Report: Sharon Osbourne Leaving 'America's Got Talent'

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August 6th, 2012

Sharon Osbourne claims she is  determined to leave America's Got Talent. At the recent TCA panels NBC president Bob Greenblatt denied rumors that she wanted to leave the show's  judges panel, citing a contract that locked her in for several more seasons. However, Osbourne told the New York Post that she is willing to break her contract and suffer penalties. She claims that she is upset with NBC because the network reneged on a promise to cast her son Jack Osbourne on the upcoming reality series Stars Earn Stripes after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. More details are available from the New York Post and Deadline.


  • Luke

    The series is called Stars Earn Stripes I believe. Not Stars and Stripes.

  • adanskiii

    Maybe AGT can get an actual judge that judges contestants by thier talent not by their sob story. They can also get a younger Judge say Paula Abdul? or Ariane Grande?

  • dgh

    Maybe poor little Jackie should pop his mommy’s tittie out of his mouth and gets jobs on his own.

  • Christian

    @dgh Don’t be gross.

    You go, Sharon! Love this ballsy broad!

  • Saul

    Good. She is a horrible judge

  • Chris

    Will she judge the remainder of the season? If not, will there be a replacement or will AGT go to a two-judge panel and look for a replacement for season 8?


    What makes you think Ariana Grande? She’s just 19 years old and on a Nickelodeon show (Victorious), so that means she hasn’t really established a career yet and I wouldn’t imagine she would be used to criticizing. But then again, The X Factor hired fellow 19 year old Demi Lovato, so what do I know?

  • adanskiii

    Ariana can attract a whole new demographic to AGT. She is extremely popular among young adults. I mean why not help her launch her career even farther.

  • Ryan

    Are you guys stupid. She’s leaving because NBC fired Jack. They fired him because he has MS. I’d leave too if they did that to a member of my family. Go Sharon.

  • Austin


    Ariana would turn a TON of viewers away. No matter what people say, Sharon brings in a lot of viewers. Though, AGT would get a ton of horny boys, it would overall upset a lot of the older viewers bring down total viewers and ratings.

  • Suzy

    They would have to be pretty stupid to fire someone who was diagnosed with an illness. There must be other reasons which will eventually come out.

  • rob60990

    I have no idea what this show is about but would her son still be able to do it even though he has MS?

    Sharon is a terrible judge and Howie isn’t much better. They both put through a lot of crappy performances. Howard is a pretty good judge.

  • Doug in SF

    No loss if Sharon goes. I was apprehensive to watch AGT because of Howard Stern but he turned out to be the best judge. He’s spot on.

  • JRG

    He was not fired as no contract was ever signed. E-mails though seem like they wanted him on the show. Though with MS, I don’t know why he wants on. One of the things they tell you with MS is to avoid fatigue, stress, temperature extremes, and illness. That does not scream lets do a reality show based on military basic training.

  • rob60990

    So she’s basically quitting for no reason. Go ahead Sharon.

  • joel

    NBC is correct to not want any responsibility for the health consequences.

  • Joshua

    No one is like Piers Morgan… every judge should be like him.

  • Max

    Glad she’s gone, she can never gave a straight up answer.

  • hardline_pro

    The series is called Stars Earn Stripes I believe. Not Stars and Stripes. Anyways Jack is still working for NBC (technically) on the Syfy ghost show.

    Anyways that is kind of a stupid reason to leave AGT. First American Idol, then The X Factor, and now America’s Got Talent?! Jeeze, all these shows can’t hold stable judges!

  • Tyler

    Sharon is my favorite judge. I though stopped watching the show when Howard Stern came on. He should leave.

  • JR

    I like Sharon, but she doesn’t project that rock edge on the show that she has when managing.

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