'Animal Practice' Preview Draws 12.8 Million Viewers

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August 13th, 2012

via press notes:

*             NBC's Sunday 10:58-11:20 p.m. ET preview of "Animal Practice," following coverage of the London Olympics Closing Ceremony, generated solid sampling for the new series, averaging a 4.1 rating in adults 18-49 and 12.8 million viewers overall, according to "fast official" ratings from Nielsen Media Research.


*             While the special telecast gave the broad Olympic audience an opportunity to sample the new NBC comedy, last night's preview of "Animal Practice" aired without commercials and will not be measured in official national Nielsen reports and will not be included in averages for the night, week or season.


*             Versus Olympics results in the 10:30 half-hour, "Animal Practice" retained 49 percent of that lead-in rating in 18-49 (4.1 vs. 8.4), in line with the 54 percent of last Wednesday's similar "Go On" preview.  In total viewers, "Animal Practice" retained 47 percent of the Olympic average in the 10:30 half-hour (12.8 million vs. 27.4 million), versus 52 percent for "Go On."

  • Allen

    The reviews aren’t that great.

  • a p garcia

    Impressive #s for AP but then it has an impressive lead in, I predict that it will settle to a 2.3 during its regular run. Shame for NBC deciding to air retrospective events when many events ran before the closing ceromonies. Shame on NBC for showing AP when when there were many high quality acts that were regulated late night viewers.

  • It’sBroccoli

    Unlike ”Go On”—which was better than I’d expected and I plan to keep watching, at least for a few episodes—this pilot disappointed me.
    The characters were boring and the story predictable.

    The only thing I liked about it was Dr. Rizzo. ^^

  • Kaylie

    I expected everyone to like the Goodwin Games. That show is probably gonna be my new favorite show.

  • Joseph A

    I would care more about these ratings , IF , they had not cut the performance of MUSE and a song by George Michael so the Network could trick an audience into watching this mess during the Olympics.
    I see this show getting a demo of 1.6 and a viewing audience of about 3M by the 3rd episode in the Fall ,,

  • Ultima

    @a p garcia
    Shame for NBC deciding to air retrospective events when many events ran before the closing ceromonies.

    Huh? The aired the men’s basketball gold medal game live; by the time it finished around noon EDT, every other event except the final stage of the pentathlon had finished.

    Shame on NBC for showing AP when when there were many high quality acts that were regulated late night viewers.

    While I agree that splitting the end off the closing ceremonies was a dumb idea, the “many high quality acts” was ONE act.

    If you need to exaggerate, your point is probably not very good.

  • Ultima

    @a p garcia

    To elaborate, between showing events live and the eight hours between the completion of competition and the start of their closing ceremony coverage, I’m pretty sure the four NBC networks managed to show practically all of the very few events that actually ran on Sunday…

    I really don’t get what you are shaming them for.

  • Tyson

    I watched the final event of the women’s modern pentathlon at 6 p.m. local time (1 p.m. eastern) online because it was the 302nd and final event of the Games. The medalists finished shooting 15 targets and running 3,000 meters within 15 minutes.

    So by 1:15 p.m. eastern yesterday, the Olympic competition was done. CNBC and MSNBC were onto regular programming at 11 a.m. NBC and NBC Sports Network each aired several hours of taped events, such as water polo, indoor volleyball and handball, yesterday afternoon.

    The closing ceremony started at 9 p.m. London time so the competition needed to finish soon enough for people to get from venues to Olympic Stadium. I was able to turn off the TV most of the afternoon.

  • Carlos

    Not the flop everbody was saying! a great show deserves great ratings (I know those are not the best ratings, but hey, let me being happy for a moment!)

  • Rebecca

    @Joseph A
    Dang it, I knew I missed something. What else did George Michael sing besides “Freedom”? I didn’t see him go “on stage” and I missed the first few seconds of “Freedom”…I figured he sang something else before. I was glad to at least see Annie Lennox, since ABC didn’t show her during the Jubilee concert performance a while ago. I hate it when they trim acts for television.

  • Toujt

    Can we say a flop already? YES!

    How long until they get Whitney ready?

  • Thomas

    Not good for AP as it bled way too much out of a big lead-in.

  • Jim

    Why is AP’s performance considered so unimpressive? It essentially aired at 11pm on a Sunday night. People do have to get up for work on Monday. I am surprised its numbers are as high as they were and can’t blame NBC for previewing one of its fall shows while it has a captive audience.

  • Joseph

    LOL , well that explains why I have been seeing Grimm spamming on sites like TVLINE , I don’t watch the show so did not bother to read any of the text after seeing it was a Grimm ad ,
    Was NBC doing a heavy promo that Grim started tonight ?


    Also , I still think it was crappy how they cut out acts from the Olympics last night and shortened that show just to shoe in a Fail Pilot about an Animal Hospital

  • Tom

    I think a 4.1 is relatively good, for the time it aired.

    I still think the percentage drop between this and, say, week 3 will be massive.

    Please point out that consensus on B&K to me. From what I’ve seen, critics (admittedly, mostly male) seem to be siding with Last Resort, even while pointing out its warts.

    (I do agree with the promos being awful, and judging by Fox’s performance at 8 in the Spring, expect numbers to be bad to terrible.)

  • Michael

    I actually enjoyed it!! The “cat” thing at first was weird and almost was a turnoff…but man, that “Rizzo” monkey, I love it!! :) A monkey Doctor, a fun hospital show kinda like ‘Scrubs’ was…so I hope it does well. I’ll try to tune in provided it’s not under stiff competition.

    Didn’t see “Go On!” but from the previews, it looks like these two shows are just what NBC needed after baaad ideas/shows.

    Maybe ABC should watch its back…because the peacock is making a comeback ;)

  • Carl

    I think the AP ratings are meaningless. In fact they won’t really matter until episode 2 airs as any bad ratings for the official premier can be written off as “people already saw it after the Olympics and didn’t want to see a repeat”.

    I doubt I’ll be watching any other episodes as I didn’t find it funny. The pacing was annoying too. It was as if they thought that if they kept the dialog coming at you rapid fire you’d not notice it wasn’t funny. But I don’t know… people find 2.5 Men and 2 Broke Girls funny for reasons I don’t understand, so maybe they’ll go for this.

  • Carl

    Oops! Meant AH (Animal Hospital) not AP!

  • Spencer

    Well AP was stuck in the middle of the Olympics, and what viewers are saying, along with the very edited closing ceremonies, is that they’re PISSED. I think NBC ruined the chances for AP because everyone will not watch it now because of the interpreted Olympics. Lots of backlash from the Go On preview too. So next time NBC, don’t mess with the Olympics.

  • Paul

    @Spencer, you’re wrong about Go On. All of the twwets on Go On the night it aired were good. Animal Practices tweets were awful.

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