Wednesday Final Ratings:'Big Brother' Adjusted Up Plus Final Olympics Ratings

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August 9th, 2012


Big Brother was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings. The final numbers for night five of the XXX Summer Olympics are also available below. There will be no final numbers released for NBC's commercial-free preview of Go On which aired immediately following the Olympics.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, August 8, 2012:

Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
NBC XXX Olympics (8-11:06PM) 9.4/27 29.09
CBS Big Brother 1.9/6 5.39
ABC The Middle - R 0.9/3 3.08
FOX So You Think You Can Dance - R (8-10PM) 0.7/2 1.87
CW Supernatural - R 0.4/1 0.88
ABC Suburgatory - R 0.7/2 2.40
ABC Modern Family - R 1.2/3 2.94
CBS Criminal Minds - R 0.9/2 3.85
CW Supernatural - R 0.3/1 0.70
ABC Modern Family - R 1.1/3 2.75
ABC Final Witness 0.8/2 2.81
CBS CSI - R 0.7/2 3.91

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  • Paul

    I agree with Yahoo TV’s Valerie Davids assessment of Go On.
    “Another problem with “Mr. Sunshine” was that the title character started to look like he didn’t believe in his own storyline. Bad writing is tough enough to digest, but when you see the actor has an air of desperation and a look in his eyes that says “Get me out of here,” the show loses any appeal it had. In the pilot episode of “Go On,” there was still a little of that same aura, that feeling that Perry was trying just a little too hard to make the material work.

    This time, however, it seems more like the common awkwardness that we get in a lot of pilot episodes. The ensemble cast gets reduced to simple caricatures in order to quickly sell the series to viewers and try to get them hooked on the storyline. The collection of misfits in “Go On” are played by talented character actors, however, and Perry’s comedic rapport with them produced a promising amount of laughs in the premiere.

    The show also avoids that fatal mistake that ruined ” Mr. Sunshine .” Perry’s character Ryan King remains likable despite his somewhat obnoxious sports guy persona and obvious denial of his own grief. The pilot episode even broke down some of that denial, letting Perry show the more vulnerable side of King as he acknowledges that he might need the therapy group as much as they appear to need him.?

  • Smoke That Sherm-Palladino

    “Go On” pilot: NOT funny, but not bad, either. I’ll stick with the show for Brett Gelman, who is a naturally funny person. I just wonder how many others will stick with it after that nearly laugh-free pilot.

  • Atlanta

    I actually went into Go On expecting to be unimpressed and, boy, was I wrong. It was entirely enjoyable to me and I will be going back. I wish I could see another ep right now. It is a terrific alternative to the silly rom coms on Tuesday nights. At least, these adult actors act like adult actors and not over grown teenagers.

  • Moe

    Holy cow, Supernatural got a .4 and a .3 in repeat ratings??? Wow, nice job!

  • glover

    I was expecting to see final numbers for Go On :(

  • Michael

    Ugh, I’m not looking forward to Big Brother tonight! I love me some Janelle!!

  • jake

    That .4 is proof of how strong Supernatural is going to be in the fall.
    I think it could reach a 1.2 in the premiere and get steady .9 & .8’s.

  • Restless

    Yay Supernatural. :)

    I bet Supernatural’s second episode will be higher than it’s premiere. Because Arrow is starting a week after Supernatural, right? Plus that’s the first time they’ll do the Purgatory flashbacks, which should be exciting.

  • KS


    *Spoiler Alert*

    I’ve heard that flash backs begin right from the first episode. First episode features how Dean escapes from the purgatory, but I am not sure though.

    Yay, me too excited about the flash backs and purgatory. For the first time, this show is exploring a new dimension. I wish purgatory is like a place where physics laws completely differ.

    *Spoiler Alert Ends*

    I am sure Supernatural will hit a 1.0 this season. But if the writers move away from Sam and Dean dynamic this might be the last season I watch.

  • juan

    wow at supernatural, great show I wish they would put the last season on netflix soon, also hope SYTYCD comes back stong love it, and finally I liked Go On, it was heartwarming and with some laughs.

  • david

    Interesting how Super Natural got a .4 and then a .3 in the second episode. It did good again last night. I am pretty sure it will get over a 1.0 for the first two episodes and after that get a .9 or 1.0 for the rest of the season.

  • david

    Oh and Go On was pretty good too. I laughed some during the show. I will check it out when it comes back in a month.

  • Nick

    I’ve watched the first half of Go On and liked it. I still have watch the rest, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching come September 11th.

  • The End


    No its not.

  • Joseph

    1st, I did not see the pilot of ” Go On” , but I think we can most agree the numbers for the preview mean nothing until the show is part of a normal line-up.
    As for the rest of the night ,, the Olympics were down by .5, but still nice numbers compared to previous years (The need to be though given the price tag for the event).
    Big Brother , not a bad night at all, and was nearly even with last week in viewers and demo. Big Brother is still the Hottest Show out there other then the Olympics , and is pulling the highest demo regardless of day or time during this event.

  • Survivor Fan

    I saw somewhere else that Go On got a 5.6 in finals. Where would that information have come from?

  • GetMilk

    Big Brother is going to bomb not that Janelle is gone! The producers must be scrambling to think of a way to bring her back.

  • Sarah

    I’m just praying that the Big Brother ratings go down after tonight’s episode. I, for one, am finished watching now that Janelle has been evicted.

  • JS

    Go On was a a Piece of CRAP! Matthew Perry can’t lead any show. He was the weakest link on Friends– and he’s a one-trick pony. NBC’s talentless writers can’t save it. NBC is the most pathetic network in the history of television. Not to say that Go On won’t survive… But on (N)ot (B)roadcasting (C)orrectly- the worst network ever– all ya need is 1.0 to make it a successful show.

  • Paul

    @JS, wrong. I thought it was quite charming actually and the two leads have chemistry.

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