NBC's 'Days of Our Lives' Announces First Leg of Nationwide Fan Event

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August 14th, 2012

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“Days of our Lives” Cast Members Scheduled to Attend This Complimentary Fan Event
UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – Tuesday, August 14 – The stars of NBC’s daytime drama “Days of our Lives” will meet fans face-to-face at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut for the first stop on the “Days of our Lives” nationwide fan event tour. This will be the only east coast stop on the tour. The free-of-charge event for loyal “Days of our Lives” viewers will offer fans the chance to meet and greet many of their favorite cast members during autograph signings, a Q&A session, raffles and much more. Fans will also be treated to a special sneak preview screening of an upcoming episode.

“Days of our Lives” stars scheduled to attend include Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow, Suzanne Rogers, Shawn Christian, James Reynolds, Drake Hogestyn, Blake Berris and Camila Banus.

Below is a tentative schedule for the day:

1:30 – 2:00 p.m.

Q&A with the cast located in the shopping concourse

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

“Meet & Greet” with the cast of “Days of our Lives”

(Kristian Alfonso, James Reynolds, Shawn Christian and Suzanne Rogers)

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

“Meet & Greet” with the cast of “Days of our Lives”

(Lauren Koslow, Drake Hogestyn, Camila Banus and Blake Berris)

For more information on this exciting complimentary event, fans can log on to www.nbc.com/days <http://www.nbc.com/days>.

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    Try not to imagine yourselves as organic pain collectors racing towards oblivion.

  • Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln How Was The Play?

    When will the first Arm happen? Does it come before or after the other Leg?

  • brenda

    this choice was made because too much of the talent was deciding not to attend the los angeles “annual” (ha) event and it looked very bad for them because they all live there. alison sweeney did not show last time, and k. alfonso had only shown one year out of the four. reckell left early each year. j. scott indicated by his actions that he preferred not to even be there. a. zucker did not show last year and same for moscalo and koslow. the reason it was good to have it in l. a. was to save all the air fares and l. a. is a good place to vacation. only obsessed days fans will spend money to go to an obscure city. another mistake by these organizers. they just need a new staff

  • Shaun

    Bring back Deadeye!!!! I will go to any city if Deadeye is showing up!!! Come on NBC!

  • Diane

    I am so bummed I cannot even enter the contest. I am working in the morning and my little girl has her birthday sleepover that night. :( I have been watching the show for eons.

  • FamousLove69

    Regarding the Day of Days event…I heard its not going to be at Citywalk this year or in Southern California for that matter which REALLY PISSES me off! I’ve been a loyal fan of the show for 22 years and going to this event for the 4 years they’ve been doing it and now on what would have been the 5th anniversary they change it just cause the fans were complaining who had to constantly be traveling ONCE a year and could actually afford it but yet those of us who live close to this event and could NOT afford to travel are getting the short end of this stick! Why is this world soooo worried more about those who can afford to travel the world and spend money rather then on those who are huge fans and are considered poor? We should all be looked at as equally and this officially pisses me off they could have just kept the citywalk event and then just added other dates around it in other US cities! Duh guess its too hard for them to figure that out!

  • Kay Moyer

    I agree, I also have been to many events in the past years at Citywalk and have even booked this year well in advance and later to find out that they were going on the road? I am so disappointed also in this choice of on the road, it isnt a 5th annual when such a big change. I have been a fan for 35 year and at 3 events and now I have no idea what is going on, only 1 stop and it is Sept. almost Oct and no other info, who is in charge of this >>>

  • julie covey

    I want to know when they are going to be close to the Oregon area, and when and IF James Scott and Alison Sweeney will be joining the cast at the events… I want to go, but only if I can meet the two members of my favorite coupling on the show… How hard is it, just to tell us where all they are going to go, already????

  • Laura Hunsaker

    I too am so upset that it will not take place this year. I can’t even find a schedule to see if I might be able to see it someplace else. I have been a fan for 40 plus years and now my daughter is a big fan. It was going to be our special trip this year. Help, how do I find out other dates and places they might appear.

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