Updated: Friday Nielsen Fast National Ratings Delayed

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August 11th, 2012

Update: Friday Nielsen preliminary Fast National ratings will not be available today due to processing issues. Data from Friday is expected to be released Sunday morning,

Friday Nielsen preliminary Fast National ratings are delayed indefinitely.  The good news is you already know that the Olympics dominated a night otherwise filled with broadcast network repeats.

Sure, I know there are 57 of you (29 lovers and 28 bashers) who can't stand having to wait to see how repeats of Nikita did. But due to local market preemptions you were likely going to have to wait until Monday to see Friday's final numbers to know how it really did anyway!

We'll post the numbers when we can.

  • Willians

    I’m one of the lovers…

  • david

    I am a fan of Nikita. I watched it last night. I do know there was alot of premtions thow because of preseason football. For example in my arket the local ABC station had the Cardinals game and showed the repeats later.

  • Nick

    I’m surprised ABC pre-empted a new 20/20 for football. Repeats I could see.

    Wait a sec. There’s football on Fridays? I thought it was Thu, Sat, Sun, + Mon.

  • Anon

    @Nick: 20/20 was a repeat last night.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Nick ABC didn’t, local affiliates are another story. During preseason there are Friday games.

  • One

    I feel myself compelled to needlessly ask whether or not 57 is an accurate count of the people who actually care about Nikita repeat ratings?…

  • Dennis


    I’d say 7 or 8 would be more apt

  • One @ Dennis

    Indeed. Lol.

  • Tom

    Do they repeat Nikita in Europe? I understand that’s where most of the show’s audience lives.

  • Colin

    Nikita did a 0.2 prob. Next week it’ll back at 0.3 :)

  • Nick

    @ Anon & Robert


  • Tj

    Jojo that wasn’t harsh how or what Robert said, but you probably just got yourself banned from this site.

  • thesnowleopard

    Byebye, Jojo. It’s been real! Have a happy troll life elsewhere!

    I am curious to see how Nikita compares with the other shows this week. But if it’s got preemptions, the final number could be low.

  • Tj

    Common Law’s season finale was the best episode yet. I really hope USA gives them a 2nd season on a better night

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