'Animal Practice' Preview Draws 12.8 Million Viewers

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August 13th, 2012

via press notes:

*             NBC's Sunday 10:58-11:20 p.m. ET preview of "Animal Practice," following coverage of the London Olympics Closing Ceremony, generated solid sampling for the new series, averaging a 4.1 rating in adults 18-49 and 12.8 million viewers overall, according to "fast official" ratings from Nielsen Media Research.


*             While the special telecast gave the broad Olympic audience an opportunity to sample the new NBC comedy, last night's preview of "Animal Practice" aired without commercials and will not be measured in official national Nielsen reports and will not be included in averages for the night, week or season.


*             Versus Olympics results in the 10:30 half-hour, "Animal Practice" retained 49 percent of that lead-in rating in 18-49 (4.1 vs. 8.4), in line with the 54 percent of last Wednesday's similar "Go On" preview.  In total viewers, "Animal Practice" retained 47 percent of the Olympic average in the 10:30 half-hour (12.8 million vs. 27.4 million), versus 52 percent for "Go On."

  • Paul


  • iggy.

    I predict that it will settle to a 2.3 during its regular run.

    That’s about where The Office is going to be, so I doubt it.

  • Mark

    I actually liked Animal Practice much more than Go On.

    Ratings guess for time period premiere:

    3rd episode:

  • Justin

    This show couldnt be a bigger trainwreck if it starred Tyler Perry and was called “Cavemen 2012″

  • Networkman

    @Rebecca, I agree with you. The funniest character on the show is Angela the vet tech. The majority of it was dull and then she would appear like a breathe of fresh air and put a smile on your face. I would like to see her in another comedy. This character would fit in well on Community or even Go On. I’ll give the show one more chance. But with it competing against The Middle it is on a short leash.

  • SJ

    Joanna Garcia is just about the only good thing in this. I’m sorry she’s stuck on yet another sure-to-be-cancelled show.

  • dryr

    It was far too ridiculous without being funny. Hoping to see better stuff post-pilot, but I don’t know why NBC would give it a commercial-free preview in that state…

  • Doug Z

    John Fischer
    Posted August 13, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    A total joke. People tuned in to watch the Olympics. Stay tuned for this 1 hour promo and we’ll be back to the highly edited and our lousy coverage of the Olympics.

    You are right I will not ever watch this show

  • Rebecca

    Yep, I wouldn’t watch AP in lieu of The Middle “live” or via DVR the same night. Maybe if The Middle was a rerun. I’ll watch AP online later though. Hopefully the vet tech Angela can be on a different show if this one doesn’t work out. I’m not getting too attached to any of the new shows, lol.

    Also, I said it somewhere else (can’t find it now) but the second song George Michael did at the Olympics Closing show was either a new one or else a song I’d never heard before (White Light) and its footage is on YouTube (from people who filmed it at the stadium). And Ray Davies’ bit and some other stuff that was unaired can be found there, too.

  • Duncey

    These results are horrendous, don’t try to spin it into anything good. The retention was only 49% out of a huge lead-in.

  • colt13

    This was surprisingly good. Garcia Swisher is good in anything, and she and Kirk have chemistry.

  • ryne

    So does this 4.1 (not that it is that great following the olympics) count toward the fall season ratings? What did “Go On” get in the 18-49 when it aired? I forgot to watch Go On but saw that it was available on-demand so I will check it out. I DVR’d Animal Prac and will watch at some point.

  • Suzy

    I lasted 5 minutes. The dialogue was so lame, starting with the argument between the two characters, and my cat made me change the channel. I do not predict good things for this series.

  • Walker

    We watched about five minutes of this…it was terrible.

  • RS

    I didn’t even have this one on my list of shows to check out. I guess after “Arrow” and “The Middle” the time slot was covered.

  • Anon

    @ Spencer

    I agree – the hashtaggers are livid over the way NBC aired this in the middle of the tape-delayed closing ceremonies. I believe this scheduling stunt will backfire.

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