Guess The Ratings: 'Grimm' Season 2 Premiere

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August 13th, 2012

Update: Grimm averaged a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating, just shy of its high set in its season one debut.

Grimm returns for its second season tonight and a special Monday late-summer run.  On the heels of the Summer Olympics (and its lead-in, Stars Earn Stripes) how will it do?  Grimm drew a series high 2.1 live+SD adults 18-49 rating in its first season premiere on Friday, October 28 last year. It also snared its series high in viewers (6.56 million) in its season 1 premiere. Feel free to explain your prediction in the comments!

  • J.G.

    Grimm will probably be a 1.7

  • SJ

    I’ll go with 1.5-1.7. This is NBC, after all.

  • EatMorePez

    @DeeAgeaux and @Mike

    What are you guys talking about? NBC ran at least one promo for Grimm every single night during the Olympics and have been running online ads on many TV related sites, including this one, for the last 2 weeks. (Of course none of this guarantees people will tune in tonight.) But if that doesn’t meet your definition of enough advertising, then what does?

  • Paul

    I agree with @EatMorePrez, the promotion for Grimm has been huge.

  • Networkman

    I am going to say Grimm will see a new high. Stars Earn Stripes may see 2.4 with Grimm seeing 2.2. I don’t think NBC can ask for better than that. Maybe DVD sales of season 1 sparked some curiousity for this show. I can see 7 million viewers tuning in. It is still a very niche type of show. Also it is going up against a preseason football game. And then when it goes back to Friday it will settle back down into 1.5-1.8 range. That should be acceptable following Community.

    Stars Earn Stripes 8.5 million viewers 2.4 demo
    Grimm 7 million 2.2

  • Paul

    Correction @EatMorePez

  • tv#1

    I really can’t see it getting above a 2.0. It just doesn’t seem possible even with the Olympics promotion. My guess is a 1.8 or 1.9.

  • Ultima

    I don’t think NBC has done a good enough job advertising that GRIMM is coming back early. Many people will think new shows are not coming back till late September.

    NBC didn’t do enough advertising that GRIMM will be back. I heard from a friend of facebook last night after midnight and I’m always watching TV!

    While you two obviously didn’t watch the Olympics on NBC, an average of 30 million people watched in primetime every night and all of those people are aware that Grimm is returning the Monday after the Olympics, because there was a promotion for it practically every other full commercial break.

  • Ultima

    I’m just wondering, will NBC make Monday a permement spot for Grimm if the ratings are good enough?

    Revolution would also have to be a catastrophic failure for that to happen.

  • Paul

    I think @Alex was right last year when he said that NBC can still launch shows. For example, The Voice shocked everyone by doing well. The Event premiered well. As did Grimm. The trouble is Grimms early episodes and all of the Events episodes werent good.

  • DougF

    Grimm’s series premiere got a 2.1. Season finale got a 1.6. It will be something in the middle

  • silvit


    The Closer finale is at 9, while Grimm is at 10. They won’t be competing against each other. Also, I doubt they share much of an audience. If I remember correctly, Grimm skew young and male, which is the complete opposite of The Closer (don’t know its male/female ratio, but it most probably will be very female oriented).

    I think the NFL game will have more of an impact on it than any other variable.

  • Dennis

    I hope it does well because I really don’t want season 2 to be Grimm’s last.

    I’ll be happy with a 2.0. because once it goes back to Fridays, it can get renewed hitting 1.3’s regularly

  • John A

    Yeah Grimm promoted everywhere how can people use that excuse?

  • Jared

    Although I dont watch GRIMM..I hope it does premiere well.

  • Dennis


    AH look at that!! Somebody who doesn’t watch a show who doesn’t want it to fail!!

    Well done.

  • Oliver

    I don’t really care about Grimm. I have no ill-will against it, but I’m struggling to imagine a less appealing scripted show than a high-concept procedural about fairy tales.

    That said, NBC really seem to be pushing it hard. I’m beginning to think Greenblatt really wants to make Friday night scripted programming happen. Perhaps he’s not simply pushing Community/Whitney into a death-slot after-all.

    I think NBC are using Grimm as a case study for future early post-Olympic premieres. Grimm is a hit for Friday(tm), so it shouldn’t matter too much if NBC screw it up.

    I hope Stars Earn Stripes bombs hard simply because I think it’s a horrible concept for a show. I wonder if its existence is a deliberate plot by NBC to remove any ‘liberal’ stigma by creating some very-right-wing programming (so we get Stars Earn Stripes with Todd Palin and Revolution’s 2nd amendment plot-line).

  • Dennis

    I actually think Grimm will rate better next week with AGT as a lead in.

  • s0303

    i disagree with a lot of people on here…i thought nbc did a good job of promoting grimm coming back early…i must have seen at least 25 commercials promoting it…however, i think stars earn stripes will tank and will hurt grimm a bit…i’m guessing around a 1.8 for grimm…

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I certainly didn’t know it was on tonight. However, I’m atypical since I don’t watch regular TV with commercials, I just download. So aside from entertainment news in my RSS feed, I wouldn’t have heard about it except fot TVBTN. But I find it interesting that there apparently has been no entertainment news about the show’s return.

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