Report: Sharon Osbourne Leaving 'America's Got Talent'

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August 6th, 2012

Sharon Osbourne claims she is  determined to leave America's Got Talent. At the recent TCA panels NBC president Bob Greenblatt denied rumors that she wanted to leave the show's  judges panel, citing a contract that locked her in for several more seasons. However, Osbourne told the New York Post that she is willing to break her contract and suffer penalties. She claims that she is upset with NBC because the network reneged on a promise to cast her son Jack Osbourne on the upcoming reality series Stars Earn Stripes after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. More details are available from the New York Post and Deadline.


  • Networkman

    Great, Sharon has been on AGT too long. She can now concentrate on The Talk. I liked it better when Brandy was on with Piers. I really do not care for having British judges. So now they can get someone younger to appeal to that demographic. Also more diversity would be good. I would love to see someone like Raven Symone. Not only a television actress, she now has got experience on Broadway as well. With her being in New York she would be the perfect replacement going against Howard Stern. I would watch it just to see what she had to say.

  • Anthony

    Honestly not really that huge of a loss. It’s not as if she is the Simon Cowell of the panel or something (where it might be more difficult to find a similar personality to replace it) but she is the “nice” judge who doesn’t really ever give a straight answer. Those kind of judges are a dime a dozen.

  • iggy.

    NBC should probably stop promising things.

  • Jimmy

    Tyler, are you nuts? He’s the best judge of them all! Brutally honest AND knows what he’s talking about! Hopefully they get rid of Howie “Big Barry” Mandel… ugh what a waste of space. We could have had Turf VS That Other Guy (LOL I forgot his name…) although I’m guessing he’ll be one of the wild cards.

  • cra

    Stars Earn Their Stripes would appear to be a physically demanding show so Jack will have to be insured (he would be insured in any case). Since he has a pre-existing condition that would affect physical stamina I would assume the premiums would be high or he may even be uninsurable. So the network has a person (can’t call him a star) who has health problems auditioning for a show that is going to physically stress him. There is a huge liability risk here for NBC.

  • CP

    That’s one bad judge down. Now if they can get rid of Howie Mandel and his germaphobiness (yes I made it up) we may be onto something.

  • sally

    i dont watch these so called talent shows, has anybody ever made it after winning the contest

  • Pat S.

    What is wrong with her? Her son has a greater chance of getting injured because of his pre-existing condition, does she want to see him hurt? Can someone tell why reality shows are so unreal?

  • RBJ

    I really don’t get why people are so cuckoo for Sharon Osbourne. She is a terrible judge with nothing of value to say. When it’s up to her to break a vote tie, she always says the exact same thing, which is: “I hate being in this position!” Well, if you hate being in that position, you should’ve never taken the job…so leaving AGT might be the best thing for the show. the advice she gives in insipid and inane and sounds as if she’s pulling it out of her butt with no actual thought attached. She told Andrew De Leon to ditch the makeup, even when after his initial audition, every one of the judges agreed that because of his look, his vocal skills took them by surprise which turned out to be his biggest asset. She also told another vocalist who sang a little off key that they should repeat to themselves, ‘melody, melody, melody’ as they were singing to keep them on key…hogwash! As a professional musician and singer, that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Doing that will not help you sing on key, it will only distract you. All of this is even more confounding when you consider that Sharon is largely responsible for Ozzy’s solo success and is actually quite a brilliant woman, but her skills on AGT are woeful and she needs to leave because she is terrible!

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