‘Hell On Wheels’ Second Season Premieres Down

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August 13th, 2012


Hell On Wheels second season premiered to 2.5 million viewers and 793,000 adults 18-49 (a 0.6 rating), down significantly from last November’s first season premiere which drew 4.3 million and a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.  Of course, the season one premiere had the benefit of a huge lead-in from The Walking Dead, but last night’s results were also down a bit from the season one finale last January that didn’t have The Walking Dead as a lead-in and drew 2.9 million viewers and a 0.7 rating with adults 18-49.

  • Telstar

    @Robert: I didn’t claim AMC put out a release. But Mount has been parroting AMC talking points since the show premiered last year. He’s even put out several tweets sucking up to Charlie Collier, AMC’s president.

    Considering that Collier 1) released Matthew Weiner’s salary to the press during Mad Men negotiations; 2) fired Frank Darabont in the ugliest way possible; and 3) nearly drove Vince Gilligan to end Breaking Bad two seasons ago, it’s not unreasonable to think that Mount’s Twitter feed is nothing more than a font of AMC spin.

  • MoreTears

    Oh, good news everyone! The SAME IDIOT who was certain Hell On Wheels would be cancelled in season one and made fun of me — with the same dumb comment about sock puppets — for saying HOW would be renewed for season TWO is back, even though he was far, far too much of a coward to show up and eat crow when the show was renewed for season two. Consider the crow shoved down your throat and prepare for even more, loser.

  • CCV

    A decent show that can potentially be pretty good. The numbers are down, but not far off the season one average, and it’s still around the same ratings as both Mad Men and Breaking Bad. The fact that those two shows are superior to HoW in all facets notwithstanding, HoW should get renewed should it maintain these kind of numbers through the end of the season.

  • CCV


    Yeah, it’s becoming more and more apparent that AMC’s successes with MM and BB were flukes. MM is really more of an HBO show (to think they wouldn’t even consider Weiner’s pilot script), and BB is really something that should have been on FX. AMC’s gotten diminishing returns from each subsequent show, none rising above being decent. And they had an opportunity with TWD to make something really great, but they chose to dumb down the source material and abandon its bleakness, and now they have a highly rated piece of fluff they have no incentive to improve.

  • Steve

    Regardless of HOW’s ratings, AMC still continues to prove itself as the leader in creating intelligent new drama series. While I didn’t think the second season premiere was that strong (and a bit strange, with the lead character temporarily becoming a train robber, which apparently won’t last given the previews), it was still better than most dramas the major networks serve up. I’m confident that AMC’s management will continue to strive for shows of “Breaking Bad” quality, while most other networks continue to pander to the lowest common denominator.

    And I’m sure the Dish dispute will continue to hurt AMC’s ratings. I can’t wait to see Dish get crushed in the lawsuit with AMC’s owners, which finally goes to trial next month. Haven’t found one analyst yet who doesn’t think Dish is doomed to lose that suit. Dish’s management has been a bunch of jerks in how they’ve handled this whole thing, and deserve whatever they get.

  • Chris

    I doubt AMC has made a decision yet, but given what this show must cost, they aren’t pleased at all. Breaking Bad gets more slack because of its critical cult following, and even so it’s coming to an end (and AMC certainly didn’t try to talk Vince Gilligan out of ending it, even if it was his idea, which I’m not entirely sure is the case).

    This won’t run as long as Breaking Bad, and goes into the failure column for AMC. If we’re going to be brutally honest, the only show that goes into the unqualified success column is TWD.

  • Samuel

    hmmm, didn’t even know it was back on…

  • rehabber

    Since Dish is not broadcasting AMC I figured the numbers would be down some.

  • Jim

    Should check and see how Amazon and iTune numbers are doing… since DISH dropped AMC that would account for a large portion of viewers.. most of us have moved over to streaming!

  • Caio

    Not only Breaking Bad has critical and emmy love, which, on a network like AMC, would already save it from cancelation, it does double the demo the premiere of Hell on Wheels did, numbers that are very nice for any basic cable show.

  • sharpDallas

    It’s was one of my favorite shows. The acting and historical accuracy of the 1st season was great. From a southerners point of view, y’all, it was amazing to actually find a show that didn’t depict a southerner as a hillbilly,unethical, moron. It looks like that’s changing in the 2nd season going the PC route where the main character is exactly as TV always castes a southerner. Oh well!

  • Mik

    personally I like the show and am happy to give it more time to find its way…Westerns are probably a very narrow niche; guess most television viewers are happy with scripted “reality” and dance shows. Summer is likely a difficult launch time and its odd to me that so many watched Olympic coverage (which should have been on a sports network instead of NBC). So I guess we will wait and see what happens…

  • His

    Well I like show a lot don’t care 4 the tad at all

  • Kristin

    I can not wait for season two such a good show

  • lemmerg

    I, too , wasn’t overly impressed with the first season, but did watch it all the way through. I thought it got somewhat better as it went along. That said, I think this season is much better–in fact, it leaves me (a 61 year old female) wanting more. There is a realistic grittiness to it and there seems to be a lot more action this year with better storylines for the really interesting characters. SO I hope it makes it!

  • Shirley

    I have watched this show since the beginning and it just gets better and better each week. To bad DISH want let their people watch Hell on Wheels.

  • Shirley

    I certainly hope this show continues, I can hardly wait every week until Sunday night when HOW cmes back on the tv. It is truly a great show to watch.

  • beau wilson

    I think just because “Hell on wheels” had lower ratings this season has nothing to do with the shows quality of entertainment, it has to do with the pissing contest between AMC and DISH Network. Those of us who use DISH are upset that it is no longer available and cannot set out DVR to record this program because we are too busy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a loyal following; either AMC has to stop putting its program online and cutting out DISH or they have to suffer the consequences of its actions, its not rocket science its just HUMAN NATURE, somebody grow some balls and come to some kind of understanding before great shows like this get thrown on the scrap heap.

  • m.h.

    The writings and acting on this show are FANTASTIC! Heavy plot with a great cast.
    The September 23rd show was a great follow up to the prior week as we see the Sweed turning into a what??? INJUN? WOW.

    Cullen can only look at you with those steely eyes and you can get his drift.

    I still say the doctor was his father.[comments?]

    Keep going baby this is a great show!

  • Camille B

    This show just got better and better. You may think I am light headed but I see emmy worthy acting and cinematography here. Season 2 the writing is greatly improved and the actors have more to work with. I am a hardcore fan of the show and will be greatly dissapointed if it is cancelled. TV except for very few exceptions is a wasteland of reality shows and other crap that is meaningless. This show has true grit and a great story to tell and great acting.

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