Janelle Pierzina Evicted on 'Big Brother'

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August 10th, 2012

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Frank Wins LIVE Head of Household Competition

Last night on BIG BROTHER, the Houseguests voted to evict Janelle Pierzina, the 32-year-old stay-at-home mom from Minneapolis, Minn., by a vote of 8-1. The eviction came as a shock to Janelle, as the majority of the Houseguests promised her safety during the week.


Following the eviction ceremony, the Houseguests competed in a LIVE “Big Brother Battle of the Bands” Head of Household competition where they answered questions related to previous HOH, Veto and Coaches competitions. Frank beat each Houseguest he faced off against, winning the HOH title for the week.

BIG BROTHER is broadcast three nights weekly, Sundays (8:00:30-8:59:30 PM, ET/PT), Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and the LIVE eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT).

BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with more than 52 cameras and 95 microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. At the end, the last remaining Houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.


BIG BROTHER is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment, in association with Endemol U.S.A.


  • Jason

    And good, because it saves me from having to watch the rest of this horrid season.

  • Greg

    I was so disappointed that the majority of the houseguests voted out Janelle. I am sooooooooooo over Booger. He makes me want to hurl. His video message to Janelle was downright creepy and evil. I laughed out loud, though, when Janelle called him a loser, and another choice word, and then finished it off nicely by saying something I cannot write here, and then saying she hoped he loses. I love Janelle. I figured most of the new houseguests would love her, too, and want to work with her. The poor girl has never won BB. Booger has won, and I think Dan has won so WHY would Britney etc want to join forces with Dan and Booger? I also noticed BB brought on 3 or 4 new houseguests that simply don’t have a backbone, and I believe the producers did this on purpose because they knew Dan and Booger would be running this show. The producers of BB are sometimes as evil as Booger. Its not the kind of tv I want to see. I want to see a reality show that tends to go more “my way” versus the way of the contestants who are pathetic low life evil losers. Ya know? Anyway, I’ll still keep watching BB even though it makes me sick how Booger has this power of persuasion over people. I mean, all they have to do is look back at his track record to know he’s a vile manipulative player and he should be the first to go. Go figure. I’ll never understand why Britney etc sided with him. They will be thrown under the bus eventually and Booger will go to the end. Sigh.

  • Ricky

    Buh-bye Janelle, you b**ch! And don’t let the door hit you on your plastic-surgery-enlarged ass on the way out! :D

    I’m just disappointed that Frank’s HOH again. Nothing against him, just that he’d never put up Evil Troll-Boogie and I wanted to see him evicted next week.

  • Greg

    Janelle was a class act and was not a b**ch at all. Britney stabbed her in the back, as did Dan. I’m really disappointed in these people, esp Britney. She and Janelle should have teamed up which would have been smarter as they had equal numbers as Dan and Boogie, but had Britney and Janelle really teamed up they could have gotten Dan on their side to get Frank and Booger out quickly. This show and its weak minded contestants never ceases to amaze me. All it takes is one person with a backbone who knows how to work their power of persuasion to get these people to do their bidding. I am sick of seeing Booger on my screen. I wanted to see Janelle go to the end and win. Would have been nice. I do like Frank, but I can’t stand Booger. I like Ian, but hes with Boogie too. Sigh. So this tells me Booger aint going anywhere anytime soon. Another sigh.

  • Greg

    PS While I love Janelle, she just didn’t “bring it” this season. She was clueless that everyone pretty much wanted her out. Sure, she is a threat in challenges but look at Boogie and Dan, they are master manipulators. Who would you rather want to play with you in this game…master manipulators who make it all the way to the end, or someone who plays hard and wins challenges? Wil turned against his coach, Janelle, and I don’t understand why…she saved his sorry arse! Weird people, I swear. WEIRD!

  • Joe

    She went out with such class :( Now I have to watch the rest of the losers for the rest of the summer.

