Discovery Channel Debuts Original Series 'Highway Thru Hell' on September 4th, 2012

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August 10th, 2012

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Mangled Metal and Jangled Nerves –

And the Elite Team of MHghen Who Can Conquer Both.

HIGHWAY THRU HELL Debuts Sept. 4 on Discovery Channel

– Original eight-part Canadian series spotlights the highway heroes on call to help truckers in trouble and keep vital transport highway open –

Toronto, ON (August, 2012) – Steep hills, lethal drop-offs, killer rockslides and wicked weather. These are a trucker’s worst nightmares. But with urgent delivery deadlines and millions of dollars in cargo on the line, the Coquihalla Highway – 100 treacherous kilometres cutting through the heart of British Columbia’s Cascade Mountains – is the only way to get the job done. And when something goes wrong, this highway needs heroes. Premiereing Tuesday, September 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel, HIGHWAY THRU HELL follows the men of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue as they fight to keep open some of the most economically important, most travelled – and most inhospitable – trucking routes in North America. An original eight-part Canadian series, HIGHWAY THRU HELL is produced by Vancouver’s Great Pacific TV.


The white-knuckle HIGHWAY THRU HELL experience extends online, with full episodes, behind-the-scenes web extras and video diaries from some of the Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue crew. Click through an interactive map to launch video stories from cast and crew, POV footage, photos and key facts about the perilous highway. Additional show and episode information, research material and production photos are also featured online. And viewers can join the social conversation through Discovery’s Social Screen with @DiscoveryCanada and @HWYThruHell.


  • JJ

    they cancel Man vs. Wild for this???

  • Hillbilly

    The History channel will sue them. ;) They got the idea from Ice Road Truckers.

  • Kelly

    If you want a Highway thru hell, maybe you should do a documentary just on Hwy 63 to Fort Mcmurray….

  • Tony

    I dont know how you think they stole it from ice road truckers when it’s about a towing company cleaning up wrecks, two different kind of shows

  • paul

    thats right, 2 totally different shows.. they copied this from the show “wrecked”

  • Norm

    I hauled on these highways for two winters. Ice road trucker should be embarrassed to be on TV.
    In comparison to the conditions on these roads. Driving in weather when conditions are alternating from above and below freezing are the most difficult conditions. Furthermore, the amount of precipitation annually in this area greatly exceeds that of areas in which the ice road trucker shows are filmed for the most part. Furthermore, the road to Fort McMurray us dangerous because of stupid drives not treacherous mountains.

  • payden

    hey norm my dad is on this show so shut up and leave the them alone jamie davis is awsome they got my dads truck out of the wreck that was on the hyghway

  • Els

    Hey payden… I think you need to re read Norm’s comment.. He wasn’t saying anything bad about Jamie’s crew.. Think before typing next time!

  • Daughter

    All of you just need to relax they did not copy Wrecked or Ice Road Truckers they were approached by a film director while towing him down the mountain the film director was impressed and interested in filming the wrecks that happen in the mountains lots of truckers go down embankments and loose their loads and someone needs to clean it up if you guys had any clue what lengths tow truck operators go through to help the stranded the very badly hurt or the deceased maybe you would all have a lil more respect for them because you never know one day we could be helping one of you guys so maybe watch the show first before you make comments cause maybe then youd all have a better understanding of how dangerous any road or highway can be :) Cheers!

  • Towmonster1962

    I think that any wrecker operator would be pleased to show his/her talents on any show. I’ve been a wrecker operator for 23 years in Ontario done hundreds of recovery’s on icy roads deep ditches and even a few cliffs , but anything that can show Joe low car driver what WE go though every freaking day they might sat ” thanks for opening the road ” You guys are great. Just 1 thank you really helps every operator out. Great job Mr Davies And CREW

  • Neice of Jamie Davis

    Hey all just thought i’d add comment along with my wonderful cousin above. My uncle Jamie had no intention’s of even starting a show had the film director not come across Jamie in his path. My uncle had no intention’s of copying anyone’s show for any reason. As many, many, many, people aside from myself, family & close friend’s, people would say Jamie’s a great guy, him & his crew really know what they’re doing and if out of all the million’s of comment’s Jamie & the family has gotten the best one has to be bout him and his crew out in Hope. This group of guy’s work like there’s no tomorrow no matter the weather condition, if they have personal function’s, or even on their day’s off they always pop down to see what Jamie’s got going on so for any of you to sit on a keyboard and bash a show as long as the people who for one isn’t even aired and fro two you dont even know is pathetic. Wait for the show to air and for you keyboarder’s to really get the jist of it & the people. The show has alot more beind it beside’s cleaning up “highway: wreck’s..their’s more to just JDMT & his crew than you think there’s famillies behind EVERY OPERATOR and believe it or not their is life after each wreck. So no the show is not any duplicate of any other show because I believe each show has an individual purpose! Dont bash a show or people before you see or get to know them!

    And for all the people at JDMT Keep Truckin’ you’re all doing fantastic job’s!!! Love you all!

  • Mike

    That was one of the worst examples of a run on sentence paired with multiple apostrophes being used for plural words. My brain hurts.

  • troy winter

    well at least it is not that mess called “lizard lick towing” or ” operation repo” I think those shows make us all look like a bunch of goons. j.d.h.d. looks they will wavee our flag high. I think if we were all like those other shows. we would all be tied up in court so long.I don’t anyone would be able to get ahold of a towing service. we need toget together to support this program. we can’t seem to get together to support any thing else. stay safe everyone!


    British Columbia’s “Cascade Mountains” ???

    South of the border these mountains might be called the Cascades, but here in Canada we eschew meaningless monikers and call them the Coastal Range, or coastal mountains.

  • Celtic Revenge

    It’s about time ! This route will but Ice Truckers to shame. I’ve been running this route for 10 years and see an average of 3 or 4 wrecks per trip in winter. Not a route for the inexperienced. The problem is the inexperience driver usually takes out someone with them. No need to glamorize this to make it more appealing if they film what I see each trip. Looking forward to this premiere. Finally my friends and family will see what it’s like. I will let all the guys on the road know about it.

  • brad

    i wonder if they will show a bit of historical stuff like the original crews who towed the canyon like Don Davidson or Bob kelly of the “first” buster`s towing, it looks intresting, i have done heavy duty and regular towing on the sea to sky highway for 27years and i now drive transport [i saw these guys up at kingsvale the day that driver got killed,i don`t think i ever met jamie davis but all reports are he is a nice guy, and he has some nice trucks as far as i have seen, good luck with the show

  • A better tow operator

    I operate tow trucks in B.C. and know the company well. Jamie Davis is a yahoo, and so are the clowns working there. 2nd rate towing and recovery company at best.

  • brad

    a better tow operator ha ha thats sounds funny you sure sound like a real professional arm chair critic

  • Jeff

    I am looking forward to this show .my PVR is set

  • Geoffrey

    This road is only bad due to the bad drivers in the lower mainland. They should have shot this over on the Kootenay pass, Paulsen, and every other route out of Castlegar BC. I haul there and it is way more intense. Chain up 15 times in one day and get 12 hours drive time then your a trucker.

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