Special Preview of 'Revolution' Airs Tonight (Monday, August 6) on NBC During Coverage of the Olympics

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August 6th, 2012

via press release:

update, here's the preview that ran:



WHEN: Monday, August 6, 2012


WHAT: NBC will air an extended preview (2 minutes and 40 seconds) of the upcoming drama from producers J.J. Abrams, Eric Kripke and director Jon Favreau, tonight during coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. The preview will air during a commercial pod sometime between 10:45-11:15 ET/PT prior to the Women’s Gymnastics Uneven Bars.


About “Revolution”:


What would you do without it all? In this epic adventure from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and “Supernatural’s” Eric Kripke, a family struggles to reunite in an American landscape void of electricity: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology -- computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights -- has mysteriously blacked out forever.


The series stars Billy Burke (“The Twilight Saga) as Miles Matheson, Tracy Spiridakos (“Being Human”) as Charlie Matheson, Graham Rogers (“Memphis Beat”) as Danny Matheson, Anna Lise Phillips (“Animal Kingdom”) as Maggie, Zak Orth (“Romeo + Juliet) as Aaron, JD Pardo (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2”) as Nate, Giancarlo Esposito (“Breaking Bad”) as Captain Tom Neville, David Lyons (“The Cape”) as Bass, Maria Howell (“The Blind Side”) as Grace, Daniella Alonso (“Friday Night Lights”) as Nora, Tim Guinee (“Iron Man”) as Ben Matheson and Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) as Rachel Matheson. Kripke, Abrams and Bryan Burk (“Lost,” “Star Trek”) serve as executive producers, and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2”) serves as co-executive producer. “Revolution” is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was directed by Favreau.




  • Paul

    @joel, Revolution looks better than Terra Nova did. For one, Eric Kripke is a great writer. Bannon Braga is not a good writer.

  • Petar

    @Hattie C

    Agree. I guess they want 30+ million people to watch this preciew that is the point i think. But if you watch the trailer you are ok. Again this show is like movie blockbuster hit. The question is not for pilot, but for after that week to week episodes. Will the story be fun enough, will the action-adventure be good, etc.

    first critic/writer review for revolution:

    The series focuses on a father (who may know more than he lets on about the cause of the worldwide blackout) and his children, trying to survive in new world. His daughter Charlie longs for more and winds up getting it when events send her on a dangerous mission to Chicago, searching for her mysterious uncle. It’s a pretty fun ride and with hints of “The Hunger Games” to it (strong, young female lead), it could prove successful for the network.

  • Petar


    Well will be stuped to talk about that and make comparison without even watch at least pilot of Revolution, but think Revolution will be less sci fi much more action-adventure type of drama. Close to lost i guess. That offcourse is my feeling. We will see. But for this who think about Tera nova and walking dead etc think they are wrong. Don’t think that we will see dinosaurs, zombies etc.

  • Jason2456


    “Revolution looks better than Terra Nova did. For one, Eric Kripke is a great writer. Bannon Braga is not a good writer.”

    Kripke is good, Abrams is a hype machine. Everything he does looks good on the surface but then ends up being rubbish. Except Fringe that is. That looked like rubbish and was/is rubbish through and through.

    Revolution sounded like fun until I saw the trailer. Then it just looked silly. Too many teenagers/children as well. Will probably be like Falling Skies – laughable OTT melodrama.

  • Paul

    @Jason2456, with Kripke the show might be good though. Sort of like Damon Lindelof on Lost. With Abrams it depends on the showrunner.

  • Jason50

    I saw seven new pilots at Comic Con: Revolution, Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, The Following, 666 Park Ave, Elementary, and Cult. IMO Revolution and The Following were the two best.

  • Oliver

    It’s not really a “special preview”, is it? It’s an extended promo replacing commercials. It’s interesting that NBC aren’t showing it at peak time and taking the big hit on commercial revenue. That said, the fact they’re willing to take the hit at all is quite impressive.

    I think it’s impossible to judge whether Revolution will be good based on the pilot. It’s possible to create a good show based around the concept, which lends itself to interesting stories, but the big question is whether the writers deliver interesting stories and characters. More action, less mythology please.

    I’m not worried about the special effects budget. The concept seems to lend itself well to reasonable budgets and minimal special effects, since bows and swords are considerably cheaper than dinosaurs or masses of zombies. It’s hard to imagine a version of Revolution where you couldn’t write a compelling bottle episode.

  • glover

    Why the “extended” preview is shorter than the trailer available two months ago on the NBC’s Youtube account? The only difference I saw was the change of the Ringer actress for the Lost one. I was expecting something new. Damn.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    I embedded the video of the preview that ran into the post

  • Paul

    @glover, yeah but to many people who are watching the Olympics it might be new. A lot of people on Twitter are complaining that it looks like The Hunger Games. But, people were doing the same with Once Upon a Time and Fables and now its a majoe hit and people think thats a great show. Also, Twitter users go wild for Community and yet that show is low rated.

  • a p garcia

    A good premice and I think it will be a “HIT”. The producers apparently consulted no one in the scientific community b/c even an EMP (ElectroMagnetic pulse)will leave some things alone. An EMP is when unwanted electricity is induced burning up curcuit boards or anything that has wires. It won’t affect a true simple diesel engine and may even leave a simple gas engine alone. Military computers are designed with this in mind, so expect them to be unafected

  • joel

    The only good thing going for it is they got Giancarlo.

  • Paul

    @a p garcia, it’s apparently not an EMP and Eric Kripke said he did contact someone in the scientific community who said that whatever Kripke told him happens could happen in real life. So its probably not an EMP attack. It might be something a little bit more logical. The pilot explained that the physics screwed up. When that is mentioned in the pilot, it makes batteries going out more believable.

  • Jesse

    Even after 15 years, there would be tons of firearms available. it looks like everyone is running around with swords or bows and arrows.

  • Paul

    @Jesse, they do have firearms. But, the new militia that is run by Giancarlo Esposito bans guns for the citzenry.

  • JD

    Ammunition would probably be running pretty low after 15 years.

  • City Kitty

    When you run out of ammo you go to arrows, knives and swords.

    Good luck with this, NBC. If the series gets split in two, like V did, then this will not survive. It better have a good kick to it, like Fallen Skies, or it will go away in a very short time.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Premise still makes as little sense as it did when the show was first announced.

    Prediction: Dead after one season.

  • thesnowleopard

    Revolution looks big, dumb and expensive. The main premise is stupid; it’s been the feature of some of the lousier Star Trek and Stargate episodes. The more I see of the show in previews, the dumber it looks. And no, we wouldn’t run out of guns or ammunition in 15 years. This country has hundreds of millions of guns and billions of bullets. Come on.

    It’s possible that viewers won’t care once the show gets started because they’ll like certain characters or actors and the weekly plot. But none of the actors or characters stands out in the teaser (Two guys who saw the pilot at Comic-Con said in their video review that the casting director should be fired and never allowed to work in Hollywood again) and what *is* the weekly plot?

    Grimm has the fairy tales, as does Once Upon a Time. Even a heavily serialised show like “Revenge” started off with a weekly procedural plot of “Amanda gets revenge on a new dirtbag who done her and her daddy wrong.” Will there be a procedural aspect? Will it just be a true serial? If so, how is that going to work when Abrams and Kripke are both notorious for being really lousy at serial plotting over more than a half-season?

    So, yeah, on the face of it, I think it may well end up being like Terra Nova (big budget; pea-brained plotting) and suffer the same fate.

  • Linda

    Watched the preview. Ho-Hum. Nothing there.

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