Report: Michael Strahan Will be the New Co-Host of 'LIVE! With Kelly'

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August 21st, 2012

Just one day after the producers of Live! With Kelly announced that Kelly Ripa's permanent co-host would be revealed on the September 4, 2012 episode, Broadcasting & Cable broke the news that Michael Strahan, a former football player who currently is part of the FOX NFL Sunday broadcasting team, has been selected. Strahan has been Ripa's guest co-host fifteen times. Strahan is expected to continue working for FOX NFL Sunday.


  • Mary Orr

    Really. Did you get him for
    peanuts? I would do it for even less horrid but just as talented.

  • NormaLia

    Michael is fine, Kelly is the problem. This show died the moment Regis left. No talent drama queen fake bubble head needs to go.

  • VickiOtt

    I will not be watching Kelly any more. I know Gelman watches the ratings closely. I guess we will have to wait and see, but, I think they will tank. I don’t know who this Mike guy is, but I have watched him a few times and HE loves to hear himself talk, alot.

  • Ed

    Really bad decision on the part of show high ups. The show will tank soon. It has already left the 9 to 10 slot in midwest and moved to FOX. What a insult to Regis’s memory. He made it and now it will be gone soon or moved to the O channel. So long Kelly.

  • Ed

    It would have been better to put Charles Barkley and Strahan together and watch both loud mouths yell at one another. Maybe replace Kelly with Charles and move show to the Opray channel .

  • maru

    i have not watched but a bit after regis left, and regardless of who the co-host, i found it so boring. sorry kelly…;-]

  • Jay

    Get rid of Kelly!!! She’s the problem!!!!

  • Frannie

    Get rid of Ripa, send her and her boring husband to Bravo with their strange friend Andy Cohen.

  • Jerry

    I love Kelly. I miss Regis. They were wonderful together. Michael Strahan is a big disappointment. I’ve been a daily viewer. That ends today.


    It looks like it’s going to be an extra hour of The Today Show from now on. They could not have picked a worse co-host then this guy. He has no talent and I can’t stand to watch him five days a week. I thought they were going to have a viewer poll to vote for who we wanted to replace Regis,(who can’t be replaced) but they didn’t. So Goodby Kelly! Maybe you can go back to the Soaps.

  • HRH

    Kelly is a nice lady but she has the bad habit of taking her guests stories and interjecting herself, family or life into them way too much. Nice as she is, she doesn’t let us enjoy the guest fully. Strahan and Jerry O’Connel have that same bad habit. I had a bad feeling that Gellman would go that route with his choice. Nick Lachey and Seth Myers would have been a better balance for Kelly because they honor guests and they know the industry well enough to tell great stories. Something Regis did so well. I wish the show much success – I’ve enjoyed watching for 24 years but I’m sad to say I will no longer watch.

  • Kathy

    I MISS Regis!!!!!! I will be watching The Doctors instead since they have moved to that time slot in my area on a different channel.

  • Tamara

    So sad to see the show going downhill. I watched so many years. Regis made me laugh and brightened many mornings. I liked Kelly when she first came on the show, but she is changing in a bad way. She talks and acts inappropriately so much now that I can’t bear to watch. I wanted it to go well when Regis said good-bye. So sorry. I will find another.

  • Doug w

    Kelly has really tried but the talent really isnt there on her part. The show has been slipping badly in the ratings for the last 6 months so they had to do something, seth meyers was the number 1 choice but he saw the train wreck coming and turned it down, not much time left for show should be done by xmas Bye, bye kelly

  • Lyndsay Smyth

    Dump Kelly. And start again.

    Possibly the worst interviewer on TV.

    Boring. Juvenile. Full of herself while trying to appear oh-so-humble.

  • Sonja

    So excited!! I will start watching again… Michael and Kelly have great chemistry!! They will pull in new viewers! The show is evolving as is the rest of America!! I love it! I think they should make more use of Gelman as well, and be the fantastic three!!

    Michael should bring in his BEAUTIFUL fiancee’!

    Great job by the network!

  • Mike

    What happened with the show? The last week or so out has not been on the air! Is it because some of these boobs do not like Michael. Kelly has had chemestry with a lot of co hosts, Michael may not be everyones favorite but they are good together! Regis has gone the way of the dodo bird, he its gone everyone else grow up and move on to bigger and better things with kelly.

  • Glenn

    Drop Kelly;she stinks even more without Regis to carry her. Find someone who is genuine,not a condacending phony balogne!

  • chris

    There were at least 4 other much more suited options, like Jerry O’Connell, Josh Grobin, Nick Lachey, even Andersen Cooper, but we all know Kelly wants to finally look smarter than her co-host, so Mike Strahan was the perfect choice for that, I can’t even understand when he speaks. How about the retired news journalist with the soft hands, if you are trying for a certain demographic. You lost many viewers, for good ….. pathetic, but at least I know it will fail. Wendy Williams is now my morning news source. I love her.

  • Regis Fan

    Lets just thank God it wasn’t Mark Consuelos … but viewer lost with that bumbling uncomprehensible idiot cast. Bye, after a lifetime of watching.

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