'Jane by Design' Canceled Officially by ABC Family

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August 17th, 2012


After only one 18-episode season, Jane by Design has been officially canceled by ABC Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Its last episode, which aired July 31, earned only a 0.4 rating.

  • Neha

    This is so stupid!!!! Why would you cancel a show all of a sudden? I loved this show and was looking forward to the second season and the story line developing and now they just killed it? just b/c ppl might not watch it when it’s airing doesn’t mean they don’t record it to watch later which what i did all the time

  • Jahan

    Bring it back! I was looking forward to seeing this. It was like the new Gossip Girl replacement.

  • inga

    when finnaly i found a really interesting show…they canceled it.!!!!1x( that’s not fair

  • McCall

    I found Bunheads very flat and boring. Jane By Design seemed like it wasn’t going to be a good show, but after I watched the first episode, I couldn’t stop. I had to watch them all, find out what happened and I grew to love the show. Season 2 plans seems to have as much bang as the first if not more. I am looking forward to watching season 2 and hoping that ABC Family and the Directors will reconsider canceling the show. If I was to pay to watch a show, I would pay to watch this one but never Bun Heads which just goes to show that people have different interests not that it is a poorly made show.

  • McCall

    They always cancel the good shows and air the stupid brainless shows like Bunheads and Secret Life of an American Teenager. Producers have always done this to shows and probably always will. I don’t know where they come up with the ratings or who rates them but I think that the poll should be up to the viewers and those who don’t have cable/sattelite but watch it through other means as well as those who do.

  • Brandi

    Jane By Design was my favorite show! I can’t believe all you people talking smack! If you don’t like the show, then why are you on this site?

  • Brandi

    Bunheads is so boring. Cancel that show and put Jane back on!

  • Sarah

    If they keep canceling shows everyone is just going to stop watching ABC Family cause their hopes on wishing the show will last will just die out. Jane by design was the only show I even took the time to watch.

  • Nick


    If they keep canceling shows everyone is just going to stop watching ABC Family cause their hopes on wishing the show will last will just die out. Jane by design was the only show I even took the time to watch.

    This makes no sense. This summer, so far ABC Family has renewed 4 shows and canceled 1. They do not “keep canceling shows”
    Anyway, all TV shows get canceled sometime. It’s a fact of life.

  • Kemeko

    I thought Erica Dasher was great in the show. It’s sad to know that the show was canceled since it’s just started to broadcast in Hong Kong.
    US’s TV stations are so paranoid about ratings. Sometimes you need some time for the drama to grow because I know some long-lasting memorable shows had bad ratings in the beginning.

  • Marie

    What?? It’s over?? No!! This can’t be happening!! I loved that show, it was the only thing I looked forward to on Tuesdays!!!! Ugh that is so unfair!! It was my favorite show!!!

  • Stacy

    I never watch a series…this is why! You watch, you fall in love, you get burned. I prefer to watch shows when they look interesting and I can buy the season and watch it all at once. This was the case here for me…I watched the entire first season in two weeks, and began searching to see how long until I could watch another episode…and Its cancelled. This is why I hate TV period. Really one season and we are through. Just like theater, I never watch a movie at the movie theater because for the price of two admissions we can own the movie. TV sucks and this is why I refuse to watch it. I guess I better wait to fall in love with a show until it has had 3 successful seasons. Sorry JBD, I would have watched you faithfully for as long as you were on, but I guess I did. That just sucks. Thanks for nothing!

  • Mom

    My 15 yr old daughter and I looked so forward to watching this show together. We just loved it. Thought it had charm and humor. Very sad to see it go.

  • sarasvati

    noooooo i love this shoooow!

  • OKC

    This show was a great show to watch with your teens. Much more appropriate than pretty little liars or the secrets of a pregnant teenager. I was really hoping this show would be back. I have been looking for it. It has inspired one of my daughters into fashion and gives us something positive to talk about. This show had great potential, the randomness of clean highschool drama is better than dramatic life changing events like pregnancy, lieing and death. I think this was a poor choice and shows that ABC family isn’t really about families watching tv together at all. It seems to be more about causing conflict in our homes daily and perhaps it should be an avoided channel all together.

  • jennifer jansz

    I actually really liked this show and watched the episodes before I found out it has been canceled. The fact that I never even heard of it while it was still on air means that it wasn’t the shows fault but poor advertising on ABC family’s part. They also canceled the nine lives of Chloe King, I’m starting to really hate abc fam.


    OMG no they can’t cancel this zoo i know at least 20 people who are in love with it,its my favourite tv show.if people arnt watch it its cause u haven’t made it noticeable.try harder please don’t stop now or i will be heartbroken!!!!!!!!!

  • Myname

    This is so not fair! I love Jane by design it always kept me wanting more!
    It’s the best show abc family had in my thoughts. Abc family sucks forth is decision! They’re gonna regret it. I wanted to see what was gonna happen I’ve been waiting thinking it was coming back on soon too

  • addie

    I loved it! It wasn’t full of a bunch of perversion and killing.
    I guess that’s why the ‘majority’ didn’t like it.

  • mag

    you guys are way too harsh. a good show, and very good acting. imaginative idea though could have used more development.

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