'Jane by Design' Canceled Officially by ABC Family

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August 17th, 2012


After only one 18-episode season, Jane by Design has been officially canceled by ABC Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Its last episode, which aired July 31, earned only a 0.4 rating.

  • Matt

    Can’t blame them, no one watched it

  • EatMorePez

    At least they gave it a chance with a season 1B pick up and airing it after Pretty Little Liars. That’s all you can ask for.

  • rob60990

    They gave it a chance a good lead-in an wasted its opportunity.

  • ethan

    good…this show stunk…in fact ABCf has been ona losing streak l8Ly in terms of making good shows…Bunheads is bad, JBD was awful, 9 lives was meh, only TLG and S@B have been good shows made relatively recently by ABCf…we need more shows like GREEK and MIOBI, shows that have a heart too them…S@B falls under this category…the rest of ABCfs recent shows do not

  • glover

    Compared to Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game, this was a masterpiece. But still boring.

  • Steph

    I thought it was gonna be such a good show but sort of fell flat. I watched all first 10 episodes, but won’t be too sorry to see it go. I do wish they had extended MIOBI anoteher 10 episodes instead of giving JBD another 8, but such is life.

  • Nick

    To take a line from Raising Hope, the cancelation bear is “sleep-eating” :-D

  • DM

    Can’t say I’m surprised

  • gary

    I understand the decision even tho I enjoyed the show. If they renew bunheads tho ill be pissed. Bunheads is a awful show

  • pll fan

    Prepare to be pissed, Gary. The network renewed Bunheads, along with S@B, Baby Daddy and M&J today.

  • RyanCanada

    eff i loved this show

  • Kelly

    Had a feeling they would. I’m not going to miss it.

  • Kelly

    This show was a million kinds of bad. And we got stuck with it instead of more MIOBI when they were rated the same.

  • Katie

    They always cancel the good shows! This Was my favorite shows EVER!!! I officially hate abc family now I will never ever EVER!!!! Like them again unless the bring it back!! This show had one on the strongest fan bases I’ve ever seen on instagram and on twitter shame on you abc! BRING JANE BY DESIGN BACK NOW!!!!!!!!

  • nikki

    Figured this would get cancelled. And I saw switched got a second season and melissa and joey. And bunheads is getting a full season. I’m happy. Now for the pll 4th season announcment and secret lifes fate. They make decent decisions, that’s why I watch the network. Good for them.

  • Kavyn

    Watched all 18 episodes, can’t say I’m sad or anything. I only enjoyed India and Grey.

  • panda22

    Gutted!….it was a cute littke show. I saw all 18 eps.
    I hope Erica Dasher gets work quickly…she is a star!

    Ben+Rita 4Ever!

  • Michael Nicolosi

    Bring back Kyle XY you had a winner with that!

  • Rono

    Definitely not watching anything by ABCFam, ive had enough

  • jessica

    Dear Ethan and Gary,

    Bunheads is probably a show that was never intended to appeal to you guys unless you like ballet, broadway, Gilmore girls, or/and a lack of guns and crimes to solve.

    AS-P has been a brilliant writer and director for years. If you let her do her thing you get a show like Gilmore girls that goes 7 seasons and has fans still demanding an 8th. Have network executives with too many fingers on the script and you get shows like The Return Of Jezebel James and Over The Top.

    Over here in Canada we still don’t have this in HD so i actually buy Bunheads each week. Its the best $3 i spend each Tuesday on iTunes.

    As for Jane…
    I started off wanting to love JBD but the execution of the show from writing through audio mixing was more high school musical than Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. I know it is a high school setting but it felt unprofessionally crafted at every step of the process. And the cliff-hanger ending! Who didn’t see that coming 4 episodes away? And surely the producers could see the grim probability for a second season so why go for the obvious cliff-hanger?

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