  • Roy

    I’m disappointed that Jani is evicted. I saw the episode during work this morning, so I missed the actual voting process and goodbye messages of the other HGs. So I will watch it again tomorrow. But even though Jani can come across fake, I prefer her style of playing the BB game over Boogie’s. He’s just an arrogant “loser” in my opinion. And I hated he was brought back by the Allison and the other producers.
    And I also agree some of the HGs should grow a f*ing backbone, like Ashley, Jenn and Britney. They have thoughts of their own sometimes, but are so easily persuaded by people like Dan and Boogie. Which frustates me when watching.
    I hope Britney, Shane, Ashley, Ian, Danielle wake up from the Boogie dream and quit playing his game, and evict Boogie and Frank. The followed by Jenn and Joe, who are both worthless. And who will never really be and were actal
    contenders for the BB-crown. But I think it will be a long summer with these remaining HGs and the winner will be undeserving in the end.

  • laurie

    The biggest joke was that Frank was all set to be evicted last Thursday, when suddenly and for no valid reason, the producers decided that no vote would take place. So now we’re still stuck with Bozo and his creepy coach.

    Seems like every season now, Grodner and her gang pick a favorite and manipulate the “game” whenever that fave would otherwise be evicted.

  • Melanie

    Mad but not surprised Janelle is gone. She didn’t seem to have alot of spunk like past seasons, but she is still my all time favorite player though. Don’t understand why some turned on her, like Britney, Ashley and Wil, when I thought she was working with them. The rest need to get a backbone and don’t fall under Boogie’s influence, because I got the feeling that he and Frank will manipulate and back stab everyone else so they will be the final two.

  • Mary Lou

    When Janelle left, so did my interest in Big Brother. When did Dan become so stupid as to fall for Boogie’s schemes? I can’t stand listening to Frank. “Apreesh”, he claims is his trademark, am I wrong or didn’t Jeff used to say that? And then there’s Brittany, just as mean spirited and back stabbing as ever. Danielle is so annoying, she really needs to get over herself. With the exception of Joe, the rest are spineless jellyfish. They remind me of catty high school girls. Basically we are left with no one to root for. Thanks Big Brother.

  • Jason Paul

    Now that Janelle’s gone. I think I’m done watching this season. I’m always a huge fan of this show, but this has to be the worst season ever! Bye BB14.

  • Angel

    A question I have, is why did the houseguests let Frank have HOH? They let him sit there until the very end before choosing him to compete. The way Britney answered the question against him was the opposite of how she answered all of the others. She couldn’t have taken longer to answer that one.

    Has Frank’s daddy paid CBS to let him play longer? LOL

  • Ricky

    Jeez, Janelle fans are everywhere! :(

    Here’s my take on the vets:

    -Janelle: Never liked her, ever. I supported the Friendship alliance back during BB6, because she and everyone else in the Sovereign Six (except Kaysar), I found totally unlikable, for obvious reasons. Obviously, I’m glad she’s gone. And, given how much of a threat she is in challenges (she probably would have won HOH this week had she not been evicted, and then it would have become increasingly difficult to get rid of her afterwards), they had a perfect opportunity to evict her and they sure didn’t waste it! :D
    -Dan: One of my all-time faves. I don’t get why people like to designate him as a villain. But he is being stupid to ally with Evil Troll-Face Boogie.
    -Britney: Nicer than Janelle (mean-spirited and back-stabbing? Really?!), smarter than Jordan, another old favorite of mine. If any of the coaches should win, I hope it’s her.
    -Boogie: Ugh. Just…ugh. If they wanted to set up a potential Chilltown 2.0 they should have brought back the less disgusting Dr. Will instead. At least Boogie isn’t too good at challenges. Especially physical ones.

    And the (remaining) newbies:

    -Wil: Ehh, he’ll probably coast along for a while. Maybe win HOH one of these weeks, and go after Frank and Boogie (if they’re still around by then).
    -Joe: Annoying from the word “go.” I’m shocked they haven’t been trying to get him out faster.
    -Ashley: I don’t like brainless beauties unless they have sweet personalities to balance it out (like Jordan). Ashley doesn’t have much of any personality, really, unless you count “dream-vapor hippie chick.” Unless it somehow turns out she’s smarter than she claims to be…
    -Danielle: No way she’s that dumb in real life. Not if she’s a nurse. That said, she won the season’s one endurance challenge so far. That has to count for something. Perhaps, if and when her housemates eventually turn on her, they’ll play the “physical threat” card, using that one challenge as evidence.
    -Shane: Another physical threat, likable enough to win…he’ll probably be one of Frank’s first targets.
    -Frank: I’m in two minds about him. He’s a friendly guy, good at challenges…and yet, he’s Boogie’s biggest ally. How sad. I really don’t get what Boogie sees in him. Not general douchebaggery, that’s for sure.
    -Jenn: Unusual but nice girl + floater = failure at BB. Every time.
    -Ian: This guy is my favorite. We nerds have to stick together! :) But seriously, I see a lot of myself in him. And strangely, not in a bad way for once. Usually if I see something of myself in a reality contestant, it’s the worst parts of me (which is why John Cochran on Survivor is one of my least-favorite players of that game ever.) But if I were ever on BB, then I’d probably end up being like Ian 2.0 – an awkward, sorta-hyper-nerd, with a few shades of dry, dark snark added for good measure. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Dr. Will on anything, but then there’s a first time for everything.

