Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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August 15th, 2012


Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for August 14, 2012

P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
Total Day
FNC    1,299        299         583
CNN      341         93         143
MSNBC      550        158         237
CNBC      141         36           66
FBN        58         13           27
HLN      207         84         116
Primetime P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC    2,617        495       1,054
CNN      555        150         249
MSNBC    1,225        342         560
CNBC      136         54           81
FBN        74         27           45
HLN      249         98         130
Net Morning programs (6-9 AM) P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FOX & Friends      976        301         527
CNN Early Start/Starting Point      197         65           86
MSNBC Morning Joe      492        167         242
CNBC Squawk Box      150         42           76
HLN Morning Express w/ Meade      303        158         221
Net 5PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FIVE, THE    2,034        409         909
CNN SITUATION ROOM      433        114         184
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS      872        200         343
CNBC FAST MONEY      239         29           92
HLN EVENING EXPRESS      147         34           56
Net 6PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER    2,184        453         927
CNN SITUATION ROOM      428        122         161
MSNBC POLITICS NATION      833        221         301
CNBC MAD MONEY      159         41           80
HLN EVENING EXPRESS      111         47           54
Net 7PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE FOX REPORT W/S.SMITH    1,848        412         817
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT      276         81         117
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS      882        198         332
CNBC KUDLOW REPORT      196         40           92
HLN JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL      263         97         135
Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR    3,279        620       1,201
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360      459        132         199
MSNBC ED SHOW    1,108        252         432
CNBC INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC      127         56           98
HLN NANCY GRACE      272        118         157
Net 9PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC HANNITY    2,480        486       1,083
CNN PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT      707        176         310
MSNBC RACHEL MADDOW SHOW    1,298        397         615
CNBC 20 UNDER 20 TRNSFMG TMRW      136         48           79
HLN DR. DREW      231        110         121
Net 10PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC ON THE RECORD W/GRETA    2,066        379         870
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360      499        141         239
MSNBC LAST WORD W/ L. ODONNELL    1,270        375         632
CNBC 20 UNDER 20 TRNSFMG TMRW      146         60           67
HLN NANCY GRACE      246         68         113
Net 11PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR    1,222        325         610
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT      323         88         155
MSNBC ED SHOW      636        231         330
CNBC MAD MONEY        78         50           52
HLN SHOWBIZ TONIGHT      224         80           92

For other days cable news ratings click here.

P2+ = viewers over the age of 2

(25-54) = Adults 25-54 viewing

(35-64) = Adults 35-64 viewing

Prime Time = 8-11pm

LIVE+SD: The number that watched a program either while it was broadcast OR watched via DVR on the same day [through 3AM the next day] the program was broadcast. For more information see Numbers 101.

Scratch = when a show's audience fails to meet minimum Nielsen reporting levels. For more information go here.

Nielsen Cable Network Coverage Estimates (as of July, 2012)

CNN/HLN: 99.727 million HHs

CNBC: 97.497 million HHs

FNC: 97.981 million HHs

MSNBC: 95.526 million HHs

Fox Business: 68.407 million HHs

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Jeff

    Hey, Ratboy better review the tone of your responses and try not to be too grumpy, or worse a bigger hypocrite

    As to your question, did they??

    Yeah sure! So did many other anchors, even the same comments were made on Fox News, they made the same links and comparisons, to Palin and Bachman, maybe it just makes you feel better this evening to take a tiny ineffective swipe at msnbc. who knows?

    Your post is all over the place scrambling for far extreme silly stories that really are not important nor accurate.

    There was a guy that had a bag of Palin Bachman, Chick Fil A, holocaust, Limbaugh, Chris Mathews, Joan, Slime blaa blaa blaaaa!!!

  • Mark

    @applestinks. Lol i love your comment!:) youe right lefties get all there talking points from the BS that is msnbc!

  • Sicilian Papa

    The politics is hot right now. FOX numbers are very good also. I don’t know how long the numbers will hold for either.

    Tony says Fox and Friends is hurting. That Tony, doesn’t he know…We all look forward to your tongue and cheek.

  • Mark

    The ed show right now is talking about the biden gaffe and there saying all the republicans do is distract from the issues! Lol are the liberals serious? ! Republicans distract?! Ummm ya so the lefties have never tried to change the subject and talk about anything else besides.obamas horrible economy? My god gimmie a break. All the libs do is change the subject. Hey romney hates dogs lets talk bout that for a week! Them romney doesnt pay taxes. Hey lets talk about that for a week. Hey romney killed a women lol. Lets talk bout that for a week. Stupid libs

  • Sicilian Papa

    I believe that is tongue n’ cheek.

  • HRJ

    Can’t we all just get along?

    @@@@@Sicilian Papa

    Thanks for your honest comments.

    It seeems to me that Mitt and Paul did not go over (spend enough time) their game plan as well as they should have. One wants to say one thing and the other one wants to say something else.

