'Jane by Design' Canceled Officially by ABC Family

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August 17th, 2012


After only one 18-episode season, Jane by Design has been officially canceled by ABC Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Its last episode, which aired July 31, earned only a 0.4 rating.

  • nikki

    Jessica I couldn’t agree more with what you said about ASP. She’s an awesome writer and when they let her do what she wants you get incredible shows like gilmore girls. I’m not saying bunheads will last nearly as long as gilmore girls did, but if they let her do her thing and none corrupts it I could see it going 3 or 4 seasons. Ill keep watching as long as its good.

  • Alan

    Thank god… I never watched it. Next: Bunheads and then finally pick up The Secret Circle!

  • Alan

    Oh, and Baby Daddy and Beverly Hills Nannies too.

  • david

    I am not to surprised Jane by Design got canciled because the ratings were around a .4 or 5. The Lying game showed had petentional pairing it with Pretty Little Liars.

  • Dick

    What is MIOBI?

  • DollFace

    That’s the first and only show I ever liked on ABC Family. I’ll miss it.

  • John

    @ Dick

    MIOBI is Make It Or Break It

  • Dolores

    Im so mad that they cancelled Jane by design it was a great show with great actors and a fun script …. I watch bunheads but I think it sucks and the lead actress annoys me do much . They should cancel bunheads and bring back make it or break it which was my fav abc family show . Being back make it or break it , 9 lives on chole king , Kyle xy
    I’m really upset ;( this sucks

  • Katie

    I never used to worry about ratings when I watched a show, but this year I’ve lost a few new favorites–NBC’s Bent, CW’s The Secret Circle, and now Jane by Design. It’s so frustrating, because I can see that there’s so much room for character development, new relationships and exciting storylines, especially with Jane by Design. It was a show that was entertaining and charming just the way it was, without stuffing in a bunch of pointless plot twists, melodramatic breakups or pregnancies. It was so refreshing to see a show about a quirky, smart and ambitious teenage girl, especially on ABC Family–and the acting was incredible!!! So many ABC Family shows get by on just being unique concepts, but the individual episodes actually have terrible and cheesy dialogue with stiff and awkward acting.

    Jane by Design was a smart and funny show, and it proved that you don’t have to be dysfunctional to be entertaining. There was such love between the main characters–Jane and Ben, Ben and Rita, and Billy and Jane. The show had a fun John Hughes vibe, like Pretty in Pink, in that it showed misfit teenagers trying to find their place. And the actors/characters actually felt like authentic, genuine, real teens. They were never underestimated or dumbed down.

    I’m especially upset because I was so looking forward to seeing the relationship between Billy and Jane evolve, as Jane finally realized her true feelings for her best friend. They had so much chemistry and comraderie! It’s such a shame. I love Jane by Design, and I wish they could renew it or market it to another network, please!! ABC Family needs more shows with heart, like Greek!

  • Ali

    This show was actually a family friendly show. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to watching it every week. Why can’t a show be run on something other than ratings. Sometimes you’ll tape the episode or watch it only, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about the show. The cast was great. India with Jane and Grey were a dynamic group. I will miss the show. Hope they are cast in a really great show that has morals. ABC Family please note for a family station, you do not air much family based show. Why is it ok for you to air shows with same sex relationships. Parents should have a choice to select those shows and it should not be slipped in or forced down our throat. Hope you aren’t redefining the meaning of family to the little innocent minds.

