Report: Michael Strahan Will be the New Co-Host of 'LIVE! With Kelly'

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August 21st, 2012

Just one day after the producers of Live! With Kelly announced that Kelly Ripa's permanent co-host would be revealed on the September 4, 2012 episode, Broadcasting & Cable broke the news that Michael Strahan, a former football player who currently is part of the FOX NFL Sunday broadcasting team, has been selected. Strahan has been Ripa's guest co-host fifteen times. Strahan is expected to continue working for FOX NFL Sunday.


  • Chris L


    Um, google?

  • Bruce

    Ha-ha…this show is just horrible.

  • TimsDale4ever

    I’ve always thought they should replace HER — what an airhead! ????

  • DTV

    I never watched the show until one day I was at home sick. Michael happened to be on that day. I thought Kelly and Michael have excellent chemistry. I think he is a great choice! They have just gained me as a viewer.

  • Ellen in NYC

    I was hoping they’d pick somebody that I’d heard of before. Someone funny. What a let down.

  • joel

    @”Horrible choice….I would of chosen Nick Lachey or actually anybody but this guy.”,

    All those other people have other jobs and opportunities that are better than playing second fiddle to Kelly. Strahan doesn’t, so he’s cheap. That’s the same reason they pushed Regis out – he wasn’t cheap enough.

  • colt13

    Somewhere Tiki Barber’s head is exploding.

  • AustinGriffith

    I love the choice! Michael and Kelly have been great together.

  • Jereon

    They were obviously afraid to actually get a comedic talent because it would make Kelly look worse than her already wearing-thin talents have carried her. I will not watch the show! And, Kelly, please spare us the jokes about overeating and being too flabby to wear a bikini and having sagging parts. It is a lame attempt to be just one of the “girls,” but all you do is give anyone that is not a stick-figure like you, i’m sure, feel that they are inadequate.

  • SueP

    @colt13 – Ha! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  • FatSacOfDoomBeanFlicker

    “Neil Patrick Harris would’ve been fine as well…until, once again, the old farts and pyscho housewives discovered he is gay”

    NPH is gay? GTFO!

    Take that, old farts and psycho housewives!

  • Kaylie

    Idk who that is but I was hoping for Seth Meyers.

  • Doug in CA

    GAG…. Kelly is better on her own.

  • David Blue

    Michael is good but I would have preferred Neil Patrick Harris! He is funny engaging and has great chemistry with Kelly. Or how is this, get rid of Kelly, even though she does a great job and team up Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick! Sorry Kelly, LOL!

  • Hello

    And I give a crap about this how?

  • Stacy

    I like Mike as a sports commentator but this show seriously sucks thanks to Ripa-the most annoying washed up soap star on the planet. I’m happy he’ll keep his other job because this stinker is going down lol!

  • Karrie

    No matter who they pick the show will still be awful. There are too many sexual inuendos between MS and Ripa makes you want to gag over your morning coffee. Cancel the show already it is a train wreck.
    Regis as least talked about sports, shows and traveling. Kelly reads boring newpaper clippings and talks about body functions. Disgusting. She belongs on Jersey shore not on morning tv.

  • roger

    Get rid of the real problem-Ripa and then get a new co-host for Strahan and that might save the show. Ripa is just one irriating, annoying motor mouth with no talant.

  • Brian Nelson

    Very poor choice. I will longer be watching live with Kelly.

  • Brian Nelson

    I will not be watching this show anymore. Horrible choice. Neil Patrick Harris was much better. he has class.

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