It is such a pleasant surprise to find there is such wonderful music out there. If the radio stations have not been doing their part in bringing out the best music that there is to offer, that should be their function.

  • Rishi

    Isn’t this Wednesday’s episode a repeat?

  • LM

    Just heard the song, its actually pretty good.

  • Psac

    @Rishi yeah, I thought they were off for two weeks as well…?

  • Chmarin

    The song is actually surprisingly good, considering that all those Idol songs the winners release as their first single are pure crap.

    I see that there’s some pretty passionate (read: angry) P2 fans out here. He has a hit on his hands, but probably because NBC has been using in the Olympics promos – that had to have boosted sales. Honestly, IMO, he shouldn’t have won his season. Jessica Sanchez, and especially Joshua Ledet, were far more deserving.

    And yeah, it’s weird FOX is airing the video during a repeat of SYTYCD.

  • Rich

    You can see the video on YouTube AND on his website. So,there’s no need to watch SYTYCD.

  • Kaylie

    This is amazing. I really hope Idol officially gets Nick on the panel.

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