    Maybe they will come together by the end of the republican convention. If not; President B.O. has it in the bag. The president and his team will hammer Mitt with Medicare and his taxes. Mitt and Paul will be in a continuous state of disorder.

  • amanda

    A better explanation for msnbc numbers is that people were still trying to tune into the olympics not knowing they were over, and couldnt believe what liberal nuts were on this network.

  • Sicilian Papa



    I disagree, wow, what a shocker. Obamacare takes 719 bil. out of Medicare to fund Obamacare. That is a powerful ad. The president says he is putting that money back in through Obamacare but Romney and Ryan make the point that the money will be used for Medicaid.

    Ryan has his own issues with how he will restructure Medicare but he does not touch current Seniors. Romney won’t go for the 55 age for the changes and he will let that be known.

    How much of this information is true? I don’t know your guess is as good as mine. I have reading about it but you never know if what your reading is fact.

  • Chris

    I have been watching Fox & friends for 3 years now, and to this date, they have always been on top! Just saying!

  • Sicilian Papa



    If Erin gets canned at CNN I would like to ask her to marry me. I’m pretty old but if I can scrape together a few million dollars she might say yes.

  • Mark

    @Sicilian Papa
    I disagree, wow, what a shocker. Obamacare takes 719 bil. out of Medicare to fund Obamacare. That is a powerful ad. The president says he is putting that money back in through Obamacare but Romney and Ryan make the point that the money will be used for Medicaid.
    You do realize that Obamacare provides better benefits to seniors then Medicare and has the added bonus that also cuts some wasteful spending. Ironic that the fiscally responsible Republicans have issues against cutting wasteful spending all of a sudden(call it fake outrage)

  • Coffee Steve

    Fox and MSNBC good nights.

    @USN & Hillbilly & Rats

    *I still can’t believe the MSM isn’t covering this (Ammo Buy)

    I have to admit I am stumped by this one. I can’t even get info from fellow reporters, there is a lid and I mean a tight lid on this. It could be as simple as a backup plan when the Iran war hits, or it could be something more serious.

    Usn? Do you ever remember a time when a number of different government agencies spread out a weapons buy? A Weather and Social Security? Fpr crying out loud, this one just doesn’t hold water, Maybe it’s a decoy to Iran?

    The Straits won’t be a major problem, unless Russia sticks it’s nose in it. And don’t worry gal, as long as we have coffee and a way to heat it, Life is goooood :-)

  • Coffee Steve

    Joke of the day

    *CNN Soledad O’Brien: ‘I Don’t Think I Show Bias’…


  • Sicilian Papa



    And you believe that Mark? Of course, the Government would never lie. Why pull the money out in the first place just add all the extra benefits to Medicare.

    I watched a young woman at an Obama rally four years ago say, My grandma had an operation and it added years to her life. Obama responded that in those circumstances sometimes it is better to give someone a pill. No filter I saw the exchange live on CNN.

    McCain refused to make an ad using the sound bite. Bad move it sounds like Obama would have rather given Grandma a pill. Palin said death panels and the media went nuts.

  • Sicilian Papa


    Mark, Matthew, TheBoss1

    You guys are smart and you know a lot about numbers and policy. President Obama made that one comment to that woman and it told me what he wanted to do with old people.

    Hannity, Limbuagh, and Ingraham played the clip but the Lib. media ignored it totally. If they played that clip everyday for a month seniors would have flocked to the polls to vote for McCain.

    If McCain had said that the lib. media would have hung him with it.

  • Mark


    It’s hard to believe the party whose opinion on Medicare changes like the weather. The talking points may sounds nice but they contradict stuff that they just said a few months ago. You honestly believe the Republicans aren’t lieing when it comes to Medicare. One minute they want to turn it into a voucher program, the next they act all high and mighty like they somehow the saviors of Medicare. All I say to the Republicans is pick a side and stick to it, else they look like a bunch of flip floppers.

    As a so called fiscal Republican aren’t you upset that they backtracked on trying to fix the system(and all the costs)? they have given no plan what they are going to do other then they won’t touch it

  • Sicilian Papa



    Try to catch all of these politicians in their own words. It will tell you what you need to know about them. You may catch one small thing like Obama telling that woman that grandma should take a pill. It tells you more about that person than all the pundits and articles you could read in a month.

  • Mark

    All the Romney/Ryan ticket is trying to do is muddy the waters when it comes to Medicare, thankfully video footage doesn’t lie how they truly feel

  • Sicilian Papa



    You make a good point they will have to do something in the near future to address the cost. It is a hard thing for all of us because most of us have seniors in our life and want the best for them.

    I am not saying the Repubs. have a good answer but they do have some kind of a plan. I would like to see the changes start with people around 42. They would still have 20 years to adjust to a different and less generous program.

  • Sicilian Papa

    I never heard Romney or Ryan tell grandma to take a pill rather than have a needed procedure.

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