Report: Michael Strahan Will be the New Co-Host of 'LIVE! With Kelly'

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August 21st, 2012

Just one day after the producers of Live! With Kelly announced that Kelly Ripa's permanent co-host would be revealed on the September 4, 2012 episode, Broadcasting & Cable broke the news that Michael Strahan, a former football player who currently is part of the FOX NFL Sunday broadcasting team, has been selected. Strahan has been Ripa's guest co-host fifteen times. Strahan is expected to continue working for FOX NFL Sunday.


  • Georgia


  • Stacy


  • harsh reality

    Certainly an improvement over the walking corpse known as Regis. Strahan certainly is engaging.

    However, I feel much of the old fart audience will turn elsewhere.

    Neil Patrick Harris would’ve been fine as well…until, once again, the old farts and pyscho housewives discovered he is gay

  • unrealitytv

    shouldnt it be September 4, 2012 not 2013

  • Chris

    It’s September 4, 2012. Little typo there.

  • Quinn

    I will no longer be watching Live! With Kelly.

  • Donna

    I would have preferred Jerry O’Connell or Anderson Cooper as co-host.

  • scott

    Horrible choice….I would of chosen Nick Lachey or actually anybody but this guy. Honestly he is so incredibly dull. Live with Kelly was doing fine as it is…which is why the producers have left the slot open for so long…if they were smart they would of left the format as it is.

  • Syl

    Strahan does nothing for me. I won’t be having breakfast with Kelly anymore.

  • nano

    Just no.

  • EatMorePez

    @harsh reality

    NPH has a contract to star on How I Met My Mother, a show that films in LA. It would be kinda hard for him to simultaneously co-host Live! with Kelly considering it airs live from New York.

  • brandy

    That’s too bad. I was really hoping for Seth Meyers. Not sure if I care to watch this guy.

  • Vanq

    Really? Regis a walking corpse? Regis is awesome.

    As for this pick. Huh?

  • Fischer

    Why the Heck would they pick this guy??? He won’t bring any new audience

  • stats

    Michael Strahan took off his pants months ago and the audience and Kelly loved it. OH MY GOSH. This show is gonna finally tank. lol

  • Sam

    Dreadful. Just dreadful.

  • Manski

    I was hoping months ago that they would pick him. He and Kelly have great chemistry and hes extremely funny without being fake or over the top. I think its a great choice!!!!!

  • David

    Mike is okay, but my personal preference is for Jerry O’Connell, Jerry just seemed better with all kinds of people.

  • Bjm

    Who is Michael Strahan?

  • SDA


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