Guess The Ratings: 'Grimm' Season 2 Premiere

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August 13th, 2012

Update: Grimm averaged a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating, just shy of its high set in its season one debut.

Grimm returns for its second season tonight and a special Monday late-summer run.  On the heels of the Summer Olympics (and its lead-in, Stars Earn Stripes) how will it do?  Grimm drew a series high 2.1 live+SD adults 18-49 rating in its first season premiere on Friday, October 28 last year. It also snared its series high in viewers (6.56 million) in its season 1 premiere. Feel free to explain your prediction in the comments!

  • AniMatsuri

    No entertainment news but there seemed to be a lot of online ads about Grimm’s return.

  • Hadesa

    Stars Earn Stripes-1.3

  • Julie

    Grimm 2.2
    Stars Earn Stripes 1.7 first hour, 1.1 second hour (especially since Fox has Gordon Ramsay stuff 8pm-10pm).

    Probably being overly optimistic abt Grimm, since I think Stars Earn Stripes will hurt more than help it (even though I will be DVR-ing Stars just to see if it’s as awful as I think it will be.)

    But I’ll be glued to Grimm – not that my watching it in Canada will count!

  • Lamdog

    Going up against the WWE and Monday Night Football. NBC is attempting to kill this show.

  • Oliver

    Grimm’s lead-in last season was Chuck and Who Do You Think You Are?, and I can’t imagine Stars Earn Stripes being significantly worse than either. The show is effectively a self-starter.

    It’s also worth pointing out NBC are repeating the Monday originals of Grimm on Friday in its usual timeslot. They’ve just temporarily given it a second, much better, timeslot for its early premeire.

  • rob60990

    It went against the final game of the world series for the premiere and that episode is still its highest rated.

  • Julie


    Football, yeah maybe. But I can’t really see an impact from WWE – not exactly the same demo.
    Although what do I know!

  • Dennis

    I actually think Fridays repeat of the premiere will rate high aswell….possible around the same as the season 1 finale.

  • Rebecca

    I guessed in the middle range. Saw it promoted during the Olympics coverage, especially during last night’s closing ceremony. And some people caught up on the first season over the summer so they might be ready to tune in for season 2.

  • GG

    I think it will do well but the real frustration is when it returns to its regular night. Will people know about this confusion? I dont know why NBC decided to do something like this.

  • boyer

    i didnt know it was coming back for the new season until sunday night. it is a great show maybe the best nbc has. it will be difficult because tnt is going to take some of the audience with the closer. but i hope it does well and it will be around for a long time.

  • Austin

    Grimm will not move to Mondays. Monday is the Revolution though it will definitely get a new series high tonight.

  • Nick

    Grimm- 2.0
    Stars Earn Stripes- 1.7
    Hotel Hell- 2.7

    FOX is going to crush the competition tonight.

  • Ram510

    I think it will do decent enough or at least not very high. Not sure about a new high though, this is still NBC and they’ve had difficulties with getting their dramas above a 2.0. And I still know some people that didn’t even k ow it was coming back today, however it may aim some new viewers due to the advertising during the Olympics. Plus it has Stars and Stripes as a lead in although I doubt there’s much over lap still can’t help much.

    2.2-1.7 is my guess

  • Ram510

    However it could be a situation where Grimm does better in its second week over the season 2 premiere once more buzz is created

  • Potato

    @Lamdog– by premiering it the day after the olympics and keeping it on mondays for weeks?

  • Jase


    I only watched the Olympics during the day (and not that often), so I don’t recall seeing any ads for Grimm. That said, I’m going for the middle with my guess (hoping that I’m wrong and it’s higher however).

    Hate i have to work and miss out on watching both this and Teen Wolf.

  • Ricky

    Series high, I hope! Although I still don’t know – should I watch Grimm live, or wait till tomorrow morning and do Alphas live instead? Choices, choices…


  • FatSacOfDoomBeanFlicker

    Not sure what the point of the premiere is now after the Olympics are over, but I hope it does well. I give it a ~2.0.

  • matt

    Its a pre-season game, people tune out 2nd Q, that’s not a big deal. and WWE? If it was 2000, maybe

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