Soap Opera Ratings: 'Young & the Restless' Ties Series Low in Women 18-49 For Second Straight Week

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August 17th, 2012

via Soap Opera Network:

Week of August 6-10, 2012

NOTE: DAYS did not air due to the Olympics

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,314,000 (+122,000/-273,000)
2. B&B 3,168,000 (+78,000/+222,000)
3. GH 2,316,000 (+52,000/-257,000)

1. Y&R 3.2/9 (+.1/-.1)
2. B&B 2.3/7 (+.1/+.2)
3. GH 1.7/5 (same/-.2)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 799,000 (+1,000/-76,000)
2. B&B 618,000 (-7,000/+60,000)
3. GH 599,000 (+46,000/-154,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.2/8 (same/-.1) <—– ties low (2nd straight week)
2. B&B 1.0/6 (same/+.2)
3. GH 0.9/5 (same/-.2)

Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Stacy


    Thank you for explaining the ratings to me. I haven’t followed the ratings until recently since there has been alot of talk about gh being cancelled April of next year.

    I also agree with you on Natalie taking John McBain back to Llanview. I never watched OLTL but i could do without out the character of John on gh. The main problem i have with gh right now is the OLTL characters since i never watched OLTL some of the things that have happened on gh don’t make much sense to me.

    Next month i will have to choose between gh and days since they will be on at the same time here in Texas. Right now i’m leaning towards days. Although i really think days will be cancelled in 2013.

  • Richard


    There is alot that happens and is discussed that I don’t understand at all. Esp. when they go to mentioning characters I have never heard of. Many times I just fast forward though it all. I’m sure to the ones who watched OLTL they understand it, but I don’t.

    It is totally different with new characters. With new characters they take the time to explain their backgrounds in full and only the stuff that is relevant to GH is mentioned. But with these OLTL characters often the writer writes them as if everyone watched OLTL and knows who they are.

    It is just like when they talk about some character named Vicki and the DID story. I just get lost with it too since I have no idea who Vicki is plus that story with Kate is just awful anyway. I hate her and Sonny together.

  • thesnowleopard

    Y&R has only itself to blame for its ratings. Everything I see about the show indicates the drop is due to the terrible writing and the showrunner’s ignoring some characters while running others into the ground. I don’t know if the new writers will be any good or if the show will survive the Maria Bell years, but it was past time the network tried something to fix it.

  • Richard

    Just want to take a little diversion for a minute. Just saw that Friday was 35 years since Leslie Charleson joined GH as Monica. When I started watching she was already in the role and even though my Mom watched before I really started I don’t remember the other actress who played Monica that much.

    It would have been nice if she could have been worked in to the hospital scenes.

    She’s such a wonderful actress. Guza was such a jerk for what he did. I was thankful last year when Wolfe started using her more. But hate now that Ron C. is using her like Guza or even less at times.

  • MBmomof3

    thesnowleopard, completely agree with your assesment of Y&R’s current sad state. It became a boring mess under MAB’s direction. Please bring it back to its greatness!

    Richard, I’m a big Leslie Charleson fan. Would love to see more of her on GH. Congrats Ms. Charleson on your milestone. Wish TPTB would honor her by at least bringing her on for an eposode. She could even prop up boring Jason by discussing his pending divorce and encouraging him to make it work. She & Alan certainly overcame much more drama in their long and storied relationship than Sam & Jayborg.

  • Richard

    I would love to see that too. I would rather see Monica in her own story but even supporting Jason is better than nothing. And she has always been on of Jason & Sam’s biggest supporters. I hate Jason & Sam together — always was more of Jason & Elizabeth fan. But I know that it will never happen — they just like to tease fans with it but will never deliver it.

    I think my biggest problem is I just never have liked Sam or Kelly Monaco. She is a good actress and is beautiful, but just something about the actress and the character both just irks me. Put her with Jason and Steve Burton, who just seems lifeless in so many of his scenes the last few years and I just don’t get the appeal of the couple.

    As to Charleson, that is another reason I don’t get angry at actors who won’t take pay cuts and stuff. Why stick around when it is clear that most of them will end up like Charleson — no contract, no benefits, wants to work but never knows when they will get to work, no health insurance, etc.

    They can be as loyal as they want to be, but they know when the show is done with them it’s over — even if you were loyal and took pay cuts the loyalty won’t work in your favor when the show is done.

    Wasn’t it the 2 big actors at Days a few years back who both took pay cuts to stay with the show, and then 6 months later got fired. Then they were hired back at even a lower salary than what they had when they took the pay cut. I think that was Days.

  • maria

    I was hoping they found a way to keep Heather on GH bc IMO heather and todd interaction is the only storyline right now worth watching. Although im glad the old maxie is coming back, starr and micheal is growing on me, nice to jerry jax he is always fun to watch and i hope they bring back brenda for sonny and put carly with todd

  • Stacy

    I think that the charcater of Jason on gh has been written horrible since the new writers took over in March. I have always liked Jason and Sam together. I will admit i was in tears last Friday and this Monday when they called it quits. I never cared for Jason and Liz together and as for John McBain i am still trying to figure out the point of him being on gh when he has a family that he has left behind. I do like Monica and have always liked her since I started watching gh in 1995. I also wish she was on more.

    I guess the probelm i am having right now is that as of Sept 10 both days and gh will come on at the same time and i have to decide which one to watch. I know soap couples break up all the time but i think the deciding factor for me will be if Jason and Sam are back together or not. I know that sounds like a stupid reason since soap couples don’t last but with all the new OLTL characters and i am confused about their history since i never watched OLTL that Jason and Sam will be my deciding factor on what soap to watch.

