CNN Hits 20-Year Weekly Low in Primetime

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The XXX  Olympics have not been good news for CNN. According to Nielsen data, the week of July 30, the channel garnered its lowest primetime ratings among adults 25-54 (96,000) and total viewers (318,000) in twenty years.

CNN’s Ten Lowest Rated Weeks

P2+ P25-54
WEEK Live+SD AA(000) Live+SD AA(000)
WEEK1087-07/30/2012 318 WEEK1087-07/30/2012 96
WEEK1077-05/21/2012 344 WEEK450-05/15/2000 98
WEEK1003-12/20/2010 379 WEEK1077-05/21/2012 102
WEEK451-05/22/2000 380 WEEK448-05/01/2000 103
WEEK1080-06/11/2012 382 WEEK1004-12/27/2010 103
WEEK1076-05/14/2012 385 WEEK1076-05/14/2012 104
WEEK449-05/08/2000 396 WEEK449-05/08/2000 105
WEEK1083-07/02/2012 396 WEEK1003-12/20/2010 105
WEEK457-07/03/2000 400 WEEK1083-07/02/2012 107
WEEK125-02/21/1994 407 WEEK451-05/22/2000 109


Looking at individual programs, Piers Morgan Tonight scored a series low of 349,00 total viewers and 81,000 adults 25-54, while the 10PM telecast of Anderson Cooper 360 earned CNN’s lowest ratings in the time period in 20 years.

Network Period Program Time (000s) (000s)
CNN 07/30/12-08/05/12 AC 360 (M-Th)/COOPER SPCL (Fri) 08:00P -09:00P 349 81
CNN 07/30/12-08/05/12 PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT 09:00P -10:00P 314 81
CNN 07/30/12-08/05/12 AC 360 (M-Th)/COOPER SPCL (Fri) 10:00P -11:00P 259 97
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