  • Marissa

    OMG most of the people commenting sound like middle aged grumpy old men who shouldn’t be watching in the ABCF and JBD in the first place! COME ON you think BH Nannies is “Quality television”? Also BH Nannies had LOWER ratings than JBD by the way, but got renewed! WTH? Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy are half hour sitcoms and not the same genre…and far from scintillating! JEEZ this WAS family friendly for change on a supposed “Family” network. I could watch Jane By Design with my 11 year old sister, my mom and sister in college! Love the fashion, and really loved the relationships. Ben and Jane as brother and sister so charming and sweet. Ben and Rita again, adorable. BILLY and JANE I just loved loved loved. Who doesn’t long for a friendship like that?! Now as they are growing older its getting more complicated-and more to issues to navigate. I thought it was a great refreshing respite from all the murders and scheming and frankly slutty behavior almost all shows make out to be just normal. And actually I am VERY OK with NOT having to watch make out scenes between 2 girls or 2 boys! I know I know I am so “politically incorrect” to not be on board with loving watching gays go at it, but I am frankly sick of all the token gays Hollywood decides that EVERY show must revolve around. JBD was about FASHION and could have but didn’t shove that theme down our throats! It really would have been much more believable in JBD because it is just a fact in fashion. But in general it so inappropriate and not the theme that needs to be explored on every show much less so may young audience shows. Who cares? Really its just BORING and so UNnecessary. I mean I do not CARE what the hell anyone is doing in bed (plenty of other shows to watch about that) and it shouldn’t be in every flippen TV show! Disappointed JBD played into that a bit at the end with Zoe’s having 2 dads. Thank God I didn’t have to watch THAT stupid storyline develop! BUT overall I looked forward to Tuesday nights to watch Jane By Design, light and airy feeling, fun and sweet and warm and friendly and was growing on more people. Much of the audience were not regular ABCF viewers. Worst of all from a business and money standpoint ABCF screwed up big time! This show could have been a powerhouse in the money making department. Should have come out right away with an affordable line of accessories like Gray bought for Donovan Decker and the skirts and jackets and necklaces and SHOES that Jane wore! They missed a HUGE opportunity there! I thought that would have been a driving force behind the show from the beginning. Major lost opportunity!

  • louiese gonzales

    bummer me and my fb friends like this show go to hell whoever cancelled this show

  • Lenore

    Jane by design was a different kind of a show. It was getting better every week. The problem was one week it would be on and then not again for another 2 or 3 wks. Too much time. It should not be canceled. Give it another chance?

  • ivy

    jbd was a good show you just had to pay attention to everything and you would get sucked in the show better then mellisa and joey an bun head it stupid ugh people don’t know a great show when they see one I was hoping to see a second season but they canceled it for no reason I had something nice to watch now I don’t ugh just pretty little liars which is the best but that it

  • Kayla

    Im so disappointed in ABC. Remewing Bunheads and not Jane. I loved that show. No more watching ABC anymore.

  • Autumn

    Ok ok, it wasn’t some cerebral thriller or anything- but it was a great ‘cute’ show. I enjoyed it immensely! I really am sad to see it go, and wish that I could at least know where it was going to go. I wish they would publish ending summaries on every cancelled show.
    I loved Jane, and envied her in the best of ways for landing her too-good to be true dream job!
    RIP Jane by Design.

  • Sofah

    I love JBD, love it so much, always wait the show, watch it many times never get bored, im very sad no more JBD :(

  • Maria Paixão

    i’m really sad that another of my favorites shows got cancelled. what’s wrong with people?? why a shows that doesn’t have naked girls and sex can be succeed?
    i hope they reconsider and that the shown return.

  • Mercedes

    I liked this show. My ten year old sister did too. It wasnt like other shows and the whole family could enjoy it. I’m sad to see it go but I guessed it would. I’m actually surprised it got extra episodes. Too bad, abc family made a bad decision. Its better than Bunheads and they kept that. Well looks like im not watching abc family until January when TLG comes back.

  • Madi

    This is horrible! How could they cancel my favorite show on a CLIFFHANGER!? Apparently, in the second season, Jane and Billy would have their first kiss too. Now i’m really sad! This show was amazing. How dare you awful people say it was horrible or you expected it. My best friend and I have seen every episode and watched them together. Yeah it had bad ratings so that’s why it was cancelled, but I wish they would make one more episode so that it doesn’t end in a stupid cliff hanger! But no. ABC Family has failed one again. Just like Secret Life. The first season was okay. Now it just sucks to watch. Seriously. ABC Family needs to make at least one more episode of this show or tons of fans will be pissed to extremities.

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