  • Kaylie

    LOL. Maybe the CW should adopt the soaps.

  • Kayla Rae

    Where are the ratings for this past week in which Days returned to the air following the Olympics??? Days was GREAT this week!!!

  • PJ

    All everyone on here has said for months the female 18-49 age group is what needs to go up. Having Leslie Charleson on more is not going to bring that age group especially the 18-30. So not sure why Richard is all upset on her not being on enough. I also remember someone posting that either the producer or head writer of GH indicated there is a big story arc that Monica will be involved in late August or September. Soaps did surprisingly well and since numbers went up against many olympic gold events I find that impressive.

  • Stacy

    @ PJ

    I am 35 years old and i like Monica and i am also in the age group of 18-49.

  • Kayla Rae

    I am in the 18-49 age group too and I love Monica. She is one of the very few attractive things about GH these days. Sadly, by and large, GH is dismal at best.

  • Richard

    Kayla Rae,

    The ratings for Days first week back won’t be out until next week. They are always the week before what is currently airing. Primetime is listed for the current week, but daytime ratings are always held back to get all of the fast nationals and later ratings together. I am sure they do that since more of the daytime shows are time shifted than primetime — meaning more of them don’t air at the same time across the nation.

    According to a story I read with the ratings lower in the daytime part, the affiliates have more lead way with when they can show a daytime show than they do a primetime one. I think Y&R & GH are probably the only shows that consistently air in the network appointed time slots. Some areas B&B still follows Y&R but in many areas now it airs at later times too.

    I have seen people post that Days just about airs all over the place in around the country. I have seen on various websites that it airs from anywhere as early as 11:00 all the way up to 2:00 p.m. and of course in many areas in Canada the episodes are a day ahead thus allowing people to post from there what actually happens before US folks even get to watch it.

  • Kayla Rae

    Thanks for sharing that info, Richard, and enlightening me as to the ratings system. How extraordinary that many parts of Canada actually see episodes one day early…I had no idea!

    Sometimes I wonder how they choose who will be on the Nielson list. And for what duration of time do folks typically remain a Neilson household? When I am watching Days “live” the same day it seems that it almost always is beating Y&R in the Direct TV live listing of most popular shows airing in the Eastern US.

  • Richard

    Kayla Rae,

    I don’t know all the specifics on how they choose and how long. I have just heard that rotate them out pretty often as to keep the sample fresh. We used to get the little diary things to keep pretty often but haven’t gotten one in quite awhile. That just allows you to contribute to the Nielsen survey for maybe about a week. The metered households are the ones that basically set the ratings.

    As to the other part, I know that one of the sites and I forget which one used to get people to post their local affiliate ratings as they got access to them.

    I was always surprised that certain shows were more popular in certain areas of the country. Some shows that did really well in the mid-west would be dead last in New York. I remember Days was always really big in most of the Southern states but would be on the bottom in the New England states. ABC’s shows did really well at the time in the Boston area and New England states, but did poorly in the Southern states.

    It would be interesting if any of that has changed. The last time I saw our local affiliate ratings only the CBS soaps did well at all, but our papers hardly ever print the local ratings anymore so it has been awhile since I’ve seen them.

  • Justin

    What a great week for Days. The aftermath of the explosion has been great and the acting has been the best it’s been in a while.

  • MBmomof3

    I am loving the return of Jerry Jax (and the awesome Sebastian Roche). I agree with many of you that some of these characters need to go, and Jerry is so good at culling the heard. I’m LOVING GH, but all soaps carry dead weight. Hopefully they’ll bring Monica in when the residents of PC need a good Dr. I wouldn’t consider Steven Laars a “good” doctor at this point. He seems rather clueless.

    I read that Jax is returning. I’m only mentioning it on this board because we discussed what an unprofessional, pompous arse Ingo Radermacher was when he sent that tweet referring to the new regime as “One Hospital to Kill”. If nothing else I think it shows that “Cartini” listens to the fans and don’t let their egos get in the way of making GH the best soap out there. Personally, I can live without Ingo, but he certainly has his fanbase. So if the fans are happy and it increases the ratings, bring him on!

  • Richard


    He is already singing a different tune and has been praising them in some of the tweets he has made recently. Which now of course he has to since he is on contract.

    It is very very few actors who can get away with tweeting or dissing their boss or their storyline and keep their jobs. Tony Geary seems to be one of them as he really lets folks know it when he doesn’t like something like his remarks about ABC at the Emmys. Any other actor would have been fired.

    All the rest have to tow the line, but of course fans buy into anything that actors say and buy it as gospel. It is just like Maurice and Burton have for years praised the writing of Guza and others and praised Phelps. Same with many of the cast members. And now of course they praise the writing and production. Did they really like both or think both are the best? Who knows? Unless they later retract things you never know.

    I know recently Maurice was asked on Twitter if he ever adlibbed his lines and he said only when the writing is bad. But he didn’t clarify if that was the writing of the last regime or this one. Or if he has always done it.

    And it is just like now you have Days cast members who said months ago they loved the writing on Days, praising the stories, and so on. Now many of those same actors are glad the last writers are gone and so happy to have the old writers back.

    Its that ever loving brown-nosing and I am sure Ingo is doing a lot of it right now.

  • Stacy

    If Jerry kills off some of the gh characters i hope that Steve, John McBain, Todd and Starr are the ones that go. I don’t like the OLTL characters on gh and i think it is mainly because i never watched OLTL and i don’t know the history of these characters. The writers have done a poor job to explain the history of these characters to the viewers. I think the writers assume we all watched OLTL and i never did because it came on at the same time as days.

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