'Dallas' Finale Garners 4.3 Million Total Viewers; Ratings Rise In All Key Demos

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August 9th, 2012

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TNT's Dallas Ends First Season with 4.3 Million Viewers

TNT’s Dallas closed out its first season with 4.3 million viewers in Live + Same Day delivery last night, up 32% over last week's episode. The show also scored significant growth over last week among key demos, with adults 18-49 up 58% to 1.6 million and adults 25-54 up 49% to 1.9 million.

Dallas is cable’s #1 new drama with adults 18-49 and adults 25-54 for the year-to-date. It also ranks right behind TNT's Perception among cable's top new series of the year-to-date among total viewers. Dallas joins The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles and Perception in giving TNT basic cable's Top 4 most-watched scripted series this summer. TNT also claims four of the summer's Top 5 dramas on basic cable among adults 25-54, with Dallas coming in third.

For its first season, Dallas averaged 4.5 million viewers in Live + Same Day delivery, with 1.4 million adults 18-49 and 1.8 million adults 25-54. Time-shifted viewing has lifted the series average to 6.4 million viewers, 2.2 million adults 18-49 and 2.7 mil lion adults 25-54 in Live + 7 through the first six episodes.

Last night during TNT's presentation of the Dallas season finale, the network announced that the drama's second season is scheduled to begin January: http://tntnewsroom.com/dallas-season-2-premieres-in-january/

  • zach

    @ jek I think Rizzoli and Isles is two but anyone correct me if I have that wrong.

  • Tony


    In terms of viewership…
    1. The Closer
    2. Rizolli and Isles
    3. Perception
    4. Dallas

    and Falling Skies is #1 in the demo, not sure what number 2 is but its probably The Closer

  • SAC

    I think in the demo 1 is Falling Skies and 2 is Rizzoli and Isles.

  • Michael

    PHENOMENAL FINALE! This show knows how to shock viewers in a good way! I knew sooner or later, “Rebecca” was going to have an awesome storyline and it delivered!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Why I still don’t view the new Dallas as terribly exciting, I must admit I didn’t see the Rebecca reveal coming. Clearly she had some crap in her background, but that was a surprise. Now that we know, maybe she’ll become more interesting – because up to now she hasn’t been.

    The show is still wacky. One minute Christopher is marrying Rebecca, the next he hates her, the next she’s pregnant and Elena is marrying John Ross so Christopher is back with Rebecca, the next she lies and he’s marrying Elena, who’s PO’d at John Ross for the same thing! Even the original wasn’t that wacky… These people change partners like I change my underwear – maybe more so… :-)

    I did like the way Ann Ewing managed to mess up her ex-husband’s blackmail scheme. She’s probably my favorite character on the show (next to J.R., of course!) She doesn’t seem to be an idiot like the rest of them, besides being beautiful. :-)

  • shelly

    Note to daytime execs: drama with good writing and good acting WILL snag and keep the viewers. No, not huge overwhelming numbers, but certainly better than some of the crap that has replaced the soaps (Revolution anyone??? Bahahaha). Dallas’ lesson to the suits: never underestimate the power of a loyal following.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Shame on those of you who gave most pieces of the cliffhanger away. Although I did watch it last night, a lot of folks couldn’t or didn’t.

    Great finale. You knew the main guest star hadn’t yet appeared just minutes before the show was to end. It was not another “Sherlock Holmes” whodunit like “Who Shot J.R.” but it’s a decent cliffhanger.

    I guess folks who hadn’t watched the show at all until the end, or missed some episodes were the passive Dallas viewers. The new season should come roaring out of the jungle in January with big numbers. As far as I’m concerned, “Dallas 2.0″ or whatever you want to call it, was true to the original. In fact we learned more about the characters and situations from the past that were not revealed at the time.

  • Bill Sheridan

    This show is just a mindless escape from the day-to-day. That said, the actors are VERY good. The old cast still has it; the young cast gets it, and they do a great job. I’m 52, and never really watched the original show too much, but did watch the finale with Joel Grey and thought it was amazing. That’s what connected me to it now. Hard to believe, but true!

  • Alex Morgan #13

    Revenge on ABC and Dallas’ success so far on TNT will do a lot to help out the soap genre get back on its feet. I think this will not only make TNT more confident but other networks more confident to start getting back in the nighttime soap business.

    Dallas might just be one of the strongest shows on television as its done really well against the Olympics. All that panic a couple of weeks ago was for nothing.

    Nobody does a season finale cliffhanger better than Dallas. I think Dallas will return this winter huge but TNT should get another soap in development for next summer.

  • joey

    I am a Dallas fan too but honestly I do not want to make way too much of this since it was one time and the finales always seem to do better. It has been doing .8’s in the demo so I am very happy but do not want to sound like it will crush the competition in the winter. It will be up against alot more competitive competition in the winter from the networks then it would have if TNT kept it in the summer. Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled it did good I am aa huge fan but I think it is premature to say that this is the demo it will always receive and do great in the winter I think that we should wait and see how it goes but relaize it is not dead like others made it out to be.

  • Annonimous

    Best summer show easily, didn’t see it coming.

  • Liam

    I really hope that Dallas can keep up these ratings when the show airs in January against network tv and that the show doesnt suffer from a second season slupm like Desperare Housewives. (Im not bashing DH in any way, but the creator even said that about DHs 2ed season).

    And btw, the finale was amazing. I was really happy with the ending. Nice neat cliffhanger and I cant wait to see where the series goes from here.

  • Patrick G.

    I enjoyed “DALLAS” this summer. It was fun fluff for an otherwise dead TV season (“Falling Skies” notwithstanding). I question seriously, however, whether “DALLAS” has enough power to run during the regular season in January for Season 2. I think TNT may be overly optimistic here. Leave it for summers so we have SOMETHING fun to watch ;)

  • MBmomof3

    Loved it. Look forward to January.

  • Irene

    All I can say is thank God a network did not do the remake. They are screwing up a lot of remakes. It is a shame cable did not get the rights to V. They could have incorporated actors from original just like Dallas did. ABC always has its own agenda and it is not fans first.

    Go Dallas.

  • Patrick G.

    See! I’m not the ONLY fan still lamenting the loss of ABC’s “V” remake, over a year later. Thanks, Irene ;)

    For the record, Warner Brothers owns both “V” and TNT, and they could have easily done the “V” remake instead of ABC, but TNT went with “Falling Skies” instead when ABC expressed interest in the “V” revival. Pity. TNT would have been a good place for “V.” Write them and say so!

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