'Perception' Renewed by TNT

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August 17th, 2012

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TNT Renews Hit Drama Perception,
One of Basic Cable's Top New Series of 2012

TNT has ordered a second season of Perception, the hit Monday night drama starring Emmy® and Screen Actors Guild Award® winner Eric McCormack (Will & Grace, Who Is Clark Rockefeller?). Perception comes to TNT from ABC Studios and currently ranks second behind TNT's Major Crimes among basic cable's top new scripted series for the year-to-date. The network has ordered 13 episodes for season two, which is slated to air in 2013.

"Perception has captured the imagination of TNT's audience of armchair detectives with wonderfully intricate cases, emotionally charged situations and, of course, a terrific cast led by Eric McCormack," said Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). "Daniel Pierce is a truly unique and fascinating addition to television's pantheon of crime solvers. We look forward to seeing where Perception takes us next."

TNT's Perception, which airs Mondays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), centers on Dr. Daniel Pierce (McCormack), an eccentric neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia who is recruited by the FBI to help solve complex cases. Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) stars as FBI agent Kate Moretti, Pierce’s former student who asks him to consult on her cases. The cast also includes Arjay Smith (The Day After Tomorrow) as Max Lewicki, Pierce's teaching assistant, and Kelly Rowan (The O.C.) as Natalie Vincent, Daniel's best friend and every bit his intellectual equal. In addition, award-winning actor LeVar Burton (Roots, Star Trek: The Next Generation) plays Paul Haley, a dean at the university and Pierce’s friend.

Perception was created by executive producer Ken Biller (Star Trek: Voyager, Smallville) and co-executive producer Mike Sussman (Star Trek: Enterprise). In addition to starring in the series, McCormack serves as producer.

In its first season, Perception is averaging 7 million viewers (Live + 7), with 1.8 million adults 18-49 and 2.3 million adults 25-54. The July 9 series premiere of Perception ranks third behind the Aug. 13 premiere of Major Crimes and the June 13 premiere of TNT's Dallas on the list of this year's top series debuts on cable. The season finale of Perception is set for mid-September.

Connect with Perception
Website: http://tntdrama.com/series/perception/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PerceptionTNT/
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About TNT
TNT, one of cable’s top-rated networks, is television’s destination for drama. Seen in 99 million households, TNT is home to such original drama series as Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, Dallas, Perception, Major Crimes, Franklin & Bash, Leverage, Southland and the upcoming Monday Mornings. The network also features dramatic unscripted originals like this summer's The Great Escape and the upcoming Boston Blue (working title) and 72 Hours (working title). In addition, TNT is the cable home to popular dramas like The Mentalist, Bones, Supernatural, Las Vegas, Law & Order and Castle, which starts this year; primetime specials, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards®; blockbuster movies; and championship sports coverage, including NASCAR, the NBA and the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

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  • Annonimous

    I really want to like it. Can’t say that something really off, but it’s just boring – procedural with a twist. I currently watch Raines with Jeff Goldblum and in many respects it’s very same formula, but execution better. Check out Raines by the way if you liked Perception.

  • thesnowleopard

    Not feelin’ Perception. It comes off as faintly condescending to the mentally ill and treats the lead’s schizophrenia as some kind of “Alphas”-style “real world” superpower. It’s okay. I just stopped watching it after a while.

    Don’t watch F&B, but hopefully, those of you who do will get some good news on that front.

    I watched Raines. Sadly, it didn’t last long.

  • joey

    I do not watch F&B but maybe it is not dead yet. I read that TNT is moving to an all year schedule over the next couple of years. That makes sense too if you think about the Dallas move from summer to January.

  • jessica

    SJ, of course Raising Hope is relocating to Canada :)

    I am a little surprised that this Perception was renewed. I actually watch end credits and it is hard to miss that it was made last year. TNT sat on it for a while. It could have been on tv 6 months ago. At least the cast and crew can stop worrying about if they still have jobs. I keep wondering about Kelly Rowan’s character’s back story. Other than that Perception isn’t that perceivably different from any other cop & non-cop partnership show found on most channels these days.

  • RS

    I don’t think Perception is condescending at all. I enjoy it, and the attention it pays to the different diseases of the mind. You wish Franklin and Bash well. Have you ever seen the misogynistic thing?

  • silvit

    Oh, c’mon, F&B is just a fun show not to be taken seriously. Many female shows are misogynistic, where the only thing women do to improve themselves is to wear make-up or wearing clothes that make their breast look bigger looking for a man to be happy. This is more misogynist than having a bunch of guys drooling over a cleavage.

