NBC Announces ‘The NBC Primetime Preview Show’ To Showcase New Fall Season

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August 17th, 2012

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – August 17, 2012 – NBC pulls back the curtain with an exclusive backstage pass of the network’s new and returning series for Fall 2012, hosted by Matthew Perry and the cast of NBC’s new comedy “Go On,” in “The NBC Primetime Preview Show.”

The fast-paced entertainment special will showcase exclusive scenes of various series to be delivered across a wide horizon of NBCUniversal media platforms. The program is estimated to be distributed more than 500 times over broadcast, and across a variety of the NBCUniversal family of cable channels as well on digital platforms. The preview also will be made available to the affiliates’ and owned stations’ websites.

“The NBC Primetime Preview Show” will focus on NBC’s new shows for fall 2012, including the broadcast preview/premieres of “The New Normal” (September 11), “Guys with Kids” (preview on September 12 and regular time period premiere on September 26), “Revolution” (September 17) and “Chicago Fire” (October 10). Following additional previews of “Go On” and “Animal Practice” on August 21, “Go On” will premiere in its regular day and time on September 11 while “Animal Practice” makes its regular day and time period debut on September 26.

In addition, NBC’s other fall series premieres include “The Voice” (September 10); “Parenthood” (September 11); “Grimm” (regular day and time period premiere on September 21); “Up All Night,” “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” on September 20; “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” on September 26 (two-hour debut); “30 Rock” on October 4; “Whitney” and “Community” on October 19.

The annual Fall program will run from August 18 through September 30 and will be offered to NBC’s 235 television stations (check local listings) as well as a variety of the NBCU family of cable channels, NBC2Go, on-demand and broadband. NBC stations will also make it available on their websites while NBC.com will feature it as well. In addition, the program will be screened on selected American Airlines flights (estimated to be shown on approximately 11,000 flights).

“The NBC Primetime Preview Show” is produced by NBC Custom Content Marketing.

Fans are able to engage via MyNBC and their existing Facebook and Twitter profiles. Please follow us on http://www.facebook.com/nbc and at http://twitter.com/nbc.

NBC.com continues to offer full episodes and interactive experiences for all of its popular series at www.nbc.com.

  • Oliver

    Wuh? Who’d voluntarily watch an extended promo for NBC’s Fall shows? Am I missing something?

  • Dan S

    The only new NBC show I’m jazzed about is Revolution. Most of there other new fall entries will become a distant memory by years end then we can all get pumped over there midseason replacements.

  • Kissan

    So are they sayin we can watch all the premieres of all NBC show?

  • DZ

    In the 70s and 80s, I think every network did a “fall preview” show of some fashion. Some are on YouTube, at least last I looked.

  • Fischer

    Not interested in any of the new shows. NBCs pilots all look terrible, especially their comedies. Although Revolution looks like it could be good, it also looks like another EVENT. It is also has a cheesy ‘I gotta save my family’ thing. It just looks like its going to fall flat after the exiting part happen, which is when the power goes out.

  • battye

    If The NBC Primetime Preview Show rates higher than a 2.0, could it get a back-order?

    The possibilities are endless. There could be a mid-season primetime preview show, May sweeps primetime preview show… hell, if it’s really popular you could air a primetime preview show everyday at 8/7c to preview the rest of the shows that night.

  • Charlie Sheen

    October 19th for WHITNEY!

  • Potato


    I agree with you that it totally LOOKS that way– but it’s JJ Abrams (lost, alias) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and they both know how to keep a show going (albeit kripke more than abrams.) It’s just that… the ads are terrible! I have no doubt from the advertising that it’s going to crash and burn but looking at who’s behind it that just doesn’t make sense. I’m worried the show will be really good but their uber generic ads will scare people off (Theeventaphobia)

  • RJ


    You can’t be serious…

  • Andrew

    Didn’t we get enough previews during the Olympics?

  • Fake Me Out


    These shows are written by, I believe, hacks from the PR dept and not real writers and thus cast the stars in a very bad light. All network preview shows last year made the stars look sappy, at best, even the cast from BBT on CBS made me want ralph with their lame lines and sad, sad jokes. If you’re going to use, for example, the cast from the BBT then for the love of god USE THE WRITERS from the BBT not some talentless knob from sales.


  • Steve

    I can haz CANCELLED.

  • Misha Lauenstein

    These have been airing for scores of years. I record these every year and burn them to DVDs. ABC sometimes airs several different ones.

  • Networkman

    In my opinion, Revolution doesn’t look any better than Terra Nova. At least with Terra Nova there were dinosaurs involved.

    The only new show on NBC that I’m looking forward to watching is 1600 Penn. As far as the older shows goes, I will check out Law & Order:SVU and Community. I was really disappointed with Animal Practice.

  • Fischer

    @Potato. JJ Abrams doesn’t have the best record in making TV shows. I could care less if his name is apart of the show. The show looks terrible

  • Oliver

    I see the Dish network spammers have made it to TVBTN. Surprised it took them so long.

  • louis

    Whitney..? How high to you have to be to sit through that piece of crap?

    mr sheen?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I see the Dish network spammers have made it to TVBTN. Surprised it took them so long.”

    After seeing your comment, I did a little searching of our comments. The Dish hopper spam was ingenious by the standards of most spam we’ve seen in the past. I have taken steps to limit it, but our tools may be very blunt instruments against their varied attacks.

  • PeterFr

    This could be the last seasons for Whitney, Community, Parks and possibly even The Office. NBC’s Thursday lineup could look DRASTICALLY different this time next year.

  • Phil

    When’s SNL returning?

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