'Jane by Design' Canceled Officially by ABC Family

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August 17th, 2012


After only one 18-episode season, Jane by Design has been officially canceled by ABC Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Its last episode, which aired July 31, earned only a 0.4 rating.

  • Yivonne

    This sucks! I can’t believe bunheads made it and Jane by design didn’t! I loved this show, it was my new favourite :( Boo bad decision!

  • Karley

    That is so dumb that they cancled Jane by design it was an awesome show. Everyone liked it and watched it. They need to start it back up again they left you on a cliff hanger and then you won’t even be able to know what happens to everyone. Ugh this is so frustrating!!! ABC Family is so annoying!!!

  • Luna

    I love JBD,may be it’s bad for u guys but a cute little show for me. At least show us another season to please JBD’s fans including me. Please bring it back or I’ll never watch this channel again, i’m dissapointed.!!

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