'Pretty Little Liars' is Tuesday’s #1 Scripted TV Telecast in Women 18-34 and Females 12-34

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August 15th, 2012

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“Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s #1 Scripted TV Telecast in Women 18-34

and Females 12-34; Is Summer’s #1 Cable TV Series To Date in Key 12-34s

~Clean Sweeps All Cable Competition at 8 O’Clock Across Target Demos


“Beverly Hills Nannies” Soars by Double-Digits Week to Week in Key Demos; Delivers #2 Telecast in Total Viewers and Target 18-49s and 12-34s


“Pretty Little Liars” (8:00-9:00 p.m.)

Pretty Little Liars stood as Tuesday’s #1 scripted TV telecast in Women 18-34 (702,000/2.1 rating) and Females 12-34 (1.29 million/2.8 rating), the #2 scripted cable TV telecast in Women 18-49 (974,000/1.5 rating) and #1 TV telecast in Female Teens (583,000/5.0 rating).


  • At 8 o’clock, “Pretty Little Liars” delivered a clean sweep across target demos, standing as the #1 cable TV telecast across core 18-34, 18-49 and 12-34 measures.


  • Summer 2012 to date, “Pretty Little Liarsis cable TV’s #1 series in Viewers 12-34 (2.25 million/2.5 rating) and Females 12-34 (1.98 million/4.4 rating), the #1 scripted cable TV series in Women 18-34 (1.08 million/3.2 rating) and the #1 TV series in Female Teens (901,000/7.7 rating).


“Beverly Hills Nannies” (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

Pacing as ABC Family’s #1 reality series on record in Women 18-34, “Beverly Hills Nannies” registered notable gains week to week, delivering its #2 telecast to date Total Viewers (765,000), Adults 18-49 (452,000/0.4 rating), Women 18-49 (385,000/0.6 rating), Viewers 12-34 (470,000/0.5 rating) and Females 12-34 (418,000/0.9 rating).


  • Week to week, “Beverly Hills Nannies” grew across all demos, including by 22% in Women 18-34 (245,000 vs. 201,000), by 16% in Adults 18-49 (452,000 vs. 389,000) and by 33% in Women 18-49 (385,000 vs. 289,000).


About ABC Family:

Part of the Disney/ABC Television Group, ABC Family is distributed in over 97 million homes. ABC Family features programming reflecting today’s families, entertaining and connecting with adults through relatable programming about today’s relationships – told with a mix of diversity, passion, humor and heart. ABC Family’s programming is a combination of network defining original series and original movies, quality acquired series and blockbuster theatricals. Emmy® Award-winning ABCFamily.com provides a variety of interactive entertainment and community features, from rich, fan-centric programming – including blogs, viewing parties, webisodes, full episodes of the network’s hit programming, along with sneak peek exclusive previews and behind-the-scenes clips. ABC Family is also the destination for annual Holiday events with “13 Nights of Halloween” and “25 Days of Christmas.” ABC Family. A New Kind of Family.

  • I’mNot”A”

    The only weak character this season is “Nate,” Maya’s supposed cousin.

    PLL is the gold standard for creating and sustaining a drama that can successfully crossover all desired demographics.

  • Michael

    The actress that plays Emily, is the weakest actress on the show, IMO.

  • Kissan

    I think Nate is not really Maya’s cousin. I think that was her ex boyfriend who kept on texting and stalking her and now I think he is tryin to get Emily to. I think Paige and him are the ones that killed Maya. Does anyone else agree?

  • Michael

    I think Paige was jealous of the relationship Emily had with Maya, so that’s a possibility that she’s indeed the culprit behind her death!

  • Kissan

    I also think Ezra, Jenna, Noel and Paige have something to do with “A” as well. Everybody’s very suspicious on this show. If they don’t the REAL “A” soon, I’m not goin to be watchin this show anymore. There takin way too long.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’ve always said the one guy who is completely above suspicion – and therefore MUST be “A” – is Ezra. :-)

    I don’t think Paige and Nate are connected at all. I think that situation is just another straightforward relationship issue for Emily. I also think the whole Nate thing is a more or less useless addition to the plot line and should be dropped.

    That said, who cares? ALL the women on the show are hot! My favorite used to be Shay, but I’ve recently decided Troian is just smokin’ as well. Not that I like Lucy or Ashley any less – and Sasha. Even the mothers are all hot – nice to see Holly and Laura getting some action lately. :-)

    As for the males, Caleb is my favorite male character, due to his computer smarts. It’s funny that he’s hooked up with dim bulb Hannah instead of smarty Spencer. But given how hot Hannah is, that’s not that big a surprise. :-)

  • I’mNot”A”

    I respect your opinion, Michael, however, although I used to agree that Emily was the weakest actress, I do feel that she has shown alot of improvement recently.

    Nate seems like he just walked out of the pages of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog and onto the set without any time spent focused on becoming an actor.

  • rob60990

    They’re going to stretch it out as long as possible. Once A is revealed, the show ends.

    Hannah is actually my least favorite. Spencer definitely my favorite.

  • j

    Ew, Sasha’s 16 and was 13 when she started on the show. Though there are plenty of predatory men on the show who liked her, I suppose.

  • Christian

    If Rosewood were an actual town, I’d be urging Chris Hansen and the crew of To Catch a Predator to set up permanent residence in this place! The girls are all beautiful but damn can’t these grown ass men find females their own age? I suspect Wren is the ‘betrAyer.’ He cheated on his fiancee with her kid sister and is now making the moves on said sister’s underage — not to mention distraught — friend. What a creep!

  • Tony JJ

    I’m really interested in “The BetrAyal” summer finale. I hope it lives up to the buzz and that it’s really good and makes the second half of the season great. This season started out really great. The last few episodes had their high points (good scenes/storylines), but also had some low points as well.

    I’m really bored with the Aria/Ezra family drama. I don’t understand how this evolves anything in the show except dive deeper into Ezra’s character. So I hope that they get to their point soon and don’t drag out this storyline too long where I find it pointless.

    This show is still good quality wise though, especially after last night’s ending. And I hate when people say they want to know who A is right now! I mean come on. That’s the whole premise of the show. What can you expect, we already got one “A” reveal already. So take the show for what it is. Enjoy the ride and stop worrying about the destination.

  • MBmomof3

    Love PLL. I agree, Wren is a creeper. Cute, but too old for teenagers. Creeper.

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