TNT Original Series Dominate Summer Ratings Race, With Basic Cable's Top 5 Scripted Series

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August 21st, 2012


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TNT Original Series Dominate Summer Ratings Race,
With Basic Cable's Top 5 Scripted Series

TNT Claims the Top 3 New Series on All Television,
Third Consecutive Summer with Cable's #1 New Series
And All of Basic Cable's Top 15 Scripted Series Telecasts

TNT Also Scores Primetime Growth and Strength in Time-Shifted Viewing,
Led by The Closer Finale's 10.7 Million Viewers in Live + 3

As the summer ratings race reaches the home stretch, TNT is on track to score several remarkable competitive victories, securing its position as home to basic cable's top original dramas. Leading the pack are returning hits like The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles and breakout newcomers like < /span>Major Crimes, Perception and Dallas, which together rank as basic cable's Top 5 scripted series for the summer-to-date. In addition, TNT's epic sci-fi drama Falling Skies reigns as basic cable's #1 summer drama with adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.

Overall, TNT's summer originals account for six of basic cable's Top 10 scripted series among total viewers, four of the Top 10 with adults 25-54 and three of the Top 10 with adults 18-49.

Basic cable's Top 5 scripted series this summer among total viewers:
#1. The Closer (8.0 million viewers)
#2. Rizzoli & Isles (7.8 million viewers)
#3. Major Crimes (7.2 million viewers)
#4. Perception (6.1 million viewers)
#5. Dallas (5.9 million viewers)

Basic cable's #1 drama series this summer with adults 18-49:
#1. Falling Skies (2.4 million adults 18-49)

Basic cable's Top 3 scripted series this summer with adults 25-54:
#1. Falling Skies (2.8 million adults 25-54)
#2. Rizzoli & Isles (2.8 million adults 25-54)
#3. Dallas (2.5 million adults 25-54)

New TNT Series Top the Charts
TNT will mark its third consecutive summer claiming cable's #1 new series, with Major Crimes following in the footsteps of Rizzoli & Isles in 2010 and Falling Skies in 2011. In addition, TNT is home to this summer's Top 3 new series on all of television, with Major Crimes toppin g the list, followed by Perception and Dallas.

Cable's Top 3 new series this year among total viewers
#1. Major Crimes (7.2 million viewers)
#2. Perception (6.1 million viewers)
#3. Dallas (5.9 million viewers)

Cable's Top 3 new drama series this year among adults 25-54
#1. Dallas (2.5 million adults 25-54)
#2. Perception (2.0 million adults 25-54)
#3. Major Crimes (2.0 million adults 25-54)

TNT Dominates List of Top Scripted Series Telecasts
When it comes to individual telecasts, TNT's lineup of original series currently account for all of basic cable's Top 15 scripted series telecasts this summer, with the series finale of The Closer coming in at #1. Also within the Top 15 are several episodes of Rizzoli & Isles and the series debuts of Dallas (8.3 million viewers Live + 7 – June 13) and Perception (7.5 million viewers Live + 7 – July 9).

TNT Series Expand Significantly through Time-Shifted Viewing
Time-shifted viewing data indicates millions of viewers are making a concerted effort to catch every episode of their favorite TNT dramas. Each TNT drama has added at least 1.8 million viewers through time-shifted viewing, with Falling Skies, Perception and Dallas exceeding 2 million time-shifting viewers and The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles exceeding 3 million. In addition, The Closer's series finale has already grown to 10.7 million viewers in Live + 3, the biggest delivery ever for a TNT original series.

TNT Scores Primetime Growth
Driven by the power of its original series, TNT's summer primetime averages are up 5% among total viewers, +3% among adults 18-49 and +3% among adults 25-54, compared to summer 2011. In addition, TNT is set to finish the summer as basic cable's #1 network in total day delivery of adults 25-54.