  • deLorca

    It was pretty obvious from the start that the BB producers intended to make the returning-player ‘coaches’ into players at some point of the game. If any coaches were evicted, they probably planned to hold them in seclusion until they were needed. There simply weren’t enough ‘regular’ playrs to pad out the whole season. When one houseguest was kicked out for breaking BB rules, the producer’s hands were forced (perharps earlier then they would have liked) to make the coaches turn players. Yes, they held an “America Votes” election to decide the issue but it was a pretty easy guess which way that vote would go.
    If the new players are succombing to Boogie’s manipulations, though, it was in no way a sure thing that the network could have counted on. Many a ‘weak-looking’ player has snapped or transformed under the house’s pressure & anyone could have (and still might) hand Boogie his head.
    But, oh! Janelle! I will miss her so much! A great competitor and such a gorgeous gal! If she just sat by the pool for the whole season, I wouldn’t have minded it one little bit. Me, I’m rooting for the ‘boy genius’ now: he’s hilarious and I’m hoping a smart player, too.

  • dreama


  • Melanie

    @Ricky, I would just say I am a little disappointed in Britney. It seemed that she and Janelle would work together and they were all on board to get Frank out a week earlier and that none of them hardly wanted anything to do with Boogie, now they all seem to be kissing his arse! I loved Jordan and thought she was a sweetheart. Remember last season when she called Shelly out for turning against Jeff? I thought that was so cool to see Jordan get fired up like that! I kinda feel they are making Danielle out to be the new Jordan this season with the “southern belle sweetheart” stuff, but Danielle doesn’t seem to think on her own at this point. It appears to be whatever Shane and Dan wants her to do. You summed up the other houseguests pretty well though, but Janelle is still my girl, lol. I do like Joe also, maybe he will be the only one left with a backbone.

  • Jeffery

    I’m finished watching this season now that Janelle is gone. I’ve never seen such a group of idiots and cowards. Half of the cast have NEVER seen Big Brother before, and all are afraid of making big moves. No, getting Janelle out wasn’t a big move – it was a stupid move. Her former allies (Wil, Ashley, Britney) who voted against her are already realizing what a dumb move it was because she would have never went after them.

    Even though I’m done watching this season, I still hope and pray that Boogie and Frank don’t make it to the end. Can’t stand them.

    Here’s hoping season 15 will be all strangers and NO former players!

  • Ricky

    @Melanie: I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually did go after Boogie, especially the ladies – ’cause didn’t Britney or somebody else say that Boogie had a problem with women? I would hope that they stick with the “Quack Pack” alliance (Shane, Danielle, Britney, Dan, and Ian), and pick off Boogie and Frank (in that order) before reaching that final five. Even better, put up Jenn, Joe, or Will (whoever’s still around) and then take one of them off and put up Boogie in their place. (Risky, but as with Janelle, it could work.)

    @Jeffery: I would hope so. I mean, look at Survivor. After two seasons in a row, they finally brought on an all-new cast – even if that new cast turned out to be some of the biggest lemmings in reality-TV history.

  • christy lee

    i love BB14, There not playing around, get out the strong and fed on the weak i LOVE it.

  • Kimmy B.

    I won’t watch anymomore without Janelle either. Bye bye BB14,thank the obvious anti-Janelle and pro-Mike/Frank bias of the show’s producers of the hemorrhage of fans. I refuse to hang around and watch those 2 decimate everyone else one by one, glating and cakling and high-fiving in confessionals like the immature jocks they are. Those who betrayed Janelle will feel sorry they did, and the smartest ones already regret it.

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