'Shake It Up: Made In Japan' is Hit Comedy's 2nd-Highest Rated Telecast Ever, with 4.5 Million Total Viewers

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August 20th, 2012

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“Shake It Up: Made In Japan” is Hit Comedy's 2nd-Highest Rated Telecast Ever, with 4.5 Million Total Viewers and 2.3 Million Kids 6-11;

Friday’s #1 Scripted TV Telecast in Total Viewers


~Drives Disney Channel to #1 in Prime in Total Viewers and All Kid Demos


“Gravity Falls” Posts 2nd-Highest Ratings Ever; Friday’s #1 Animated TV Telecast


Disney Channel Delivers Friday’s Top 7 TV Telecasts in Kids 11-11, Top 8 in
Kids 6-11, Top 9 in Tweens 9-14, and the Top 3 Cable TV Telecasts in Total Viewers



Friday, August 17, 2012


The event episode "Shake It Up: Made In Japan," infused with Tokyo teen fashion and "J-Pop" music, delivered the hit sitcom's season highs in Total Viewers (4.54 million), Kids 2-11 (2.71 million/6.6 rating), Kids 6-11 (2.32 million/9.5 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.10 million/8.7 rating), becoming the series’ #2 telecast of all time in the target demographics. “Shake It Up: Made In Japan” ranked as Friday’s #1 scripted TV telecast in Total Viewers (#1 all cable), and was easily the #1 TV telecast in Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14.


Powered by “Shake It Up: Made In Japan” and “Gravity Falls,” Disney Channel stood as Friday’s #1 cable TV network in Total Viewers (3.61 million), towering over runner up SyFy by a hefty 75% (vs. 2.06 million), and was the #1 TV network in Kids 2-11 (2.21 million/5.4 rating), Kids 6-11 (1.86 million/7.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.58 million/6.6 rating).


At 9:30 p.m., an all new “Gravity Falls” became the series’ #2 telecast on record in Total Viewers (3.87 million), Kids 2-11 (2.42 million/5.9 rating), Kids 6-11 (2.09 million/8.5 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (1.67 million/6.9 rating).


  • Disney Channel held the Top 3 cable TV Telecasts in Total Viewers, and 4 of the Top 5 (#1 scripted TV with “Shake It Up):




  • Disney Channel held Friday’s Top 7 TV telecasts in Kids 2-11:



  • Disney Channel held Friday’s Top 8 TV telecasts in Kids 6-11:





  • Disney Channel held Top 9 TV Telecasts in Tweens 9-14:




(Source: NTI, US ratings, Live + Same Day, 8/17/12.


  • Disney Fan

    I didnt really like the movie and I don’t really care about the show, but I’m so happy for gravity falls.!!(:

  • music24

    did not like this episode!!! im dissapointed :(

  • music24

    the storyline was a bit boring and not inspiring at all!!!!!!! booooo disney channel

  • Twist Of Fate

    Oh my god, does Disney really need a new press release EVERY time something does good, as a matter of fact, 4.5 for a 1 hour special with MONTHS of promotion is not good. Like Tuff Puppy did better on a strandard episode with no lead-in (4.7) EPIC FAIL!!!

  • CrimTV

    I don’t really like Shake It Up. I really love Jessie and Good Luck Charlie and ANT Farm is good too

  • Future Failure

    This show got really huge and I didn’t expect it to be that huge.

  • Kaylie

    I love Shake it Up, but I honestly thought this episode was blotchy. It really didn’t excite me at all considering the 30 minute showing is way better written. Hopefully they step it up for the 3rd season, how many ever months Disney decides to wait before they air it.

  • Nathan (NR2012) on iPhone

    Storyline was horrible. Bella’s singing was off/horrible. Disappointed.

  • Katy

    I love Shake It Up! Greetings colleagues!

  • Katy

    PS:I identify with Bella Thorne

  • Brock Lesnar

    Bella Thorne is a seriously super hot red head teen.

  • Tmoney

    Haters great show go back under the rock you crawled out of.

  • poweranimals

    You guys didn’t like it? Really? I thought it was great. I’ll admit though, I was expecting much higher ratings.

  • Tomboy

    Not really surprised. At least it’s the 4th most watched episode.

  • Aerilyn

    It definitely didn’t top Good Luck Charlie’s one hour special, which brought in 7.5 million viewers and even a 1.2 in the adult 18-49 demo. I wish Disney would make GLC their golden show and not Shake It Up. GLC is much more superior in my opinion and stands out above the rest of the current Disney shows.

  • Michel

    @tomboy it’s the third most watched episode!!!
    #1 start it up 6.2
    #2 beam it up 4.6
    #3 made in japan 4.5
    #4 give/kick/match 4.3
    #5 meatball/wild/model/break 4.1
    #6 show/review 4.0
    only these episodes made the mil viewers in the two seasons! crappy show!!
    but GOOD LUCK CHARLIE ! the best series ever!!
    #1 special delivery 7.5
    #2 snow show pt.1 7.3
    #3 it’s christmas 6.9
    #4 Kit and Kaboodle/teddy’s little helper 5.0
    #5 sun show pt.1 4.9
    #6 study date 4.7
    #7 can you keep a secret 4.6
    #8 scary had a little lamb 4.5
    #9 *3* episodes 4.3
    #10 charlie is 2 4.2
    #11 *7* episodes 4.1
    #12 charlie shakes it up/make room for baby 4.0
    that’s 22 and if we don’t want to count season 3 eps that makes glc have 18 eps over 4 mil in the first 2 seasons but crap it up have only 12 with only one ep over 5 mil!! :DDD

  • koi

    Extremely disappointing. You would think with it being a movie-length episode, with a single, music video, and an EP promoting it it could AT LEAST pull 5m (which would still be mediocre). High School Musical 2 premiered the exact same night 5 years ago and pulled 17m. I think the third season will be the last, this show just isn’t catching on like Hannah Montana or Wizards Of Waverly Place did.

  • Greg

    Go Gravity Falls! Maybe Disney and Nick will realize that these cheesy, generic, cheap live action sitcoms about kids being musicians or becoming famous suck. Even kids are getting tired and the ratings show. How To Rock only had 2.1 viewers after all that advertising. They need to go back to creator driven cartoons like they did in the 90’s. Glad to see Disney’s adding more animation to their schedule. To bad for Nick, they’re still trying to force all this live action crap down our throats.

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