About TNT
TNT, one of cable’s top-rated networks, is television’s destination for drama. Seen in 99 million households, TNT is home to such original drama series as Rizzoli & Isles, Falling Skies, Dallas, Perception, Major Crimes, Franklin & Bash, Leverage, Southland and the upcoming Monday Mornings. The network also features dramatic unscripted originals like this summer's The Great Escape and the upcoming Boston Blue (working title) and 72 Hours (working title). In addition, TNT is the cable home to popular dramas like The Mentalist, Bones, Supernatural, Las Vegas, Law & Order and Castle, which starts this year; primetime specials, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards®; blockbuster movies; and championship sports coverage, including NASCAR, the NBA and the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world.


  • silvit

    Blah,blah, blah. In a nutshell, all worse than last year. To put Major Crimes in there after only one episode after the series finale of The Closer is LOL worthy. Expect both Major Crimes and Perception to be down by the end of their summer run.

  • MC

    @ Silvit USA does the same thing.
    I watch both networks and Falling Skies and Rizzoli and Isles do well for TNT 1.3-1.2 for FS and 1.2-1.1 for R&I (had some 1.0 earlier in the run but climbed up to the 1.2 range for ending episodes)

  • silvit


    No, USA doesn’t do the same thing. I still have yet to see a weekly press release about their shows. USA is not doing it this year -when its ratings are down- and didn’t do it in the previous years when the ratings were better.

    We don’t know which are USA live+7 days best performers or which does better in the different demo.

    IIRC, R&I premiere got a 1.2 and then alternated 1.0-1.1-1.2 during its summer run (excluding the one against the Olympics). It wasn’t a building up and being a procedural it couldn’t be any other way.

  • Joyce

    @MC some people do not like TNT shows which is fine but Falling Skies and Rizzoli and Isles are both good shows for TNT.
    Who cares if R&I is a procedural (and they skew older) it gets the ratings and even if it skews old it still brings in a decent amount of 18-49 demo plus is was pretty steady and not all over the map like some of TNT’s shows (1.5-.8 like Dallas, no offense but it was all over the map) plus as it has been stated on this website before 18-49 is not the all encompassing demo for cable networks like it is for broadcast. I beleive that TNT actually uses the 25-54 demo.

  • Joey

    If a show starts out a 1.2(premiere) moves to 1.0 then 1.1 then 1.2’s ends with a 1.3 how is that not building up??? Ok, USA White Collar is only doing .9 in the demo and Covert Affairs so yes even though R&I skews older then them it still is getting a better demo whether they bring in alot of older viewers with the younger ones it does not matter as long as they are bringing in the younger ones too.

  • silvit


    Because the trajectory hasn’t been 1.2-1.0-1.1-1.2. The numbers were mixed up (for example, after a 1.2 it got a 1.0, then a 1.1) Not considering the “Olympic” episode, but that would be unfair.
    So it’s not a building up, rather an oscillating in this range. Leverage, White Collar, Covert Affairs, etc etc are doing the same.

    And out of curiosity, it seems to suffer sport. Every time is against a sport event, its ratings are lower (see last year summer finale against the NFL game, this year against the NBA finals when it got its lowest ratings and obviously the episode against the Olympics).

    Just stating the obvious. The ratings are lower. Even The Closer underperformed and I used to watch that show. I don’t like USA shows either, I admit they are down vs previous years, but at least USA doesn’t try to spin the numbers week after week. The Major Crimes spin is evident.

  • Joyce

    @ Silvit Sorry if wrong about USA but I still say R&I is doing pretty good for a procedural for TNT. I will agree with Major Crimes though unlike R&I that has a steady track record this year of atleast a 1.0 or higher in most cases. MC had only one episode I would not base anything off of that yet.

  • silvit


    I wasn’t saying that many USA shows are having the same ratings as R&I or Falling Skies. I was saying that all these shows have the same ratings trajectory as R&I, which is an oscillation in a small range of 0.1-0.2 points in the demo, rather than a building up. And it’s obvious given that they are all procedurals (obvs not Fallin Skies).

    I’m saying that all TNT shows are down versus last year. Nothing more.

  • Ralph Hahn

    For a show that’s been off the air for what, 15 years? For “Dallas” to finish #3 in viewers is, as our VP would say, “a big fxxxing deal.”

  • Diane

    I agree with Silvit TNT WHAT”S up Major Crime is a JOKE.If we in reality run our justice system the way they put on.Well let’s just say something is just not right with that series at all.

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