    Tv is for the most the most part mysoginist, with a narrow view on women, as far as look (all the same with the same kind of clothes) and personal aspirations are concerned. See how different male leads are written.

    I will be always be grateful to the creator and writers of The Closer that wrote a character who didn’t feel less of a person nor less of a woman because she didn’t have children.
    Then again, the character was originally written as a man, so I’m not surprised that her most identifying trait was her brain and not frilly things.

    But maybe you think that Sex and the City and Britney Spears are the best things happen to women in the media in the last 20 years.

    A show that portrays schizophrenia like a sort of a special power is just dumb, if not disrespectful to the ones who have it in real life.

    I’ve known people who did electroshock and diseases like that are the further things from something “special”.

  • silvit

    Forgot to add, the best and different female character of the last few years is Liz Lemon, despite being in a comedy. I don’t even notice the in-your-face scar on Tina Fey’s face when I’m watching her since she’s a lot more than that.

  • maria

    Finally a drama i like gets renewed by tnt

  • Montecore

    The show rips off Numbers and the character tries to be like the real life John Nash from the movie A Beautiful Mind. Has the viewing audience’s intelligence dropped so low that they are content to watch perception?

  • J

    Show is not very good..

  • thesnowleopard

    Thanks for backing me up. As far as F&B, I tried it briefly and it wasn’t my thing. But it doesn’t threaten anything I do watch and the promotion doesn’t make my teeth itch the way promo for some shows does. Neither do we have rabid F&B fans on here, making life miserable for everyone else. So, why should I bash it or wish it dead? If somebody else is enjoying it, good for them.

    I agree with you about The Closer. Not sure yet if Major Crimes will work for me, especially with the annoying teen character in there to “soften up” the female lead. We still need this domesticating crap for female leads? Really?

    As for Perception, yeah, I’ve known people with schizophrenia, too, and it’s *not* an advantage. It’s a terrible thing that interferes with many aspects of their lives. I think there’s a huge difference between showing someone making lemonade out of lemons and showing a major illness as a cutesy superpower.

    Also, isn’t this guy on medication? If so, why does he have still full-on hallucinations (I’ve heard debate as to whether those are even accurate)? The medication should curtail any psychotic features, albeit with some ugly side effects. And if he’s not on meds, how was he able to get tenure in this day and age, let alone keep it, when he can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality?

    Yeah, except that, in this case, we don’t even get higher math. Apparently, that’s now too difficult for the audience to comprehend.

  • Nadine

    I’m afraid I’m with RS on this one — F&B is offensive and poorly done — kind of like dumb & dumber with a decidedly mysoginist twist. Also I love Malcolm MacDowell but I’m so tired of the Alex caricature (from Clockwork Orange) that all his TV work has degenerated into. This nasty opinion is based on mostly seeing some of it last year. If it’s moved away from that some, well color me outdated.

  • Nadine

    I can’t remember whether the show addresses how much (if any) meds he is on, but clearly, not enough. Which does make sense, since he probably would hardly be able to function as a Professor of Neuropsychology with enough meds to curtail his hallucinations anyway. I don’t think it’s condescending to the mentally ill, since it shows a schizophrenic who functions in the world, despite dealing with difficult symptoms.

  • silvit


    Perception is poorly done too. And totally unrealistic. The problem is not that he’s portrayed as a schizophrenic who functions in the world, is that his illness is portrayed unrealistically and it’s framed as some kind of special power. This is dumb.

    As far as F&B is concerned, the reason why it’s not so misogynist like you make it out to be it’s because as you said, it’s a kind of dumb and dumber. And if the leads are dumb, it’s not misogynist, just silly.

  • thesnowleopard

    The guy would need to be on meds in order to function as a tenured professor. I mean, come on. That’s a high-level job. Saying he’d just be on some meds, but not enough to curtail full-out visual hallucinations, is like saying he’s an epileptic, but his meds only keep his seizures down to two a week, so that’s okay.

    Voices I get, since auditory hallucinations are much more common than visual hallucinations and some people who hear voices aren’t even psychotic. But if the guy can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality on a regular basis, how is he supposed to hold down his job or function in any normal way outside of an inpatient setting?

    And it certainly wouldn’t help him solve crime. How is the guy supposed to be able to focus on other people’s problems when he has such a poor handle on his own sense of reality?

  • Benny

    As long as they keep more Southland coming,i’m all good.

  • ronster

    I really enjoy perception just cant stand that FBI chick who make the show hard for me to watch I really would enjoy it more if there AGENT was more like Scully not the strange girl that played a boy

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